Friday, January 19, 2018

We need to make sure they are converted and not just baptized

December 18th, 2017 

Monday - so.. we had nothing planned today, so we were just walking around knocking doors, and haha we found a house with 2 emus in the yards (a small ostrich) so we played with them for a bit. Then I said a prayer for God to guide us towards someone we could teach. So my comp says “hey let’s go to this members house and ask for a reference”. So we went by and ended up helping her put up her Christmas lights, then they invited us in to teach his non member daughter (who we had taught before) but then they told us about their 9 year old granddaughter who isn’t a member and wants to be baptized, so they gave us that reference and we’ll be teaching her soon.

Tuesday - We had district meeting today and I cant remember what we talked about exactly, my memory is failing me in my old age. But I went to another area today in intercambios in a place called Beautiful Italy. It wasn’t really that beautiful though, just a bunch of nasty fields with garbage in them. But we did a couple visits today to some of the investigators of my district leader.

Wednesday - In the morning I couldn’t shower because there was no water in the house, then today was probably the hottest day of the week, and  I was smelling pretty ripe! Then we went to Nico’s house but he was sleeping, so we went to some members house to visit them, and went to Nico’s house a little later, and taught him about baptism and enduring to the end then in the afternoon we went to the Coasini’s house to have lunch, and then we helped paint the house of her daughter. Then afterwards we started chatting with the daughter and she went to church a while ago. But never got baptized because she never prayed to figure out if it was true. So we watched the restoration with them and put a baptismal date with the daughter and her son, and they said yes, so we have 2 more baptisms for the 20th. 

Thursday - Today we visited a couple people, the main one was the Vicente family, (the family we visited on Monday) and we started teaching Mia the granddaughter. So we started with the basics and put a baptismal date for the 13th for her. 

Friday -  We visited Nico again in the morning and we taught him the commandments and he is understanding pretty well everything. Then in the afternoon we taught Mariela and her daughter outside of the hot dog cart. Then we played futbol at the church to finish off the day, and I am improving a lot!! I’m actually not bad anymore, everyone still kills me though. 

Saturday - We went to Nico again with a member his age to get him some friends, and taught him about the sacrament and why it’s important. Then in the night we had a noche de hogar with Victor an investigator we have, and we watched The Hand of The Master. 

Sunday - today was great, not really anything happened in the afternoon, but Betina and Facundo (the Coasini’s daughter) and Mia Vicente, and NICO!!!! wooo he finally came, and haha he told us he probably wouldn't sing the hymns, and at the end I saw him moving his lips singing a little bit. But he really liked it, he said it was really calming, and the Coasini's daughter also really liked church as well.

Well this week was awesome because we basically secured 4 baptisms for next change, so hopefully we will be able to help all of them continue to keep coming and make sure they are converted, and not just baptized. 

Love you guys,

Elder Grigor

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