Friday, September 15, 2017

Did you bring a canoe because there is a river!!!

August 28th, 2017 

Tuesday - so our zone went to the temple, but we had to go to consejo (the big meeting of big powerful men and women) but we are going on the 5th (that will also be my p-day, a Tuesday) but consejo was really good. A lot of newbies just came in, but yea it was basically like a second p-day. Then afterwards we came home, and worked at about 6 and taught a couple new people, but nothing too crazy happened, oh hahaha a homeless dude asked for my comps rain jacket because his was wet, and then freaked out when he didn't give it to him

Wednesday - well we had our 3rd p-day in a row, we had to go get my Uruguayan ID card, and my comp did the papers to get his. So I got mine, then had about 2 hours of waiting, so me and some missionaries went around Ciudad Vieja (old city) which is part of the other mission, but it’s the most touristy place in Montevideo. So we looked around and snagged some pics. Then we had to go buy lunch for the zone conference tomorrow (haha fourth p-day in a row) and we bought some Subway, and alfajores. Oh and we had a really good lesson with a girl named Flavia. We watched the testimony of the Book of Mormon with her, and she loved it, it made everything a little more real for her, (hopefully she’ll come to church next week to get baptized in 3 weeks.) 

Thursday - well the secretaries picked us up in the morning to go to the conference, I felt like a VIP, haha going in a van! But it was so good, we talked about our studies and how to use them to benefit us in our teaching efforts. But we got back home, talked to a couple people, and here in Uruguay there’s something called La Noche de Nostalgia (nostalgic night) where they dress up and play seventies music. We had a dance in the chapel and invited a ton of people. Luckily no one showed up because it was a train wreck, at least when we were there because more came later, but it was just horrible. They did play “what is love” though (MY SONG) haha it was so hard not to start doing my dance during that song!!  

Friday - well we had weekly planning today so we stayed in all morning doing paper work basically. We finally had another lesson with Federico, its’ been like 1 month since we went, and we watched The Will of God, and he enjoyed it, he said that he’s been putting this off to the side, and that he needs to give it more attention. Woohoo!!! oh and a lady gave us money for lunch, so we called another member to have lunch on Sunday (the money ladies day) and we got double!

Saturday - kind of a dead day today, but we did do the dishes in the Coque families house, doing a massive service because they had soo many plates, and stuff. Me and my comp washed together and it took an hour... but hey it worked, they came to church the next day!!!

Sunday - so we had a regional conference all of Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay. Elder Rasband talked, and a couple seventies. But yea like I said the Coques came!!! which was awesome. I think its actually easier for them to go to Malvin though, they live on the limits of our area.

So I’m sure your wondering why I put that title, lemme tell ya!!!
So our house... as much as I love it... its horrible!  Every time it rains (everyday this week) the drains fill up with water, and it starts to back flow and floods the kitchen and bathroom, then it all runs out to the door, then goes back into the drain and does that cycle. Hahaha I cleaned the floor like 6 times in 2 days because it kept bringing crap back up, but other than that, it was a really good week. 


out in Ciudad Vieja 

in the van with my crew!

La Noche de Nostalgia

the house....

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