Monday, January 22, 2018

My 2nd last week (Mi Penultima Semana!)

January 22nd, 2018 

Monday - today was dope!!! So we invited some people to come play basketball with us, first time in 3 years that I have played and I was real rusty!!! But they weren’t the best players ever, they did have some good players, but it was awesome and after we taught them a lesson on the court we taught them all a lesson afterwards and are gonna start teaching 5 of them. 

Tuesday - we had intercambio (exchanges) and I went with my old companion Elder Rodriguez the spaniard. So I went with him and we just talked about all the things that have happened since our time together, haha it was super funny. Then we watched the press conference of President Nelson, and the first presidency changed!! I thought it would stay the same but Elder Oaks is awesome!! They will do some great things together. 

Wednesday - in the morning me and Rodriguez went to Sauce to do the interviews of Betina and Facundo. We went bright and early and everything went really well, we taught them the final commandment that they needed to learn and follow, then they passed with flying colors!!! Then the other elders went and taught Camilo and Nico about the word of wisdom and chastity and Camilo said, “oh yea this is easy since I play soccer professionally (word of wisdom) but the other will be harder for me. But he accepted to follow it! In the afternoon we talked to a less active family and the cousin of Nico!

Thursday - In the night was our main visit of the day, so on Sunday a recent convert came to church with his brother and said he wanted to be baptized. So we went over to their house to teach the brother a little bit more about baptism and the importance of it in our lives, really why baptism is important, and why GOD wants us to do it. Honestly it is the mark of a new life, saying to God that we will follow what he commands. It represents the birth of that new life, leaving behind all of our errors, turning a new page and entering in a path of inner peace, one where we have a perspective of who we are, and why we are here! 

Friday - We went back to Camilo’s house in the morning and taught him the 10 commandments, haha it was funny because Nico was training, and got back right when we finished the first prayer. In the afternoon we talked to a girl who lives in Paraguay but is here on vacation for a month, but she was a really nice girl! Then we got some really bad news. So Mauricio Coasini (Betina’s step dad) was at the church and told us that Betina was unsure that she wanted to be baptized, so we started praying really really hard! haha 

Saturday - So we decided to go to their house early in morning and she was fine, everything was fixed. Basically she just felt a lot of pressure from everyone else and said that she wouldn’t do it just to get everyone off her case. So the next day she was good and we had a really god baptismal service and Mauricio baptized Facundo!! It was awesome because he almost didn’t say the ordinance because he was crying so much. After Betina gave a strong testimony about the church and why it is necessary in all of our lives! And later we went to teach one of the kids we played basketball with, and he’s a really cool kid, I think he has a lot of potential to progress. 

Sunday - Well Betina and Facundo were confirmed today. So now we have their whole family of 7 in the church filling up the rows. Haha it’s nice to see those benches full. But better than that is the feeling the people get when they experiment and learn about the  Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

I know the church is true, and that by being baptized and following the commandments is the only way we can return to our Father in Heaven. I love this work and sadly it’s coming to an end, but I know I can keep doing it back home!

Love you guys!!!!!!

Elder Grigor 

The Baptism 

My companion using an umbrella in 40 degree heat 

Me in front of a Toledo sign 

Hahaha! My face :) 

I was teaching a lesson and someone put shades on me 

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