Friday, October 27, 2017

I know this is the true church and the true work because HE LEADS AND IS IN THIS WORK!

October 26th, 2017 

Monday - so tonight I got sick and we didn’t leave because I was literally dying!

Tuesday - we stayed in for the morning and chilled so I could get a little better to leave in the afternoon, because we had some important lessons. So we had one with a less active that is reactivating himself, so we just read the Book of Mormon with him and helped him stay strong. Then we had a good lessons with some new investigators named Carlos and Maria, who are really nice. We found them in the street and I think that they could get baptized, they are like the first Uruguayans that I’ve met here in this area that are married! Then we had a lesson with Flor and talked about the Book of Mormon with her, and she said she would read it. Then she told us her uncle works in an alfajore factory and he gives them boxes for free, so she said if we want we can come by and get boxes!! So we’re gonna take advantage of that one!! 

Wednesday - I also died in the morning but we were able to leave, but I had an idea! So every time I drink mate it cleans me out! Goes right through me, so I thought well maybe if I drink this it’ll take whatever is making me sick out of me! So I drank it in the morning and at 4 right at the start of a lesson it hit me, my stomach was grumbling pretty loud, luckily she didn't hear it! So after I went to the bathroom and at about 6 in our next lesson it hit me again, right as I sat down! And I couldn't go until 9 when we finished with all the lessons that day! So yea the mate did its job!! 

Thursday - today I was doing a lot better, the only thing is I was really weak from the week, but we only had 1 lesson today. haha funny, while I’m sick we are blessed with lessons, but right when I’m getting better and can walk! wooo NOTHING!! anyways it was a good lesson with an old investigator! and we are starting to help her again, she smokes and doesn’t come to church, but we’re are going to change that!

Friday! - I had exchanges with the assistants, so I went with my boy Elder Mecham, he’s a baller too and while we were walking to a lesson we saw some kids playing basketball, and I said: “man I wanna play!” So Mecham turned and said: “you want to?? let’s go, I’ve never done this on my mission yet!”  So we went over and started playing against a bunch of youngsters, and we were kicking their butts! So a ton of people came over to watch us, and haha I went past a guy and there was one standing in front of the rim, and I threw a huge dunk down right over him! haha everyone went crazy freaking out and screaming in this dudes face, (the rims were a little low though btw) but I wish I had a video, it was like a massive tomahawk dunk. But then we talked with all the guys and set up to teach them another day. Then we had some really good spiritual lessons, and 1 super funny one with an investigator that is going to be baptized and his drunk friend. His friend would just speak in high pitched squeals instead of saying things sometimes, and me and Mecham were dying laughing. Probably one of the funnest/coolest exchanges.

Saturday - Now that I was recuperated I could work normally, but not too much happened today either. We talked to Maria and Michael about the law of chastity, which we though would be interesting since they aren't married and he’s 30 and she’s 50, but they understood it. They said that they would think about it, if they need to be married or not. Then we went to Alfredos house and did some magic and talked about prayer with them. 

Sunday - well sadly no once came to church! but not to worry! For next week someone will come!!! But today we visited a lot of less active people that we saw while walking in the street and remembered about them. They were all really good lessons that lifted them up from where they were, but they still need a little something extra (passes out from dart) ((please tell me you understood that)) 

Monday - So this was my 3rd to last interview with president and we didn't really talk about too much, because I didn’t have any problems or questions. Then we talked about my parents coming down to get me, but he didn’t tell me anything about me dropping to train or anything, so I do not know what is going to happen. Then afterwards I had another exchange with Elder Bailey! haha Every time we have an intercambio some thing memorable happens. So this time we went by Mario, a recent convert who went inactive and is coming back, and read 1 Nephi 18 with him, and we both read the scriptures with him in such a good way. Haha we left him halfway through and he said “oh! well I’m gonna sit right here and keep reading! I need to know what happens next!!!” haha then we had another lessons with Flor! One of the better lessons we had with her, and basically we just talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon and we can find so much peace in our lives by reading it! and how that book is the key to anyones life! If they read it and its true! (WHICH IT IS!!) that means that this is the only church that GOD has established. And haha in the middle of it a random dude in the street came up and started talking to us! and would not leave. So I tried to get him to leave, then Bailey came, so he told me to go back and finish the lesson and he would deal with him. But hahah he just kept talking and talking and talking! But we finally got him to leave and brought the spirit back in the lesson. Then we asked if we could have 1 alfajore when we left and haha she gave us an entire box!! Which costs like 8 bucks!

So yea, the start of the week right now, started off really good!! Way better than the started of last week!!! I had some problems but was able to see many tender mercies of the Lord in the work! I know this is the true church and the true work because HE LEADS AND IS IN THIS WORK! There’s not way to deny it or see around it, this is the Church of Jesus christ, our only way and path to live with him again!

Elder Grigor

**the pictures of my head are pretty funny

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