Friday, January 19, 2018

We need to make sure they are converted and not just baptized

December 18th, 2017 

Monday - so.. we had nothing planned today, so we were just walking around knocking doors, and haha we found a house with 2 emus in the yards (a small ostrich) so we played with them for a bit. Then I said a prayer for God to guide us towards someone we could teach. So my comp says “hey let’s go to this members house and ask for a reference”. So we went by and ended up helping her put up her Christmas lights, then they invited us in to teach his non member daughter (who we had taught before) but then they told us about their 9 year old granddaughter who isn’t a member and wants to be baptized, so they gave us that reference and we’ll be teaching her soon.

Tuesday - We had district meeting today and I cant remember what we talked about exactly, my memory is failing me in my old age. But I went to another area today in intercambios in a place called Beautiful Italy. It wasn’t really that beautiful though, just a bunch of nasty fields with garbage in them. But we did a couple visits today to some of the investigators of my district leader.

Wednesday - In the morning I couldn’t shower because there was no water in the house, then today was probably the hottest day of the week, and  I was smelling pretty ripe! Then we went to Nico’s house but he was sleeping, so we went to some members house to visit them, and went to Nico’s house a little later, and taught him about baptism and enduring to the end then in the afternoon we went to the Coasini’s house to have lunch, and then we helped paint the house of her daughter. Then afterwards we started chatting with the daughter and she went to church a while ago. But never got baptized because she never prayed to figure out if it was true. So we watched the restoration with them and put a baptismal date with the daughter and her son, and they said yes, so we have 2 more baptisms for the 20th. 

Thursday - Today we visited a couple people, the main one was the Vicente family, (the family we visited on Monday) and we started teaching Mia the granddaughter. So we started with the basics and put a baptismal date for the 13th for her. 

Friday -  We visited Nico again in the morning and we taught him the commandments and he is understanding pretty well everything. Then in the afternoon we taught Mariela and her daughter outside of the hot dog cart. Then we played futbol at the church to finish off the day, and I am improving a lot!! I’m actually not bad anymore, everyone still kills me though. 

Saturday - We went to Nico again with a member his age to get him some friends, and taught him about the sacrament and why it’s important. Then in the night we had a noche de hogar with Victor an investigator we have, and we watched The Hand of The Master. 

Sunday - today was great, not really anything happened in the afternoon, but Betina and Facundo (the Coasini’s daughter) and Mia Vicente, and NICO!!!! wooo he finally came, and haha he told us he probably wouldn't sing the hymns, and at the end I saw him moving his lips singing a little bit. But he really liked it, he said it was really calming, and the Coasini's daughter also really liked church as well.

Well this week was awesome because we basically secured 4 baptisms for next change, so hopefully we will be able to help all of them continue to keep coming and make sure they are converted, and not just baptized. 

Love you guys,

Elder Grigor

It was great to have those 2 baptisms and see the joy that their family has received

December 11th, 2017 

Monday - we went to the Coasini’s house to teach them chastity, the final lessons before their interview, and the district leader came with us and we taught it to all four of us, then they did the interviews while we ate pizza. 

Tuesday - Well... we got lost heading to district meeting and went about 2 kms farther than the stop we should’ve, so we walked back and snagged another bus to go back. Then we got home just in time for lunch. In the afternoon all of our charlas fell through, so we went to visit a less active member, but she basically told us not to come back. 

Wednesday - Today was really good, in the morning we taught Nico and Romina about the word of wisdom, and they understood fairly well. The good thing is, is that Nico plays soccer all the time and his trainers don’t let him. So it was pretty easy, then in the afternoon we went to an investigators house named Martin, who we are thinking of dropping because he’s not progressing too much. In the night we went back to the Coasini’s house to teach them about family history and get them started on that. 

Thursday-Today we had a really good lesson with the hot dog lady and we went with the branch presidents wife, so we taught her about the gospel of Jesus Christ and haha like 3 or 4 times we had to stop because people came to buy something, but at the end she said that she would come to church.

Friday - today we went to Carrasco for something called oro conference,(training conference basically) and it was good. We learned a new way to teach the gospel to people, and learned a little bit more about the importance of the Book of Mormon. Then we got home in time to play futbol, and Nico and 2 friends came to play, which was awesome. We showed them around the chapel afterwards and they all said they wanted to come to church on Sunday. 

