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August 15th, 2017 

Tuesday - Not  whole lot happened today... we had a lot of plans but basically everything fell through, but we did have a quick lesson with the Venezuelan we found a couple weeks ago. We talked a little more about the Book of Mormon, we also had correlation with your blind ward mission leader, which is always interesting. His wife is blind too, and has an iPhone 7, she always asks us to show her how to use it, she can see it when its about 6 inches from her face. 

Wednesday - Today was a lot better, we had a lesson with a girl named Flavia, who is really cool. We watched the restoration video with her, and I think she’s going to be baptized, she really liked the video, and haha before she used go to the Evangelist church?? not sure what is in english Iglesia Evangelica. She gets pretty pumped up when she starts to read, its funny to hear. It sounds good, kinda like a story reading putting tons of emphasis on everything. We met with a guy named Alfredo, we talked to him last week, but we just chatted a little and set up a lesson with him for Sunday, but he’s a cool dude, with 2 kids. So we are planing on watching the restoration movie with them.

Thursday - well today had me worried, so Gerardo (the guy that is getting baptized on Saturday) wasn't there yesterday because his mom was a little sick. So we stopped by today and he wasn't there either. 4 years ago he was going to be baptized but he just went missing like 3 days before and they could never find him. So we had a little bit of fear that that would happen, so we called him like crazy and he didn’t answer. So we freaked out a little, but we found him finally and he just didn't have any data left to receive calls. (phew) 

Friday - well I went out to Aeroparque again with Elder Ashman because Gerardo needed his interview done. So we rode the bikes out to an area, passing the highway, haha man were my legs dead! I worked out legs at the gym the day before, BAD IDEA!! I could barely keep up on some parts. But we had a good day, visiting some people, found a cool less active that wants to go back to church, and he’s from Durazno. We talked about that a bit. But Gerardo passed his interview, so he’s getting baptized tomorrow!!!!

Saturday - so we went to the church in Aeroparque to fill the font for a ward baptism, and it was full from the last one. So we started draining it but it was taking forever, so we grabbed buckets and started grabbing it and dumping it in the toilet, it took soo long, and my back was a little sore afterwards. Plus I’m pretty sure we got more water on the floor than in the toilets, it kept hitting the sides and soaking my pants!! and the floor. Haha, but we finally got it filling, then we went to our ward to fill up the font for the baptism. It was really good. Gerardo gave his testimony at the end, and it was good, saying how it was a big change and he’s finally ready! Then his little girl (she’s 10) wants to get baptized too, so he’s gonna baptize her on the 2nd of September.  It'll be really good for them!

Sunday - Gerardo was confirmed today, but sadly Richard didn’t come today, we don't know what happened there, but Gerardo always came before just for sacrament, and this time they came for the 3 hours, and his daughter Ana said: “Dad! can we come every time at 9:30??? and him laughing: “haha yep, that’s the plan! Haha she’s really funny. Then in the night we taught Alfredo and his kids, they are really cool. His son doesn’t really believe in God, but that’s easy to change. Then his daughter is really open, they are 18 and 15, then the only thing with him is that he smokes. I think he downed like 5 in 20 minutes, basically just sucked it dry. But we invited them to a devotional tomorrow with Lindsey Stirling, and they said yea! So we’re going to go to that tomorrow with them.

Monday - well pretty normal day, we had a dope asado with Gerardo, it was supposed to be for lunch, but he had it right before the devotional, so we smelt like smoke and meat! perfect combination right? But yea we went with them, and it was really good. We got there late because he arrived home late from school. She just talked about why God is important in her life, and played a couple songs (incredible by the way) But they really enjoyed it, mostly when she played, but I think that they could progress a lot in the church. They have a baptismal date for October, so we’ll see how that goes. Also it was changes, and me and my comp are staying here together!!!

Well it was a good week, met Lindsey Stirling and had a baptism, couldn't ask for more!!!

Elder Grigor 

The baptism 

A family we teach 

El Asado (I don't know what I was doing in this picture!) 

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