Friday, January 19, 2018

It was great to have those 2 baptisms and see the joy that their family has received

December 11th, 2017 

Monday - we went to the Coasini’s house to teach them chastity, the final lessons before their interview, and the district leader came with us and we taught it to all four of us, then they did the interviews while we ate pizza. 

Tuesday - Well... we got lost heading to district meeting and went about 2 kms farther than the stop we should’ve, so we walked back and snagged another bus to go back. Then we got home just in time for lunch. In the afternoon all of our charlas fell through, so we went to visit a less active member, but she basically told us not to come back. 

Wednesday - Today was really good, in the morning we taught Nico and Romina about the word of wisdom, and they understood fairly well. The good thing is, is that Nico plays soccer all the time and his trainers don’t let him. So it was pretty easy, then in the afternoon we went to an investigators house named Martin, who we are thinking of dropping because he’s not progressing too much. In the night we went back to the Coasini’s house to teach them about family history and get them started on that. 

Thursday-Today we had a really good lesson with the hot dog lady and we went with the branch presidents wife, so we taught her about the gospel of Jesus Christ and haha like 3 or 4 times we had to stop because people came to buy something, but at the end she said that she would come to church.

Friday - today we went to Carrasco for something called oro conference,(training conference basically) and it was good. We learned a new way to teach the gospel to people, and learned a little bit more about the importance of the Book of Mormon. Then we got home in time to play futbol, and Nico and 2 friends came to play, which was awesome. We showed them around the chapel afterwards and they all said they wanted to come to church on Sunday. 

Saturday - well as usual we went to the church early today to fill the font and play some ping pong while we waited. Then we had the 2 baptisms, which was amazing. I could tell Mauricio was feeling the spirit, he said he wasn’t going to give his testimony, but he decided to get up and could only say “I know that this church is true”, and nothing else because he was crying too much. He’s a pretty rough police man, it’s amazing seeing the joy they feel after their baptisms. 

Sunday - well we had the confirmations today, and Nico didn’t come today because he slept in, and we don’t know what happened with Mariela, but Mauricio and Malena had a really good experience. The mother’s son came to church as well and asked for a Book of Mormon and the gospel principles book. Then in the afternoon we visited Nico and talked about the Book of Mormon and left him with the first chapter to read.

This week was interesting and flew by, it was great to have those 2 baptisms and see the joy that their family has received. That moment is what this work is all about! Well love you guys, hope you had great weeks! 


Elder Grigor 

The Baptism 

The Coasini's 

Goofing around while we waited for the font to fill up
 (there are red shorts underneath) 

My pants ripped - see pictures below ! 

More "carpet" in our apartment 

An Asado we did in our home 

My haircut !!! hahaha 

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