Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I'm going to be a Zone Leader in Montevideo!!!

July 3, 2017 

Tuesday - we had a lesson with Viviana again in the church and it was really good, haha but halfway through a crazy guy named Freddy (who always comes into the church asking for blessings. I don’t know how he always knows that the church is open but he someone comes in every time) bursted in the room in the middle of the lesson and starts asking for a blessing, and before we could tell him afterwards he was sitting in a chair right next to Viviana. So we said a little prayer then he left, haha

Wednesday - fairly normal day, we went to a members house to talk to her daughter about going on a mission. Someone told us that she was thinking about leaving and we ran over there and talked to her about how great it was and she’ll  grow soo much if she goes. We think that she’s pretty serious about going, she’d be a great missionary too. Also we visited Camila. our convert who is doing really good, she inactivated for a while then started coming back a little while ago, and she wants to come to Charla’s with us, haha completely different.

Thursday - Again pretty normal day, had another charla with Viviana in the church and luckily this time no one came running into the lesson. Then the rest of the day was contacting, not a lot of people are home lately. Mostly because there are 2 weeks of vacations coming up and everyone’s leaving. 

Friday - well we did a whole lotta nothing, haha I had to do 2 interviews in Sarandi del Yi, which was about 2 hours from Durazno. So we went out to lunch, grabbed some gaucho on the way over and I ate in about 1 minute before going into the bus. I was impressed that I ate a bauru, which is the size of 2 burgers and I ate it in 1 mintue. But I also read the teachings of Joseph Smith book there and back on the bus. But the interviews were awesome!! with 2 little girls who remembered soo much, and they loved to share all their knowledge with me! Then we took the bus back and went to hospital to do 2 more interviews for someone I interviewed before and a new one. They were both amazing as well. 

Saturday - CANADA DAY!!!! wooo well basically I spent this day in a Capilla Abierta, a open house up in a different area. So we all traveled up there and me and Elder Estouco (a brazilian) went out in the street contacting people telling them to come to the church. And we got home at 8 in the night and, so I didn’t really do anything crazy for the 1st of July!! (and I also forgot about it until someone said: when is canada’s national day?? and I said oh yea it’s today... (una verguenza)

Sunday - we set up a lesson with a girl that some members have been taking to church named Antonela. So we planned for 5, and we went to the members house and she wasn’t there... so we visited them until about 5:50 and right as I was reaching to grab my scriptures she knocked on the door. So we had our charla and it was really good, she’s getting baptized on the 29th of this month. Super cool girl. Then we visited with Gustavo and he had his brother in law over and we started talking about the free masons and deep doctrine, haha I don’t know how we started on that topic but it was fun. Then I got a call from president that I’m gonna be a zone leader, he didn’t tell me where but just to tell me that.

Monday - woooooo!!!!!!!! my last district meeting that I’m gonna give!!! and it was really good, talked about teaching people and not lessons, used Alma 22 and did a really good comparison with him and the preach my gospel lessons. Then we just said goodbye to a bunch of families throughout the day because we knew I was leaving. And in the night we figured out that I’m going back to Este!! with Elder Guerra!!! the brazilian I was with in the MTC, haha he’s awesome. And I’ll be in Elder Merinos zone (my old companion) and he’s in Aeroparque, so I’ll be able to go visit people over there!!! which is awesome, I’ll have to do some intercambios there. 

well yea this week was super cool, we met some awesome people, taught a sweet family and now come and play football with us at the church, and set up a couple baptisms for the next change! Then I said goodbye to all the people here in Durazno, I hear that where I’m going is a little harder, middle of downtown Montevideo and the people are pretty hard, but I’ll go soften em up!!!

Love you guys 

Elder Grigor

                      **Saying goodbye to everyone in Durazno 

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