Thursday, August 17, 2017

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

July 24th, 2017 

* It was pretty awesome to hear from Elder Grigor on my birthday. His birthday was also on his p-day this year, it was the best thing to be able to email him on his actual birthday !!! 

Mom, you’re turning 50 now!!! that’s crazy why it feels like just 20 years ago that you were 30. But haha hope you have a good day today!
hope you have a good day!!!!!!

Tuesday - in the morning we had a activity with the ward, since it’s Feriado (don’t know what that is in english) a holiday I guess, but anyways we played soccer all morning, my team lost most of the time. I was the only one who actually did stuff, but the activity was mostly meant for the young men, that they bring their friends then we try to teach them. Only one kid brought his friend, but he’s super cool, were gonna try to talk to him later. Then they made us hamburgers, (I ate like 5) haha then we went to the most dangerous area in our mission called Belloni, to do an exchange with the assistants. It was pretty good, I went with Elder Hunt, he was in Durazno before and we talked a lot about that. But yea that area is super crazy, everyone just chills outside smoking weed and staring at us, but that didn’t fase me! Then I met the coolest recent convert named Michael, he was baptized about 5 months ago and loves the gospel! He goes out with the missionaries all the time. 

Wednesday - well the assistants had to go with the president so they took us home early, so we had time to go to the gym, there’s one right beside the house, and it’s like 20 dollars a month, so we went all this week, and man I am dead!! But today was really good we had a couple lessons, I cant really remember what happened though today.

Thursday - so we started playing a little game with another area, seeing how many new investigators we got everyday, so it turned into a competition and it’s working really well. We found soo many new people this week. Today we found 2 people, a mother and her 11 year old daughter, who talked to some really cold missionaries before and we came and got to know her, made her laugh, you know just being normal and she was really cool. We’re gonna keep going by there to teach them, then we had a family home evening with a family (we had one last week and the son wasn't there, and wanted to do another one, but this time he wasn't there either) but it was really good, they made us pizza, which here in Uruguay is bread and sauce, no cheese, or meat, for that you have to ask extra, haha!!  Also we talked to a homeless guy and taught him a lessons in the street. He’s a really good man but he had some difficulties with his job then his parents kicked him out of the house they bought for him, and are renting. But he’s awesome, I think he could get baptized and we can help him out and get his life back around.

Friday - today was good, we had a sweet lesson with Federico, we watched the restoration video with him, and he’s still not sure, he’s waiting for his answer to come whether its true or not, and he’s still struggling with his belief in God. He said it has to be true, if this matter has been going on for this long and it has a story since the start of the world it has to be true, and if it isn't I don’t know why I am here. But all he needs to know is that confirmation that the Book of Mormon is true. Then we had a good lesson with a reference named Richard, from the bishop, so we went over and met him, so his girlfriend (because he is still married to another girl, (but is getting divorced the 8th)) is a member and she has been preparing him for about a year, haha he told us that he already has a testimony about the Book of Mormon, he believes it’s true, he prays every morning and night, they watched general conference and he said the idea is to take the lessons from you guys, get baptized, then go to the temple and get sealed for eternity. haha me and my comp looked at each other like, HALLELUJAH!! HALLELUJAH!! So we invited them to church this Sunday.  

Saturday - So today was awesome as well, we did a service with Gerardo and he said ok so for baptism I gotta drop coffee, alcohol is easy to drop, the women, haha he had already heard the missionaries before!!!  We have a baptismal date for the 12th hopefully he’ll get there. Then we talked to a Venezuelan a while ago and went by the house today, and her cousin opened the door and said she’s not here, but if you want I’ll listen to you guys. Haha talked with her for a bit, then she asked so what religion are you guys from, we said well they call us mormons, she said mormons?? what’s that, actually wait a minute I’m gonna go write that down because I’ve never heard of that before. Haha so I guess in Venezuela they don't hear about us a lot, haha!  But we taught her the restoration and then at the end Marta (the cousin) came and we talked a bit with her and they told us there are 5 of them, 2 girls and 3 guys, that live in that house, so were gonna go back and teach the rest of them. But they were super nice, and really liked the message we brought

Sunday - so Richard came to church!! That was awesome, and also Federico’s girlfriend came as well, she’s also a member. Then Gerardo came as well with his daughter, which was sweet. Then in the night we taught the lady that lost her dogs and we found them, she was really cool too and we put a baptismal date for the 19th with her. She was pretty excited, haha she thought the church was exclusive, like a kinda of club. When we told her she could go whenever she was really excited. (also I did legs yesterday in the gym and I was DEAD today

But yea this week was really rewarding. We had a lot of new investigators and a lot of the people we found will be getting baptized! Haha some of them came from hard work ,and others just fell from out of the blue! Its pretty nice in this area, I’m really liking it

Elder Grigor

Elder Grigor loves food!!! - eating a massive alfajor 

Elder Grigor and Michael 

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