Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Ahola, nihao, konichiwa, hola, HELLOOOO

September 5th, 2017

Monday - I don’t think I’ve told you about today. We had a zone activity and made tacos!!!, Then we went to Flavia’s house and talked with her about the plan of salvation, which she was struggling with. Haha she didn't believe in a lot of the things we believe in, but she’s getting there slowly but surely.

Tuesday - well we went out to Aeroparque for district meeting, it was pretty good. But I hate going out there, because they are at the 2 points of the zone and we have to go 1 hour on the bus to get there, aaaannd it takes about 30 minutes to catch the bus. So we got home pretty late. But today we visited the Cox family, (we figured out it’s Cox, and not Coque) We watched the testimony of the Book of Mormon with them, and their friend was there, so we taught him really quick the restoration and the Book of Mormon, he’s pretty cool though. 

Wednesday - So we haven’t been able to find Gerardo for awhile, my comp haha always overthinking things thought that he didn’t want anything to do with the church anymore, (I knew it wasn’t like that). We found him today in the morning, and he’s completely normal, he’s just been working a lot. Oh! and in the night we talked to a girl named Cecilia. She’s the girlfriend of the grandson of a member, and she already knows a bit about the church. She wants to go to the temple and do baptisms for her grandma´s, since they’ve never been baptized before. We explained to her the Book of Mormon a little, why we have it, and what it can do for us in our lives. 

Thursday - hahahahahaha, ok this is bad that I’m laughing about this, but it was soooo funny. So our blind ward mission leader called us and asked us to help him because water was leaking into his house. So we went there and he showed us the leak and said it was probably the drain on the roof that got clogged. So I climbed up and looked at the problem, and here in Uruguay the roofs are all flat, then they slant and lead to a main drain. They have borders, so if the drain gets clogged and it rains the water backs up the roofs fills like a pool. So yea that was the problem here. So I unclogged it and heard a POP! and then I saw Crujeira (the blind guy) and my comp go inside. So I was chilling on the roof clueless while ALL the water was going into the house. (because all the drains in a house here connect, bathroom, kitchen everything) So I was watching the water go down and my comp runs out after about 20 seconds HEY! HEY! CLOG THAT THING IT’S FILLING UP THE HOUSE!!!! haha so they passed me a bag and I clogged it. So basically the huge amount of water went rushing through the house and the pipes couldn’t hold it and the bathroom floor drain burst out like old faithful. Crujeira was standing there confused wondering where all this water was coming from!!! Haha!!  Then we spent 2 hours cleaning the house, and everything was good as new!

Friday - Today I did 2 baptismal interviews, for the daughter and granddaughter of a member out there, Sister Andion. It was really cool to see them again, the daughter was a member but inactive and they lost her record, and her daughter wasn't a member. So I did the interview for 2 people I knew about a year ago when I was there. After that we got home pretty late, and talked to a lady that said she didn't want anything because she’s catholic. We kept talking and she said that she doesn’t go to her church because she wants to get to know other churches first to know that hers is true (haha just not ours apparently) Then we asked if we she knew ours and she said nope, and we said well know you’re going to, and she said ok! So we taught a little bit and we’re gonna go by some other day.

Saturday - hahaha I’m always right!! So we did a contact a couple days ago and set up a lesson for today in the morning, and we also wanted to do service with Gerardo. So I said, ok lets do both, and my comp said nah! she’s probably gonna be sleeping anyway. So we went to Gerardo and he had to leave. So we got changed and went to the girl, and taught her about the restoration and she is super cool. I think she could get baptized sometime soon, but then I kinda rubbed that in my comps face, just joking around with him. Then we went by the Cox family in the night and taught Alfredo about the word of wisdom. He understood everything pretty well, but he didn’t quite get the coffee and tea thing.

Sunday - well only Alfredo came to church today, the kids didn't sleep very well so they stayed in bed, but Alfredo came in a suit this time! 💰 And haha there was a nice testimony meeting, where a crazy dude about 24 years old (he’s super nice but a little different) just started talking about a trip he made to Peru. Haha they told us once he said, “I have a testimony about Book of Mormon, but I don't wanna talk about that right now” and everyone was laughing a little bit, even Alfredo knew what was going on and started laughing a bit. 

Monday - well today wasn't p-day, but we stopped by Gerardo and Flavia today, and had some good lessons with them, but it was a pretty interesting day. I was super tired, I needed p-day to come, but luckily today is p-day, oh also next week will be Tuesday again, because we have interviews with president, then we have 1 week on Monday, then the next on Tuesday again for changes. 

But yea, it was a good week, pretty funny, haha I think flooding a blind persons house was the best, oh and even better his wife is also blind, I really don’t know how they do stuff, but they’re awesome, but yea haha I don’t think they will let me forget that, that I flooded the house

Love you guys!!

Elder Grigor

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