Monday, August 28, 2017

Rubix Cube Gold

August 7th, 2017 

Tuesday - so in the night we visited a member and taught his mother who is catholic, so I used my Rubix cube to explain the restoration.  I use each layer, first is the prophet, second apostles, and third the authority (which only God can give) and it works pretty well. She really liked the way we did it, then afterwards we explained how the Book of Mormon is the way to find out the church has that authority.

Wednesday - So we went out to another area about 1 hour from us, we did an intercambio out there to help out the Elders. They’re getting a little depressed, so we went out to show them that the area is really good, so I used my Rubix cube in some contacts we did. Haha, the people were about to reject us, so I asked if I could do a demonstration with my Rubix cube, then we explained the whole restoration to them and gave them a Book of Mormon. It works really well to distract them for a bit, just to get the message across, and usually they always want to learn more after we share the message. But yea we found 2 new people who are investigating the church now, so we helped them out a bit.

Thursday - so in the morning I had to go take out my Uruguayan identification, because for the past year and a half I've been illegal in this country. haha I'm glad Trump isn’t the president here. But yea I’ll have a Uruguayan id card now. Then we just chilled with a bunch of missionaries until everyone finished, hahaha it was super funny watching the people try to figure out all the information they needed because my passport is in english and french, and they didn't think I spoke Spanish. Then they couldn't say Saskatoon, Saskatchewan  which I understand because I can barely say it. Then the rest of the day I was super tired so I wasn't in the mood to do much, but we taught Gerardo about tithing and he seems cool with it, so he’ll be getting baptized on the 12th.

Friday - had intercambios with Aeroparque, they both came out here and I went with Elder Ashman. He’s super funny. We talked about Canada a lot, and we also have 4 new people to teach with my Rubix cube! haha that things a magician!!  But its my comps birthday tomorrow so we threw him a birthday party in the night. I bought him a Rubix cube 2 weeks ago because I bought one, and he really wanted one and always took mine and started playing with it. So now we both have our own, we also bought him a cake and pizza. He was pretty happy.

Saturday - official day of my companions birth, I took him to McDonald’s for lunch since we didn't have lunch, then we had a decent day, a lot of plans canceled on us, which was pretty lame because it was my comps bday, but we still had a couple lessons. Then an old lady we are teaching made us pizza and cake, and gave us like 3 to take home!! 

Sunday - well Gerardo and his daughter came to church, and haha the whole time in testimony meeting, she kept saying: “come on dad, let’s go up!! come on!!!” and him:  “no no no, not yet!!”  haha for the entire hour, haha and they aren't baptized yet. But afterwards she said that she wants to be baptized too, so we’ll have another one in a couple of weeks. But Richard didn't come because his wife was having some medical problems which is understandable. Today we only had 1 lesson, and it was with the old lady. We dropped her because she never came to church, she just wanted us to pass by and give us food, (which quite frankly I was fine with) but haha it’s better for her, we’ll go back and then she’ll start coming (I hope)

Monday - not much happened, I have no money now cuz I spent it all on my comps bday, I have like 15 dollars for the next week, so I’m down to like a dollar a day! woooo

But yea that’s my life. I learned how to present the lessons in a better way! It works fairly well, so I’m gonna use that for the next 6 months, (oh yea I can solve it in 50 seconds now)

Peace out

Love Elder Grigor

"Would you like some pasta with that sauce?" 

Driving to a service project 

Milking 16 alfajores all at the same time 

Chilling on the roof working on the Rubix Cube 

Chilling with Elder Ashman 

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