Friday, September 15, 2017

Did you bring a canoe because there is a river!!!

August 28th, 2017 

Tuesday - so our zone went to the temple, but we had to go to consejo (the big meeting of big powerful men and women) but we are going on the 5th (that will also be my p-day, a Tuesday) but consejo was really good. A lot of newbies just came in, but yea it was basically like a second p-day. Then afterwards we came home, and worked at about 6 and taught a couple new people, but nothing too crazy happened, oh hahaha a homeless dude asked for my comps rain jacket because his was wet, and then freaked out when he didn't give it to him

Wednesday - well we had our 3rd p-day in a row, we had to go get my Uruguayan ID card, and my comp did the papers to get his. So I got mine, then had about 2 hours of waiting, so me and some missionaries went around Ciudad Vieja (old city) which is part of the other mission, but it’s the most touristy place in Montevideo. So we looked around and snagged some pics. Then we had to go buy lunch for the zone conference tomorrow (haha fourth p-day in a row) and we bought some Subway, and alfajores. Oh and we had a really good lesson with a girl named Flavia. We watched the testimony of the Book of Mormon with her, and she loved it, it made everything a little more real for her, (hopefully she’ll come to church next week to get baptized in 3 weeks.) 

Thursday - well the secretaries picked us up in the morning to go to the conference, I felt like a VIP, haha going in a van! But it was so good, we talked about our studies and how to use them to benefit us in our teaching efforts. But we got back home, talked to a couple people, and here in Uruguay there’s something called La Noche de Nostalgia (nostalgic night) where they dress up and play seventies music. We had a dance in the chapel and invited a ton of people. Luckily no one showed up because it was a train wreck, at least when we were there because more came later, but it was just horrible. They did play “what is love” though (MY SONG) haha it was so hard not to start doing my dance during that song!!  

Friday - well we had weekly planning today so we stayed in all morning doing paper work basically. We finally had another lesson with Federico, its’ been like 1 month since we went, and we watched The Will of God, and he enjoyed it, he said that he’s been putting this off to the side, and that he needs to give it more attention. Woohoo!!! oh and a lady gave us money for lunch, so we called another member to have lunch on Sunday (the money ladies day) and we got double!

Saturday - kind of a dead day today, but we did do the dishes in the Coque families house, doing a massive service because they had soo many plates, and stuff. Me and my comp washed together and it took an hour... but hey it worked, they came to church the next day!!!

Sunday - so we had a regional conference all of Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay. Elder Rasband talked, and a couple seventies. But yea like I said the Coques came!!! which was awesome. I think its actually easier for them to go to Malvin though, they live on the limits of our area.

So I’m sure your wondering why I put that title, lemme tell ya!!!
So our house... as much as I love it... its horrible!  Every time it rains (everyday this week) the drains fill up with water, and it starts to back flow and floods the kitchen and bathroom, then it all runs out to the door, then goes back into the drain and does that cycle. Hahaha I cleaned the floor like 6 times in 2 days because it kept bringing crap back up, but other than that, it was a really good week. 


out in Ciudad Vieja 

in the van with my crew!

La Noche de Nostalgia

the house....

Not everything can go well all the time right?

August 12, 2017 

Wednesday - well... nothing happened today, it was changes though so we were helping people get into their new areas, but it seems like a cool zone!

Thursday - haha wooo hooo!!! in the morning we found a non-reference as we called it. So my comp met the girlfriend of her grandson, and she was really nice and he wanted to teach her, but the member never told us where she lived because she didn't want the grandson getting mad because she’s pushing her religion on him. But in the morning we found her and taught her a little bit, and she is really really nice, probably one of the nicest people I've ever met. We scheduled to meet with all them and the member this Tuesday, so that'll be nice! We also visited a girl named Flavia, she is progressing pretty well, but she’s just waiting for a dance we’re gonna have in the church to see how the people are, and how the building is but I think she could be baptized this change

Friday - well we planned in the morning, then in the afternoon we talked with a guy who doesn’t know how to read, but said he has a lot of doubts about churches because of a lot of things it says in the bible and the churches go against a lot of that, and then started talking about random stories in the bible, and the whole time I was wondering how he knows all of this because he doesn’t even know how to type, he uses voice messages all of the time. But he asked us to pass by his house to pick him up for church, then in the night we took a recent convert to Richard’s house, and read a little bit, and Richard already knows basically every story in the Book of Mormon because he read it with the manual. So we basically don’t need to teach him anything, he already knows it.

