Monday, January 22, 2018

I am so grateful to be placed in this area and see so many miracles

January 8th, 2018 

Monday - We finished writing at the members house and then went to the Vicente’s house to get Mia ready for her baptism next week. 

Tuesday - Today was pretty normal, we had district meeting, and arrived a little late, but I did get my scriptures cover finally!!!!! I was waiting a long time for those. Then we only had one lesson in the afternoon with Mariela the hot dog lady!

Wednesday - In the morning we went by Nico’s house preparing him for his baptism this weekend, then we tried to teach his friends a little bit as well abut the restoration and why he’s doing the things he’s doing. Then we went to Coasini’s house and Betina got her answer!!!! Its a miracle!!!!! So she’s ready for her baptism the 20th

Thursday - Today we talked to Mia again because we ate lunch at her grandparents house. Then we walked in the blazing heat all day and only had one lesson with a less active man.

Friday - We had interviews with president and this is my second last one here in the mission, it’s kinda sad that this is all ending, but exciting at the same time!! Then we got home in enough time to have 1 lesson with a cool 18 year old dude. Then we had Nico’s interviews and while he was being interviewed we talked with Camilo, his cousin who is getting baptized on the 27th

Saturday - Nico’s baptism!!! Well we were in the church all day filling up the font and waiting for Nico to get there, and it was a really good experience. Nico gave his testimony at the end and it was really powerful, I think that he will be a good active member. 

Sunday - The confirmation!!!! haha Nico said he felt amazing while he was up on the stand and they gave him the holy ghost. Honestly it’s such an amazing experience participating in holy ordinances, you always feel like there is definitely a supreme power.

WELL THIS WEEK WAS PRETTY short because we had some complications in cyber, but I am so grateful to have been placed in this area and to have seen so many miracles at the end of my mission!


Elder Grigor

Nico's baptism 

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