Friday, September 15, 2017

Not everything can go well all the time right?

August 12, 2017 

Wednesday - well... nothing happened today, it was changes though so we were helping people get into their new areas, but it seems like a cool zone!

Thursday - haha wooo hooo!!! in the morning we found a non-reference as we called it. So my comp met the girlfriend of her grandson, and she was really nice and he wanted to teach her, but the member never told us where she lived because she didn't want the grandson getting mad because she’s pushing her religion on him. But in the morning we found her and taught her a little bit, and she is really really nice, probably one of the nicest people I've ever met. We scheduled to meet with all them and the member this Tuesday, so that'll be nice! We also visited a girl named Flavia, she is progressing pretty well, but she’s just waiting for a dance we’re gonna have in the church to see how the people are, and how the building is but I think she could be baptized this change

Friday - well we planned in the morning, then in the afternoon we talked with a guy who doesn’t know how to read, but said he has a lot of doubts about churches because of a lot of things it says in the bible and the churches go against a lot of that, and then started talking about random stories in the bible, and the whole time I was wondering how he knows all of this because he doesn’t even know how to type, he uses voice messages all of the time. But he asked us to pass by his house to pick him up for church, then in the night we took a recent convert to Richard’s house, and read a little bit, and Richard already knows basically every story in the Book of Mormon because he read it with the manual. So we basically don’t need to teach him anything, he already knows it.

Saturday - in the night we visited Alfredo and his family, they are super cool. The son was super interesting, haha! We were teaching the plan of salvation and he doesn’t want to believe in God, and haha when we were explaining everything and he stood up then stood behind his chair and grabbed the back of it, like he was stressing out over solving this crazy math equation in his head, haha at last he understood andIi think it made sense to him. He has those typical atheist questions, where did god come from, why is all this necessary. It was interesting to explain it to him. 

Sunday - We went to Gerardo's house today and taught the restoration to Ana, who’s getting baptized in 2 weeks, and we’re teaching her everything right now, and haha I think she’s smarter than her dad. She started talking about the millennium because they talked about that in Sunday school, and Gerardo I think had no idea what she was saying. Haha it’s pretty funny, they are both really cool, and also we taught Gerardo yesterday about the priesthood. He said woah! this is pretty serious, I thought I would go to church and live happy for the rest of my life, I never thought I would be a priest!! But it’s good, I like this change! haha oh also I don’t know why but Richard didn't come to church again, that makes 3 weeks now that they haven't come. 2 times for medical conditions, and this last time I don’t know why. Then president changed something about the mission and we were calling the missionaries in our zone stressing out over that for the night, I barely had time to cook.

Monday - pday!!! well, we went to the gym and slept.. that’s about it! oohhh, also on Saturday it rained a ton in the night, and we woke up to find out the bathroom and kitchen flooded, but not just with water, noooo sir, the drains decided to get clogged up and then come back, so we had a bunch of crap all over the floor. I’m not sure if it was just a bunch of nasty dirt all piled up, with random white chunks of fat I think (from cooking chorizos) or what it was, but it was DISGUSTING!

Well, yea, it was a decent week, we had a lot of success with the people were are working with, not too much in finding new people, but hey not everything can go well all the time right?

Love you guys

Elder Grigor

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