Saturday - well as usual we went to the church early today to fill the font and play some ping pong while we waited. Then we had the 2 baptisms, which was amazing. I could tell Mauricio was feeling the spirit, he said he wasn’t going to give his testimony, but he decided to get up and could only say “I know that this church is true”, and nothing else because he was crying too much. He’s a pretty rough police man, it’s amazing seeing the joy they feel after their baptisms. 

Sunday - well we had the confirmations today, and Nico didn’t come today because he slept in, and we don’t know what happened with Mariela, but Mauricio and Malena had a really good experience. The mother’s son came to church as well and asked for a Book of Mormon and the gospel principles book. Then in the afternoon we visited Nico and talked about the Book of Mormon and left him with the first chapter to read.

This week was interesting and flew by, it was great to have those 2 baptisms and see the joy that their family has received. That moment is what this work is all about! Well love you guys, hope you had great weeks! 


Elder Grigor 

The Baptism 

The Coasini's 

Goofing around while we waited for the font to fill up
 (there are red shorts underneath) 

My pants ripped - see pictures below ! 

More "carpet" in our apartment 

An Asado we did in our home 

My haircut !!! hahaha 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

I love the Lord. I feel and see his presence everyday in this work.

December 4th, 2017 

Monday - yea... we went looking for a old man’s house, that the other week stopped us in the streets and said in Florida he was part of the High Council, so he told us his address,  but... I couldn’t find the house, so we just did contacts the whole night.

Tuesday - Today we had district meeting in Toledo, so we got to stay here and talked about this new thing called the baptism calendar, it just helps put everything laid out of what we need to do and what they need to do before their baptism. Then in the afternoon we left with a member who’s leaving on his mission in 2 weeks, so we’re breaking him into mission life a little. But we had a really really long lesson with one guy, just to drop him, haha for some reason it just kept dragging on and on and on. And after we visited a member who hasn't been baptized yet (she isn’t married yet and can’t be baptized until she is married).

Wednesday - exchanges!!!! Today I went with Elder Young, haha he’s sooo funny, so we had probably one of the best days here in Toledo. We started going to Nico and Romina, they’re some young people we are teaching, he’s 17 and she’s 19. They are really excited about the things we are teaching them, and supposedly Nico plays futbol really well. But we taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I explained how we feel every week after going to church, and they responded “I don’t know if I can go every Sunday, but I really want to feel like that.”

After that we walked to lunch and then went straight to another lesson with a hotdog lady, for some reason the other elders talked to a lady with a hotdog cart and we started teaching her again. So something crazy happened, my comp yesterday (when we passed by her) said “I think that she had an experience with the Book of Mormon or prayer”, and I was like hahaha (in my head) "oh once you have as much time as me you’ll be able to see or not" haha turns out the kid is physic because she had a really cool experience. So one night it was really hectic in her house, and she did not feel like reading but decided to open up the book, and when she finished everything was quiet and she just felt at peace. Then after that we went to the Coasini’s house, and we asked him how he was doing reading and praying, and he said that he had an experience with prayer, very personal but is now ready to be baptized. WOOOOOHOOOO hahahaha THANK YOU HOLY GHOST! THANK YOU TOM CRUISE!! (** from a movie Elder Grigor quoted) It’s a miracle! haha I felt really really happy in that moment, because just like Gustavo from Durazno he had listened to the missionaries many times before, but now that he had a sign he’s ready! So we taught him tithing and the word of wisdom and him and his daughter will be getting baptized on the 9th, next Saturday!!!

Thursday - Pretty normal day, visiting some investigators, nothing too crazy happened like on Wednesday but it was still a good day. But in the morning we did get to watch the face to face of Elder Ballard and Oaks, it was really good, directed to young adults and how to stay spiritual with all the things that are happening in life.

Friday - Well I’m getting pretty sick of fideos con tuco (noodles with sauce) I've eaten that for lunch since Tuesday and last night for dinner, today for breakfast and for lunch! Haha but enough about me, today we went back to Nico and Romina to teach them the restoration with my Rubix cube, they understood really well. Then in the night Nico came to play soccer and hooolly cow. He plays sooo well, he took on the entire team of 5 (who I thought played really good) alone and scored. like 5 times. It’s crazy and everyone else was like 22 and he’s 17. 