Saturday - in the night we visited Alfredo and his family, they are super cool. The son was super interesting, haha! We were teaching the plan of salvation and he doesn’t want to believe in God, and haha when we were explaining everything and he stood up then stood behind his chair and grabbed the back of it, like he was stressing out over solving this crazy math equation in his head, haha at last he understood andIi think it made sense to him. He has those typical atheist questions, where did god come from, why is all this necessary. It was interesting to explain it to him. 

Sunday - We went to Gerardo's house today and taught the restoration to Ana, who’s getting baptized in 2 weeks, and we’re teaching her everything right now, and haha I think she’s smarter than her dad. She started talking about the millennium because they talked about that in Sunday school, and Gerardo I think had no idea what she was saying. Haha it’s pretty funny, they are both really cool, and also we taught Gerardo yesterday about the priesthood. He said woah! this is pretty serious, I thought I would go to church and live happy for the rest of my life, I never thought I would be a priest!! But it’s good, I like this change! haha oh also I don’t know why but Richard didn't come to church again, that makes 3 weeks now that they haven't come. 2 times for medical conditions, and this last time I don’t know why. Then president changed something about the mission and we were calling the missionaries in our zone stressing out over that for the night, I barely had time to cook.

Monday - pday!!! well, we went to the gym and slept.. that’s about it! oohhh, also on Saturday it rained a ton in the night, and we woke up to find out the bathroom and kitchen flooded, but not just with water, noooo sir, the drains decided to get clogged up and then come back, so we had a bunch of crap all over the floor. I’m not sure if it was just a bunch of nasty dirt all piled up, with random white chunks of fat I think (from cooking chorizos) or what it was, but it was DISGUSTING!

Well, yea, it was a decent week, we had a lot of success with the people were are working with, not too much in finding new people, but hey not everything can go well all the time right?

Love you guys

Elder Grigor

Monday, August 28, 2017


August 15th, 2017 

Tuesday - Not  whole lot happened today... we had a lot of plans but basically everything fell through, but we did have a quick lesson with the Venezuelan we found a couple weeks ago. We talked a little more about the Book of Mormon, we also had correlation with your blind ward mission leader, which is always interesting. His wife is blind too, and has an iPhone 7, she always asks us to show her how to use it, she can see it when its about 6 inches from her face. 

Wednesday - Today was a lot better, we had a lesson with a girl named Flavia, who is really cool. We watched the restoration video with her, and I think she’s going to be baptized, she really liked the video, and haha before she used go to the Evangelist church?? not sure what is in english Iglesia Evangelica. She gets pretty pumped up when she starts to read, its funny to hear. It sounds good, kinda like a story reading putting tons of emphasis on everything. We met with a guy named Alfredo, we talked to him last week, but we just chatted a little and set up a lesson with him for Sunday, but he’s a cool dude, with 2 kids. So we are planing on watching the restoration movie with them.

Thursday - well today had me worried, so Gerardo (the guy that is getting baptized on Saturday) wasn't there yesterday because his mom was a little sick. So we stopped by today and he wasn't there either. 4 years ago he was going to be baptized but he just went missing like 3 days before and they could never find him. So we had a little bit of fear that that would happen, so we called him like crazy and he didn’t answer. So we freaked out a little, but we found him finally and he just didn't have any data left to receive calls. (phew) 

Friday - well I went out to Aeroparque again with Elder Ashman because Gerardo needed his interview done. So we rode the bikes out to an area, passing the highway, haha man were my legs dead! I worked out legs at the gym the day before, BAD IDEA!! I could barely keep up on some parts. But we had a good day, visiting some people, found a cool less active that wants to go back to church, and he’s from Durazno. We talked about that a bit. But Gerardo passed his interview, so he’s getting baptized tomorrow!!!!

Saturday - so we went to the church in Aeroparque to fill the font for a ward baptism, and it was full from the last one. So we started draining it but it was taking forever, so we grabbed buckets and started grabbing it and dumping it in the toilet, it took soo long, and my back was a little sore afterwards. Plus I’m pretty sure we got more water on the floor than in the toilets, it kept hitting the sides and soaking my pants!! and the floor. Haha, but we finally got it filling, then we went to our ward to fill up the font for the baptism. It was really good. Gerardo gave his testimony at the end, and it was good, saying how it was a big change and he’s finally ready! Then his little girl (she’s 10) wants to get baptized too, so he’s gonna baptize her on the 2nd of September.  It'll be really good for them!

