Thursday, January 18, 2018

I love the Lord. I feel and see his presence everyday in this work.

December 4th, 2017 

Monday - yea... we went looking for a old man’s house, that the other week stopped us in the streets and said in Florida he was part of the High Council, so he told us his address,  but... I couldn’t find the house, so we just did contacts the whole night.

Tuesday - Today we had district meeting in Toledo, so we got to stay here and talked about this new thing called the baptism calendar, it just helps put everything laid out of what we need to do and what they need to do before their baptism. Then in the afternoon we left with a member who’s leaving on his mission in 2 weeks, so we’re breaking him into mission life a little. But we had a really really long lesson with one guy, just to drop him, haha for some reason it just kept dragging on and on and on. And after we visited a member who hasn't been baptized yet (she isn’t married yet and can’t be baptized until she is married).

Wednesday - exchanges!!!! Today I went with Elder Young, haha he’s sooo funny, so we had probably one of the best days here in Toledo. We started going to Nico and Romina, they’re some young people we are teaching, he’s 17 and she’s 19. They are really excited about the things we are teaching them, and supposedly Nico plays futbol really well. But we taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I explained how we feel every week after going to church, and they responded “I don’t know if I can go every Sunday, but I really want to feel like that.”

After that we walked to lunch and then went straight to another lesson with a hotdog lady, for some reason the other elders talked to a lady with a hotdog cart and we started teaching her again. So something crazy happened, my comp yesterday (when we passed by her) said “I think that she had an experience with the Book of Mormon or prayer”, and I was like hahaha (in my head) "oh once you have as much time as me you’ll be able to see or not" haha turns out the kid is physic because she had a really cool experience. So one night it was really hectic in her house, and she did not feel like reading but decided to open up the book, and when she finished everything was quiet and she just felt at peace. Then after that we went to the Coasini’s house, and we asked him how he was doing reading and praying, and he said that he had an experience with prayer, very personal but is now ready to be baptized. WOOOOOHOOOO hahahaha THANK YOU HOLY GHOST! THANK YOU TOM CRUISE!! (** from a movie Elder Grigor quoted) It’s a miracle! haha I felt really really happy in that moment, because just like Gustavo from Durazno he had listened to the missionaries many times before, but now that he had a sign he’s ready! So we taught him tithing and the word of wisdom and him and his daughter will be getting baptized on the 9th, next Saturday!!!

Thursday - Pretty normal day, visiting some investigators, nothing too crazy happened like on Wednesday but it was still a good day. But in the morning we did get to watch the face to face of Elder Ballard and Oaks, it was really good, directed to young adults and how to stay spiritual with all the things that are happening in life.

Friday - Well I’m getting pretty sick of fideos con tuco (noodles with sauce) I've eaten that for lunch since Tuesday and last night for dinner, today for breakfast and for lunch! Haha but enough about me, today we went back to Nico and Romina to teach them the restoration with my Rubix cube, they understood really well. Then in the night Nico came to play soccer and hooolly cow. He plays sooo well, he took on the entire team of 5 (who I thought played really good) alone and scored. like 5 times. It’s crazy and everyone else was like 22 and he’s 17. 

Saturday - well we went back to Victor’s house today, last week we gave him a blessing to help stop smoking and now he said he smoked a half a cigarette in the whole day. So that was awesome to hear, he’s holding up well the only thing is he has headaches. Then all the other lessons fell through. 

Sunday - well no one came to church today except for the Coasini’s and Elizabeth (the non member member) then the only other lesson we had we with a new guy we found named Carmelo Suarez (not Anthony). 

So this week was full of tender mercies, everything we do in this area by our own efforts doesn’t bring many results, but then we see a huge miracle in the lives of a couple of people we are visiting and all the trials seem to disappear. I love the Lord. I feel and see his presence everyday in this work!


Elder Grigor

Elder Grigor with his district 

Preaching ! 

My sunburn 

Working out missionary style ! 

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