Saturday - well we went back to Victor’s house today, last week we gave him a blessing to help stop smoking and now he said he smoked a half a cigarette in the whole day. So that was awesome to hear, he’s holding up well the only thing is he has headaches. Then all the other lessons fell through. 

Sunday - well no one came to church today except for the Coasini’s and Elizabeth (the non member member) then the only other lesson we had we with a new guy we found named Carmelo Suarez (not Anthony). 

So this week was full of tender mercies, everything we do in this area by our own efforts doesn’t bring many results, but then we see a huge miracle in the lives of a couple of people we are visiting and all the trials seem to disappear. I love the Lord. I feel and see his presence everyday in this work!


Elder Grigor

Elder Grigor with his district 

Preaching ! 

My sunburn 

Working out missionary style ! 

Everyone is worth something to God!

November 27th, 2017 

Monday - so we went out to a recent converts house, named Martin, we talked to him about going on a mission and how it should be something on his mind. However he’s still a little hesitant to the idea but that took the whole night, because he lives a little ways away.

Tuesday - District meeting!! like always we had district meeting and we talked about LIGHT THE WORLD, and how we were gonna light our areas, it was pretty good, and we need to apply some of those ideas. Then we came home and went to a couple lessons with a young man who leaves for his mission in 3 weeks. So we taught a kid named Agustin, he’s 13 and looks 17, but we talked to him and basically became his friends, so we taught him about the plan of salvation and he was really interested, but were gonna try to bring his mom or his sister, so that he has a support. Then we taught a less active family who got mad because there isn’t love in the church anymore, which I didn’t really understand but oh well! And to finish we had correlation with our ward mission leader.

Wednesday -Well we had interviews with president today, and it was really good. We talked about christlike attributes, and some of the ones I wanted to work on. Then we talked after that about stuff when I finish my mission. Then in the afternoon we only had 1 lesson with the Coasini`s! talking about the Book of Mormon and how he can receive an answer, it was a really good lesson!! We watched the testimony of the Book of Mormon, which I have seen a million times but still love it, and at the end her non member daughter gave us a reference!!!!!. Then he drove us home right before 9 o’clock.

Thursday - Again we only had 1 lesson with a lady who owns a hot dog cart, haha we had the lesson right outside of it and reviewed the restoration, she’s really cool but lacks compromise! Then all of the other people fell through.

Friday- Amazing day!, So we went to our weekly lesson with Mercedez however she wasn’t there, so we went to a guys house we talked to last week. His name is Nicolas, and we ended up teaching him and he invited all of his friends too that were in the house. So we started teaching the plan of salvation, haha we asked him what his purpose on the earth was and he said “I don’t know about them but I’m here to play futbol (soccer)" haha his cousin Romina got annoyed with that answer, but they are really cool. So we invited them all to come play futbol tonight. After that we had a lesson with a family, named Victor and Patricia, he’s not a member, so we had a lesson about how they needed to repent, because they noticed that they needed to start making changes in their lives. It was an amazing lesson and the spirit was really strong. Then they showed me their lizard and it bit me! Afterwards we played some futbol and I realized I am soooo bad at playing futbol, I need to practice more, but Nico didn’t come...

Saturday - well walking to lunch we saw Nico and he said that his moto broke so that’s why he couldn’t come, but I think today we walked about 15 kilometres, it was basically a whole day of walking, and in the night we had another great lesson with Martin and Virginia and they said that they would come to church.

Sunday - well, painfully we waited outside for investigators and no one came!!!!!! only the Coasini’s. We need to work on that, getting people to church. So we had church, then in the night the ward invited us to a mission prep class, apparently we had to prepare something about the Book of Mormon. So I made something up on the spot about how to use it against objections, then we did a lot of practices, and it took about 3 hours. Then they had  pizza and stuff for all of us, then we just talked and mingled. We are gaining the trust of the members here, I think the other elders didn’t have too much, but we are going to start working a lot with them now!

Yea so this week looked like it wasn’t going to be very efficient, but we were able to see a lot of tender mercies, since this area is massive and we are walking all the time instead of teaching a lot, but we have seen a lot of miracles happen, we just need to help people come to church.

