Thursday, February 25, 2016

My first week in the MTC

Hey everybody, first week at the MTC has been great, my companion is awesome and he’s from Utah so I can speak to him and he can understand me, which is nice. So first day I did nothing all day, The MTC president went to the temple when we got here, so from 10-5 me and my district were just waiting for him, no class or anything. Oh also I unpacked and forgot soap, so I’ve just been using this one guys soap in the showers, I don’t think he has noticed yet. And also I forgot my sim card adapter in my bag  to upload pictures so I don’t think I can do that until I leave. ((they lock up the missionaries suitcases and store them- he left his adapter in his suitcase, but he managed to borrow an adapter and sent us pictures, for which I am SO grateful for!!! )

Second day we started classes and started learning Spanish, and that day was the only one in english so the next days were pretty rough. I showed my roommates my drivers license with my afro and they all freaked out calling me gangster and shouting west side, because they know those random words in Spanish. Next day I became my district leader in the MTC, it’s a small district only 5 of us, and we all met in Atlanta. The next couple days were just regular days at the MTC, I forgot sun screen got burnt.  I beat everyone at volleyball and basketball. And yea that’s pretty much it. Tuesday almost the whole MTC left, 50 Brazilians I believe, so for 2 days there was about 20 people in the MTC. 

On Wednesday Elder Bednar came to Buenos Aries which was really cool. He talked about teaching by the spirit, and I was in the video for about 30 seconds, when someone behind me was answering a question. Then we did nothing after that, just ate and now a whole new bunch of missionaries came. They are all from South America so not many that can speak english. Unfortunately when this new group leaves in 2 weeks, everyone else but my district of 5 will be leaving. It’s just the way the schedules align. So for 2 days there will just be the 5 of us in the MTC, until Thursday when 56 are coming and 27 of them are North America. So our plan is to pretend we only speak Spanish, just to mess with them. 

Today was special because we went to the temple in a Spanish session, and it felt completely different to me. Even though I had gone through before, it just seemed more meaningful to me. And while I was sitting in the celestial room, I felt the spirit so much, I had never felt anything like it before. I was thinking and admiring all the work in the temple, and it hit me like a truck (metaphorically) and I couldn't think of anything. I was just at peace, I had no worries, nothing I wanted to do, except keep sitting there.

I didn't realize how much I would miss my family when I left, but after the first couple days you get over the homesickness. Instead of wondering why am I here, you start thinking about all the people you want to teach, it’s a weird but cool experience, and I am very glad to be serving in URUGUAY. 

Oh also I’m the only Canadian so everyone knows me and, and also because of the fro thing, but mostly being Canadian, it’s pretty sweet. 

I will talk to you next week. Love you lots Bye!!!!! 
Elder Grigor 

Elder Grigor on his way to the Buenos Aries, Argentina MTC on Wednesday morning.

Minneapolis Airport 

This was in Atlanta. There's a train to get to each terminal called the Plane Train. Everytime I heard it I laughed because I thought it said the "pain train is leaving/ pulling into station".

Elder Grigor arrived safely in Argentina early Thursday morning. He had a long day of travelling!! 

"Me in front of the MTC" 

My first day, I forgot to put on sunscreen and got a little burnt.

This is my companion- Elder Christensen. 

2 of my roommates, Elder Santos and Elder Chavez. Elder Chavez is going to Montevideo so I might see him on my mission. 

"My name on the bed of missionaries" 

"Cool picture of the temple" 

Elder Chavez and Elder Grigor 

Having a good time! 

Elder Grigor at the Buenos Aries Temple 

"I love the temple" 

"A cool shot of the Angel Moroni with the sun under him" 

Elder Grigor with his district 

The Buenos Aries Temple 

"A dog chilling outside the MTC" 

Elder Grigor with his companion and another roommate, Elder Rodriquez.