Monday, January 22, 2018

I should have listened to my mom .....

January 1st, 2018 

Tuesday - Well, I should’ve listened to what mom told me, well actually I  should’ve called earlier because I ate waaay too much candy and got sick. So I was running to and from the bathroom all day today!! So I got another day off!!! haha but I would've liked leaving, because it was way too boring staying inside since there is nothing to do. 

Wednesday - today we went to Nico’s house in the morning and taught him about tithing. Luckily he doesn’t work so he had no problem with it, but he said he’s was going to pay tithing when he gets a job. Then we met one of his friend at the end of the lesson. After that we went out to Sauce to have lunch with the Coasini’s, and afterwards we taught them about the Book of Mormon a little more, to help Bettina receive her answer. Then we came home and taught Maria about the plan of salvation and hahaha, she had a super funny thought. We asked her where we came from before we were born, and she said “I think we were just floating spirits and we crashed into a pregnant woman, then we were born”.

Thursday - today was my favourite day, weekly planning. We got to stay inside until 12, then we ate with an investigator of ours, and taught them a little more about going to church. They are having some problems getting up in the mornings. Then we taught the hot dog lady and after we visited a less active who’s son isn’t a member but is very receptive. So we taught the restoration and tried to put a baptismal date but he didn't really want it. But we finally got him to accept one, and we are gonna work with him for the 3 of February. 

Friday - well we went back to Nico’s house, and his friend that we met before was there and participated in the charla. Haha he told us that he wanted to be baptized, so we invited him this Sunday and set a fecha for the 27th, so hopefully we can teach him well before that date. And in the afternoon we planned out some things for the baptism next Saturday. 

Saturday - Well it was a pretty horrible day, super hot outside and we didn’t have any set lessons, so we walked a lot today doing contacts. Then we visited a couple of members trying to find some relief of the heat, and visited Mia Vicente in the night to get her ready for her baptism on the 13th. 

Sunday - Today was awesome! Nico and Camilo (his friend) came to church today. Then the Coasini’s came as well, and Mia Vicente. I had to give a talk today in sacrament meeting. I talked about the ministry of Jesus and related it to missionary work, Then I had to teach the gospel principles class because the teacher didn’t come. So I’m pretty sure everyone was sick of me talking. Then in the afternoon we went to a couple of members homes since no one accepts us here on holidays. Then we stayed up to watch the fireworks, climbed up on our 15 foot roof and watched the sky blow up. It was pretty fun, it reminded me of the 1st of July. 

Well I forgot to take pictures this week, but we had a really good week, mostly just preparing all of our investigators for baptism, (which is what missionary work should be!!) 
Anyways it was a good week.


Elder Grigor

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