This area is really humbling, because we try and do things by our own efforts, and they don’t turn out well, and when we’re on our lowest point God sends a little tender mercy to show us that he’s still in the work, he’s never going to give up and we shouldn’t either! One of my favourite scriptures is 1 Nephi 21:16. We are the cause!, he has everyone of us graven on his palms, and missionary work is the way to make that sacrifice worth something! If we do nothing, his sacrifice was in vain, so just remember, everyone is worth something to God, and he wants all of them to come back to him.

Elder Grigor

We installed carpet !!! 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

I love this work, even the days that everyone rejects me, because little miracles alway happen everyday.

November 20th, 2017 

Monday - We visited a guy named Martin, he’s an investigator with a  baptismal date, the only thing he needs to do is get married and they already want to do that, they just need to get money (since they`re broke and don't have jobs) so right now he’s looking for that, but we went to get to know that and shared 3 Nephi 13:31-33 and how God will help them if they put him first! 

Tuesday - today was really good, our only good day of the week I would say, well really they were all good in their respective fields. But as far as "numbers" today was the best and we also had a lot of good things happen. So we had a lesson with some old investigators that are honestly really hard, he has a religious background but she doesn’t and has made her own thoughts about life, and is pretty firm to those beliefs. But we just talked to them about the Book of Mormon, because it doesn’t matter what you believe, if you believe in the Book of Mormon you’ll know with certainty that the church is lead by Jesus himself. Then we had a lesson with a girl named Melany, she is about 20 and talked in the street with the missionaries before, but we taught her the plan of salvation and she seemed REALLY interested. Haha afterwards she even asked if she could keep the pamphlet to read it over again so she could understand it better. So we invited her to be baptized and she accepted.  Then we left with a member and all of our lessons fell through, so we called a reference (less active) that we received and he invited us over, and his friend was there as well who wasn't a member. So we talked about the restoration and his friend also accepted to be baptized. The only thing is that he smokes but that is easy to give up. 

Wednesday - Today we had a multi-zone conference in Malvin, which was a really good conference, they talked to us about "light the world" and how we’ll be starting that up again this this month. Then they talked a little bit about goals, and how we need to focus on the finish instead of the means of achieving it, because if we focus on the goal, we’ll do what’s necessary to achieve it. Sometimes we get lost in how we do it and we don't achieve the goal. Then I talked with Child’s!! haha I love that kid, he’s going home this change, well he should’ve gone home already but he extended so I get a little more time with him! Then we came home and went straight to a lesson in Sauce, a city north of Toledo. We taught the Coacini family, it was good, we talked about the plan of salvation and eternal families. After he drove us home since he was heading to work at that time.

Thursday - Today we had a decent amount of lessons fall through, we had a couple with some investigators that we have, but yea it wasn't the most effective day ever, Haha and we were supposed to leave with a member but times got mixed up, and we couldn't call him so we missed that experience. But oh well what can you do right!

Friday - well this morning was really good, we had a lesson with someone called Mercedez, and it was the first time we could contact her but she talked a couple times already with the missionaries. It was amazing the lesson we had, haha we covered a lot of topics jumping all over the place, answering a lot of her questions, but at the start she said that she is not the type of person who goes to church, but at the end she said that she wants to join the "mormon church" so we’ll be helping her there, trying to get her to come to church, hopefully we’ll be able to do it. I have faith though, if the times is right, it’ll happen. Then we walked to our lunch from there since the bus drove right past us, it was only about a 20 minutes walk, but we were FLYING since we were already late. Then the rest of the day was a big ol’ nothing! but we did have a new guy come to futbol that someone invited so we’re gonna try and get something going there. 

Saturday/Sunday -Well, the dreaded weekend! haha so it started hailing on us today, not very hard though, but it came out of nowhere, and I thought it was supposed to be summer here, but the miracle that happened, is that Martin was praying and he got a job!!! And he took that as his answer, so we’ll be working more with him in these next days!  But other than that everyone basically hid from us today, the same as Sunday, I guess can wrap up the 2 days in 2 words……nothing happened!!  Haha I don’t know what happened, we had set up lessons, we were knocking houses all day, and just absolutely nothing came out of it! I guess the Lord just wants me to become more humble and test my diligence, and let me tell you! IT’S WORKING! haha but I wont give up, I’ll look for the solutions to these problems to help the work here. 

I love this work, even the days that everyone rejects me, because little miracles always happen everyday! and even if they don’t, I know this sacrifice won’t be in vain! This work is a lot bigger than me, but I’ll try my hardest to be better!

