Monday, January 22, 2018

Merry Christmas !!!

December 25th, 2017 

Monday - well, I’m not really sure what we did today, I just remember that we did something! Oh! but we did have a family home evening with the 
Vicente’s. We’re teaching their granddaughter, but she wasn't there so we talked about the "will of god" video by Elder Christofferson

Tuesday - Today was change day, but since neither of us is leaving it was a normal day. Today was a fairly normal day, we had a lesson with an investigator and she had a friend over, so it was raining pretty hard, so we saw them in the doorway and taught them through the doorframe, while they sat in front of us. So we have a baptismal date for the investigator that we already had, so we talked about that and her friend said that she wants to be baptized, so we put a date for her as well. 

Wednesday - today was awesome!! We had the Christmas conference, it was amazing. I saw a lot of old friends I haven’t seen for a while. I also saw Hermana Chubak, and then we ate some AMAZING FOOD. In the conference we talked about the rules and the atonement, it was really cool the connection president made with that. Then we talked about the Book of Mormon as well. Then we went straight to the Coasini house from the conference to go and teach Betina and Facundo, to get them ready for their baptism on the 20th

Thursday - well pretty normal day as well, we stopped by the Vicent’s house to teach Mia (their granddaughter) and honestly my memory is fading in my old age, I can’t remember what we did today, I’m pretty sure we walked around a lot and testified of our Saviour Jesus Christ. 

Friday - today in the morning we had a pretty funny lesson with Nico. We taught him chastity and he said, “well guys I hate lying, soo I think this is gonna be the hardest one to follow”, and he made a bunch of funny jokes. But we explained it to him, and afterwards he said, “I don’t know, it seems pretty weird, and tough to follow, but if you guys say it’ll get me closer to Christ ill try it!!!!!”  Woooo I love that kid. Today when we were playing futbol we invited one of his friends, and his friend said “hey Nico you wanna drink after this, and Nico said “no! I don’t do that anymore”, then he came and told us and how he said no!!!! 

Saturday - In the morning today we visited some old investigators, they are really awesome and have a great testimony of the church, the only thing is that she needs to get married. Then in the afternoon not too much happened, most of the people were running around trying to get things ready for tomorrow

Domingo - well I forgot that church was only for an hour today and planned for the 3 hours, but good thing was, Nico came!! as well as the Coasini family and Mia with the Vicente’s!!!!! Then in the afternoon no one wanted to talked to us, but we went to the Vicente’s for a little bit, ate a ton and talked with them. Then another member invited us to go eat with them so we went there as well, then we got home at 20:30 (we had permission from the president) and then watched the fireworks on the roof of our house. 

Christmas!!!!!!! - Well we opened up presents in the morning! haha I loved mine, 2 shirts and tons of candy! I gave my comp a gift as well, a red leather articles of faith, haha I waited 6 months to buy myself that and ended up giving it to him, but it was great he liked it. Then we ate and came to the church to SKYPE OUR FAMILIES!!!!!!!!!!! 

Well it was a great week, with how things are going we should have at least 4 baptisms this change. Next week on the 6th we will have one of those. I’m soo grateful for all the miracles and help from the lord we had in this area, it’s humbling to be a part of.


Elder Grigor

Christmas Morning in Uruguay - so simple and humble. 

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