Sunday - Gerardo was confirmed today, but sadly Richard didn’t come today, we don't know what happened there, but Gerardo always came before just for sacrament, and this time they came for the 3 hours, and his daughter Ana said: “Dad! can we come every time at 9:30??? and him laughing: “haha yep, that’s the plan! Haha she’s really funny. Then in the night we taught Alfredo and his kids, they are really cool. His son doesn’t really believe in God, but that’s easy to change. Then his daughter is really open, they are 18 and 15, then the only thing with him is that he smokes. I think he downed like 5 in 20 minutes, basically just sucked it dry. But we invited them to a devotional tomorrow with Lindsey Stirling, and they said yea! So we’re going to go to that tomorrow with them.

Monday - well pretty normal day, we had a dope asado with Gerardo, it was supposed to be for lunch, but he had it right before the devotional, so we smelt like smoke and meat! perfect combination right? But yea we went with them, and it was really good. We got there late because he arrived home late from school. She just talked about why God is important in her life, and played a couple songs (incredible by the way) But they really enjoyed it, mostly when she played, but I think that they could progress a lot in the church. They have a baptismal date for October, so we’ll see how that goes. Also it was changes, and me and my comp are staying here together!!!

Well it was a good week, met Lindsey Stirling and had a baptism, couldn't ask for more!!!

Elder Grigor 

The baptism 

A family we teach 

El Asado (I don't know what I was doing in this picture!) 

Rubix Cube Gold

August 7th, 2017 

Tuesday - so in the night we visited a member and taught his mother who is catholic, so I used my Rubix cube to explain the restoration.  I use each layer, first is the prophet, second apostles, and third the authority (which only God can give) and it works pretty well. She really liked the way we did it, then afterwards we explained how the Book of Mormon is the way to find out the church has that authority.

Wednesday - So we went out to another area about 1 hour from us, we did an intercambio out there to help out the Elders. They’re getting a little depressed, so we went out to show them that the area is really good, so I used my Rubix cube in some contacts we did. Haha, the people were about to reject us, so I asked if I could do a demonstration with my Rubix cube, then we explained the whole restoration to them and gave them a Book of Mormon. It works really well to distract them for a bit, just to get the message across, and usually they always want to learn more after we share the message. But yea we found 2 new people who are investigating the church now, so we helped them out a bit.

Thursday - so in the morning I had to go take out my Uruguayan identification, because for the past year and a half I've been illegal in this country. haha I'm glad Trump isn’t the president here. But yea I’ll have a Uruguayan id card now. Then we just chilled with a bunch of missionaries until everyone finished, hahaha it was super funny watching the people try to figure out all the information they needed because my passport is in english and french, and they didn't think I spoke Spanish. Then they couldn't say Saskatoon, Saskatchewan  which I understand because I can barely say it. Then the rest of the day I was super tired so I wasn't in the mood to do much, but we taught Gerardo about tithing and he seems cool with it, so he’ll be getting baptized on the 12th.

Friday - had intercambios with Aeroparque, they both came out here and I went with Elder Ashman. He’s super funny. We talked about Canada a lot, and we also have 4 new people to teach with my Rubix cube! haha that things a magician!!  But its my comps birthday tomorrow so we threw him a birthday party in the night. I bought him a Rubix cube 2 weeks ago because I bought one, and he really wanted one and always took mine and started playing with it. So now we both have our own, we also bought him a cake and pizza. He was pretty happy.

Saturday - official day of my companions birth, I took him to McDonald’s for lunch since we didn't have lunch, then we had a decent day, a lot of plans canceled on us, which was pretty lame because it was my comps bday, but we still had a couple lessons. Then an old lady we are teaching made us pizza and cake, and gave us like 3 to take home!! 