Love you all

Elder Grigor

Me and my Companion 

"Me and Elder Knell" 

"Elder Paulson, Elder Childs and Me" 

Our view 

For the first time in my mission a guy tried to rob me.....

November 13th, 2017 

Tuesday- well it was a normal p-day, in the night we went and said goodbye to the Cox family, and we watched the best 2 years with them, haha they were laughing soo much. Then for the first time in my mission a guy tried to rob me. So first off he had nothing to threaten me with, second he was a twig, he was probably about 5 foot 7and weighed 120 pounds. So he comes up and says "hey give me your phone!" so I responded and said what!? and he said again "give me your phone. So I didn’t really want to and just said, "No" and walked away, so he screamed to his friend "hey get the phone" and he was even smaller, so I just walked right passed him and he tried to reach out but didn’t do anything.Haha it was pretty funny, 

Wednesday - the day of truth, so I really wanted a gringo, so I could tell a bunch of jokes in English with him, so we had a good conference with both the missions. Bishop Davies talked about preparing ourselves for the battle (studying) it was pretty good, and afterwards we met our oros (that’s what they call them here) and my “son” is Elder YUZURIJA!!!!!! hahaha he’s Peruvian from Lima, but his last name comes from japan, so I’m always going to say his name in a Japanese accent. Anyways we all chilled in the chapel in Malvin while they all did their medical exam, played some games, ate some food, I was a little sad I didn’t get a gringo but he’s awesome, and!!!! it’s exactly “the best 2 years” situation, he’s a convert of almost 2 years and the only member of his family, and I’m finishing my mission training him! But we got to our new area, and got to know it a little bit, it’s a massive area though, it probably takes 3 hours to walk from point to point. And we have a city about 14 km away as well. So this’ll be fun!

Thursday - well first full work day, we had a couple charlas set up already and the members that I’ve met already are awesome, they take us everywhere in their cars, So we had a couple lessons, 1 was with the branch president in Sauce (a city 14km away) luckily he took us in his car, but the family we are teaching is awesome! We have the baptism of the daughter and the father the 9th of December, They have already come to church but the other missionaries never talked to them, so now we’re gonna teach them. Haha we are gonna try to set up lessons right after church so that we don’t have to travel so much. Then the branch president showed us around the city a bit, and then we taught the daughter of a member who wants to be baptized, so we will be working with her as well. 

Friday - well we had a decent day, still getting to know the area, we set up some lessons with old investigators, we had one with a really nice lady, and we found a nice family, but I’m not sure how much they will progress because they don’t understand things very easily. Oh but we had lunch today with the second counsellor, who lives 4k from our house, so we missed the bus and started walking home afterwards, luckily a member saw us and decided to take us into town!! WOOOHOOO it was a miracle because we were late for an appointment, then we played some futbol in the night and I got my butt whooped

Saturday - it is sooo different training than being a zone leader, it’s a little easier that he speaks Spanish, but yea I do everything! Haha it’s pretty funny though, my comp is always super lost, sometimes he just watches me do the dishes for a bit because he doesn’t know what to do. But we were finally able to buy food today, we were a little dry on sustenance, then we had a couple lessons here and there, saw a lot of dead frogs, and yea!

Domingo -  Not a bad day, so the Coacini’s came to church and another investigator that just needs to get married but her husband doesn’t want to. Why? I do not know, they have a 4 year old kid too, but they’re working on it. Then in the afternoon we only had charlas with those 2 families, and then did some contacting here and there, and also!!! walking home we live right next to a military school, and in the massive field were like 5000 fireflies, it was sooo cool to see. 

Monday - we had a zone activity, and the zone is pretty cool, but I am officially the oldest missionary in the zone, along with my MTC comp, haha yep! Me and him are gonna be together in until we die! We started together and we’ll finish together! And then we took buses the rest of the day, pretty fun stuff!!!


Elder Grigor 

Change week. I am going to be a dad !! (become a trainer in mission language)

November 7th, 2017 

Tuesday - Halloween!!, well probably the worst halloween ever, haha just kidding I actually forgot it was halloween though, but today was a really good day because I did an exchange in Aeroparque (my old area) and I finally met Juan again!!!! (my first baptism) and he’s huge now! and super funny (now that I can understand what he’s saying!) I really liked catching up on the old times though! We also went to a couple people during the day, haha I did some math homework for someone, and oh boy do I need a refresher!! haha I can barely do grade 10 math, haha if it stays like this I’m in trouble in a couple of months! 

