Wednesday, January 17, 2018

God is always with you :)

October 30th, 2017 

Tuesday - so... today was p-day and our ward said on Sunday that we were gonna play basketball with all of the priesthood holders, So I got super excited, first time in the mission I would actually play basketball for realzies, and I was getting my mind ready to play some basketball, I was planning on dunking over someone. So right before we saw some people trying to form a line and pass like 300 bricks from the streets into a house, so we went and helped them and then set up to help build the house on Saturday, but anyways we got there at 7:30 like they said, and no one came, so we waited until 8 and still no one. So I called someone and they said "oh yea no one told you? we canceled it, sorry" not only did I not play, but it kind of ruined our night with lessons and stuff. 

Wednesday - Fairly normal day, I actually can’t remember what happened, but we did visit a less active man who is wanting to come back to church, he has a little problem with work and can only come 1 time a month, but hey a start is a start. So we talked about family history so that he can do something within the week so that he can feel the spirit that he dosent get from coming to church. And then we talked to the husband of an investigator, and we thought that he was totally going to reject us, but he was super nice and we started talking about how he misses going to church, and wanted to start up that habit again! Hopefully we will be able to help him in that. 

Thursday - We made a lot out of nothing today! Allllll of our lessons fell through, so we just contacted all day, and we found 3 new people to teach, and 1 of them is sooo prepared, her name is Sharon. We saw her sitting with her baby and went and talked to her and she said that she said that if god gave her a job (since she’s looking) that she would go to church, and then said well since you guys came I think he wants it to be the other way around. Which was awesome!! I love being the response to a prayer. So we talked to her for a while and invited her to be baptized and she really wants to! The only thing is that she needs to get married, but she said that they are already dealing that out and are trying to buy rings to do it, and then she said that she would come to church!!! 

Friday - So we did an intercambio (exchanges) pardon my Spanish, and I went with Elder Mason, in his area. They have been kinda down lately so I went to go help him, and we had a really good day. Haha I saw a man walking in a Canada sweater and said "haha alright theres no WAY this guys passing me without me talking to him" then a little buggy drove in between and he passed me! haha But I shouted and ran him down and started talking about his shirt and that he had family in Canada, and really likes it. So we set up a lessons for the other elders on Sunday with him, he was awesome. Then we did a lot of other contacts. 

Saturday - Wooohooo!!! I stood in a bus for 2 hours today!!!! haha we went to a baptism out in la costa (the coast) it’s a city here where my companion was, so yea I went just to accompany him. It was an old investigator he taught, but yea! 2 hours... standing... in a hot bus full of people!!! But hey sacrifices bring forth the blessings of heaven right? Oh also another sacrifice that was disgusting!!!!! We went to that service project and we did demolition!!!! my old job! hahaha I love that stuff! Just adrenaline and hammers and tools! Wood flying everywhere! gotta love it. But yea that part I didn’t love was that it was a really old sheet metal house, (that’s the way they build cheap houses here) and it had soooo many cockroaches in it. So I got the short end of the stick being the tallest, I had to hit the metal near the studs to break the nails out, and as I hit... well you can imagine! Roach shower!!!!!!! Wooohoo. So yea we did that in the morning and after I took a 2 hour shower with bleach! probably the highlight of my week.

Sunday - Soo... sharon came to church!!!!!!! for 5 minutes, and felt super embarrassed because she came in normal clothes, so we let her go home. But in the afternoon we had a lesson with her and she told us that, and we understood, but she said well next week! I’m going to go in a dress! that way I’ll feel comfortable!! WOOHOOO, haha that was a really good lesson, even though we had some crazy things happen during the lesson. Like a man with 4 fingers (and not just like 1 missing like his hand only had 4 fingers, normally) he said he didn't have a name, then right after said you wanna know my name? So laughing I said yea! and he said I’m Jesus! and I was thinking "oh no! not again! another one!, but this time during a lesson!" so we tried to get him to leave, but wouldn’t, then we had some people in a car yell at us, and she said does this always happen?? this had never happened to me until now!!! haha but she didn't take it as a weird thing or anything she just shrugged it off! haha luckily!

Monday - well we had a zone activity and ate some chorizos!!!!!!!!

This week was really good, and really fulfilling!!! I enjoyed finding the people we did, and having some funny/disgusting experiences to tell. I love this work! I hope you all know that God loves you! and wants the best for you, even though the world seems like everything goes against you, know that God is always with you!

Elder Grigor 😉

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