Sunday - well Gerardo and his daughter came to church, and haha the whole time in testimony meeting, she kept saying: “come on dad, let’s go up!! come on!!!” and him:  “no no no, not yet!!”  haha for the entire hour, haha and they aren't baptized yet. But afterwards she said that she wants to be baptized too, so we’ll have another one in a couple of weeks. But Richard didn't come because his wife was having some medical problems which is understandable. Today we only had 1 lesson, and it was with the old lady. We dropped her because she never came to church, she just wanted us to pass by and give us food, (which quite frankly I was fine with) but haha it’s better for her, we’ll go back and then she’ll start coming (I hope)

Monday - not much happened, I have no money now cuz I spent it all on my comps bday, I have like 15 dollars for the next week, so I’m down to like a dollar a day! woooo

But yea that’s my life. I learned how to present the lessons in a better way! It works fairly well, so I’m gonna use that for the next 6 months, (oh yea I can solve it in 50 seconds now)

Peace out

Love Elder Grigor

"Would you like some pasta with that sauce?" 

Driving to a service project 

Milking 16 alfajores all at the same time 

Chilling on the roof working on the Rubix Cube 

Chilling with Elder Ashman 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Les amo a todos!!!

August 1, 2017 

Monday - pretty normal p-day, we mostly just slept and watched movies in the house because there wasn't anything to do, but in the night we taught Richard, it was a good lesson and he had some really good questions that he was asking (we taught the plan of salvation)

Tuesday - we had intercambios today, I went out to Aeroparque with my old companion Elder Merino!!! haha it was really good, we ate in the house of the Andion family (all of them remembered me!! and congratulated me on my Spanish) but that lunch was sooo good. It was basically a four course meal, chorizos and pizza to start, then went to a nice Asado (barbecue) then we had a nice little cake to finish off. Then we rode the bike to another part of the area, which was crazy because we rode on the side of the highway to get there, then we rode around and visited people with a member that we knew. Haha then coming back it started to rain which we didn't think about (you can imagine how going back to the house on the highway was). haha then we just talked about Durazno and all the old times together.

Wednesday - I’m not sure what happened today actually, I think we had a lot of lessons fall through and we walked around a ton, and joked around, haha I’m loving my companion, I’m hoping we’ll stay together another change. But we did visit some less active people today, trying to help them out with their situations, one guy, which is really sad, he’s in a wheel chair and in the last 3 weeks people have robbed him 7 times. But he doesn’t even have a nice house, they come and rob whatever they find, cups, plates, his extra wheelchair, so yea he never leaves his house.

Thursday - well we pulled another intercambio with another area today. I left again, luckily it was pretty close, but yea they needed some help out there, so they sent me in! But it was really good, we were just looking for old investigators all day, trying to find some more people for them to teach, we found a couple good people, then in the night Walker gave me a dope Canada Star Wars shirt! (so I need to get him something in return!) Then we made some red lobster scones and ate kangaroo jerky that he was saving for our intercambio! He’s really cool and loves star wars!

Friday - great day, we had 2 really good lessons with Federico and Richard, our 2 investigators with basically the same situation, who will both be baptized in a little bit of time. We had another lesson with Gerardo, he’s getting baptized on the 12th, which is coming up quick, and we just have to teach him a couple more things then he’s good, but yea we were just teaching today, basically with all the investigators that are going to be baptized.

Saturday - well we thought it was going to be a great day today, but it wasn't so great, all the lessons fell through, so we visited recent converts, trying to find something to do instead of walk around all day.

Sunday - not a bad day, we talked to a man who said to his family in another ward that he wants to talk to with us, so we went over and we’re gonna teach him, but church was good, Richard and Gerardo came, sadly no one else, but we’ll change that next week. Then it was pretty rainy today (kinda like the whole week) so we didn't get too much done

Monday - we went to a district meeting, then had interviews with the president, then we went back and waited to meet the mission president to go to a lesson with him. So we started talking to a dude and ended up teaching him, and asked his name. Javier Federer, the cousin of Roddick Federer the tennis player, haha who would've known! Then we had a really good lesson with president there, we went to Federico and Augustina and taught about temples and chastity, and Federico gave Augustina a nice backhand. He said that that was the thing that has hit him the hardest. He just didn't understand it, (basically just said he didn’t want to marry her) so she started bawling (which helped because he realized what he just said)) then after asking them some questions I asked if he thought marriage would be good for them in their lives, and he finally said yes. So hopefully within a couple weeks he pops the question!!! Then we visited a couple more people!

So yea it was a good and bad week, we had a lot of progress with our strong investigators, and and a little harder time with the not so strong ones, but that’ll all get fixed later!

Love you all
Les amo a todos!!!

Elder Grigor