Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Change week. I am going to be a dad !! (become a trainer in mission language)

November 7th, 2017 

Tuesday - Halloween!!, well probably the worst halloween ever, haha just kidding I actually forgot it was halloween though, but today was a really good day because I did an exchange in Aeroparque (my old area) and I finally met Juan again!!!! (my first baptism) and he’s huge now! and super funny (now that I can understand what he’s saying!) I really liked catching up on the old times though! We also went to a couple people during the day, haha I did some math homework for someone, and oh boy do I need a refresher!! haha I can barely do grade 10 math, haha if it stays like this I’m in trouble in a couple of months! 

Wednesday - Well t’was a pretty normal day today, not a lot happened. But I did play basketball today! So the young men set up futbol (soccer) and we played a bit, and I played some one on 3 against my comp Alfredo and Bryan, I was a little rusty though, I barely won. Luckily I was taller than them, so if I needed some points I just took it to the paint. 

Thursday - Another shot to the pride! so I thought I was good at math, and I did another equation today for Flor (an investigator) and it took me about 30 minutes and I still didn't even get it right! Anyways, we did go to Flor today and we read Alma 32 with her that talks about faith, so we explained to her that she is starting the experiment (planted the seed) and that the way to see if it’s true is by nourishing it (reading, praying) and helped her understand a little bit more about the ways that Heavenly Father communicates with us. We also found a new investigator, named Alvaro, and he is really cool, seems like he has a decent interest in the church, oh and we also helped an old lady figure out her tablet and radio.

Friday - Well today was interesting, in the morning a lady in our ward asked if we could give a blessing to a relative of hers in the hospital by our house, he’s about 97 and about to die, and we could tell during the blessing, but hopefully things will start improving with him! Then we taught a couple of lessons, helped some people some unto christ, you know the usual!

Saturday - So, we went back to the lady that is building her house (the one we helped toss bricks into the house), and she's building it alone! So we stopped by in the morning, and tossed some concrete into the walls to fortify them, and then cut down some trees that were in the way!, super fun though, it reminded me of when me and Ty cut down our tree! But it was crazy hot outside and I sweat like craaazy!!! After we ran, i think for the first time in my mission, to our lunch and went home to eat and then hit the streets again because we had a lesson! So we taught a lady named Sharon, she is progressing really well and she read like 8 chapters of the Book or Mormon, but in the lessons we just finished the Plan of Salvation and explained to her how we can be with our families after this life, if we are humble and follow the simple gospel of Jesus Christ! And we finished it off in the Cox’s house, and we taught them a little bit about fasting (since it was Fast Sunday) and how it’s a way to receive help from God! also President called me today telling me that I am going to train!!! and since I only have 2 changes left it will be in another white wash! so this will be exciting (and I totally called that)

Sunday - Well in spite of inviting the entire world to church! no body came today, but we are really close with some people. But the best thing that happened today was that Bryan came with us to do splits and visit some people to see what the mission is like, so we brought him a preach my gospel and basically had a horrible day. But we found a really nice man from a different department that is living here for a month, so we talked with him and taught him the restoration, Bryan bore his testimony and the guy wants to be baptized on the 9th of November, so we will prepare him here and he will be baptized in Salto (since all his family lives there). Then in the night Bryan said that he had a great time and we’re gonna leave with him again. Haha woo! we have a little missionary!!! 

Monday - well the moment of truth, so I went to a training meeting today, and I saw Hermana Chubak there! she told me Kellen was leaving for his mission too, we talked for a bit, but the meeting that we had was really good. I learned a lot, and not only about training but in ways to magnify future callings in the church. After that we went back home and finally went back to Gerardo. It’s been a while since we have been able to go by, but he lets us in and we talked about what had happened with him and why he wasn’t coming to church, and he’s a little depressed, but we helped him understand a little more about difficulties in our lives and how they are really a blessings because they allow us to grow! So he was a little happier and said he would come to church this Sunday. Then in the night we went to Flor’s house and taught her and her brother about how to receive an answer, and how to know things that we don't, and simply it’s just like James says, ask of God. Pray to him and he will tell you, because we are his children and he wants to help us. So whatever we ask (as long as we are following what he commanded) we will give it to us. They understood really well, and we also grabbed the changes in their house, they gave us 2 boxes of alfajor’s and well, I’m going to a place called toledo! in a white wash, haha my 3rd white wash in the mission! So this should be a fun experience and a good change, it will probably help me learn a lot of things to help me as a REAL father. 

Well, I’m kinda sad to be leaving this place, I have made good relationships with the members and the converts here, but I know I am needed in another area, I’m glad I had the experience to meet them, and grow from them. I know that this church is true! 

Love you guys!

Elder Grigor

Happy Halloween 

Elena and Juan

I found 20 pesos! 

At the hospital 

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