Wednesday - Well t’was a pretty normal day today, not a lot happened. But I did play basketball today! So the young men set up futbol (soccer) and we played a bit, and I played some one on 3 against my comp Alfredo and Bryan, I was a little rusty though, I barely won. Luckily I was taller than them, so if I needed some points I just took it to the paint. 

Thursday - Another shot to the pride! so I thought I was good at math, and I did another equation today for Flor (an investigator) and it took me about 30 minutes and I still didn't even get it right! Anyways, we did go to Flor today and we read Alma 32 with her that talks about faith, so we explained to her that she is starting the experiment (planted the seed) and that the way to see if it’s true is by nourishing it (reading, praying) and helped her understand a little bit more about the ways that Heavenly Father communicates with us. We also found a new investigator, named Alvaro, and he is really cool, seems like he has a decent interest in the church, oh and we also helped an old lady figure out her tablet and radio.

Friday - Well today was interesting, in the morning a lady in our ward asked if we could give a blessing to a relative of hers in the hospital by our house, he’s about 97 and about to die, and we could tell during the blessing, but hopefully things will start improving with him! Then we taught a couple of lessons, helped some people some unto christ, you know the usual!

Saturday - So, we went back to the lady that is building her house (the one we helped toss bricks into the house), and she's building it alone! So we stopped by in the morning, and tossed some concrete into the walls to fortify them, and then cut down some trees that were in the way!, super fun though, it reminded me of when me and Ty cut down our tree! But it was crazy hot outside and I sweat like craaazy!!! After we ran, i think for the first time in my mission, to our lunch and went home to eat and then hit the streets again because we had a lesson! So we taught a lady named Sharon, she is progressing really well and she read like 8 chapters of the Book or Mormon, but in the lessons we just finished the Plan of Salvation and explained to her how we can be with our families after this life, if we are humble and follow the simple gospel of Jesus Christ! And we finished it off in the Cox’s house, and we taught them a little bit about fasting (since it was Fast Sunday) and how it’s a way to receive help from God! also President called me today telling me that I am going to train!!! and since I only have 2 changes left it will be in another white wash! so this will be exciting (and I totally called that)

Sunday - Well in spite of inviting the entire world to church! no body came today, but we are really close with some people. But the best thing that happened today was that Bryan came with us to do splits and visit some people to see what the mission is like, so we brought him a preach my gospel and basically had a horrible day. But we found a really nice man from a different department that is living here for a month, so we talked with him and taught him the restoration, Bryan bore his testimony and the guy wants to be baptized on the 9th of November, so we will prepare him here and he will be baptized in Salto (since all his family lives there). Then in the night Bryan said that he had a great time and we’re gonna leave with him again. Haha woo! we have a little missionary!!! 

Monday - well the moment of truth, so I went to a training meeting today, and I saw Hermana Chubak there! she told me Kellen was leaving for his mission too, we talked for a bit, but the meeting that we had was really good. I learned a lot, and not only about training but in ways to magnify future callings in the church. After that we went back home and finally went back to Gerardo. It’s been a while since we have been able to go by, but he lets us in and we talked about what had happened with him and why he wasn’t coming to church, and he’s a little depressed, but we helped him understand a little more about difficulties in our lives and how they are really a blessings because they allow us to grow! So he was a little happier and said he would come to church this Sunday. Then in the night we went to Flor’s house and taught her and her brother about how to receive an answer, and how to know things that we don't, and simply it’s just like James says, ask of God. Pray to him and he will tell you, because we are his children and he wants to help us. So whatever we ask (as long as we are following what he commanded) we will give it to us. They understood really well, and we also grabbed the changes in their house, they gave us 2 boxes of alfajor’s and well, I’m going to a place called toledo! in a white wash, haha my 3rd white wash in the mission! So this should be a fun experience and a good change, it will probably help me learn a lot of things to help me as a REAL father. 

Well, I’m kinda sad to be leaving this place, I have made good relationships with the members and the converts here, but I know I am needed in another area, I’m glad I had the experience to meet them, and grow from them. I know that this church is true! 

Love you guys!

Elder Grigor

Happy Halloween 

Elena and Juan

I found 20 pesos! 

At the hospital