Thursday, August 17, 2017

Les amo a todos!!!

August 1, 2017 

Monday - pretty normal p-day, we mostly just slept and watched movies in the house because there wasn't anything to do, but in the night we taught Richard, it was a good lesson and he had some really good questions that he was asking (we taught the plan of salvation)

Tuesday - we had intercambios today, I went out to Aeroparque with my old companion Elder Merino!!! haha it was really good, we ate in the house of the Andion family (all of them remembered me!! and congratulated me on my Spanish) but that lunch was sooo good. It was basically a four course meal, chorizos and pizza to start, then went to a nice Asado (barbecue) then we had a nice little cake to finish off. Then we rode the bike to another part of the area, which was crazy because we rode on the side of the highway to get there, then we rode around and visited people with a member that we knew. Haha then coming back it started to rain which we didn't think about (you can imagine how going back to the house on the highway was). haha then we just talked about Durazno and all the old times together.

Wednesday - I’m not sure what happened today actually, I think we had a lot of lessons fall through and we walked around a ton, and joked around, haha I’m loving my companion, I’m hoping we’ll stay together another change. But we did visit some less active people today, trying to help them out with their situations, one guy, which is really sad, he’s in a wheel chair and in the last 3 weeks people have robbed him 7 times. But he doesn’t even have a nice house, they come and rob whatever they find, cups, plates, his extra wheelchair, so yea he never leaves his house.

Thursday - well we pulled another intercambio with another area today. I left again, luckily it was pretty close, but yea they needed some help out there, so they sent me in! But it was really good, we were just looking for old investigators all day, trying to find some more people for them to teach, we found a couple good people, then in the night Walker gave me a dope Canada Star Wars shirt! (so I need to get him something in return!) Then we made some red lobster scones and ate kangaroo jerky that he was saving for our intercambio! He’s really cool and loves star wars!

Friday - great day, we had 2 really good lessons with Federico and Richard, our 2 investigators with basically the same situation, who will both be baptized in a little bit of time. We had another lesson with Gerardo, he’s getting baptized on the 12th, which is coming up quick, and we just have to teach him a couple more things then he’s good, but yea we were just teaching today, basically with all the investigators that are going to be baptized.

Saturday - well we thought it was going to be a great day today, but it wasn't so great, all the lessons fell through, so we visited recent converts, trying to find something to do instead of walk around all day.

Sunday - not a bad day, we talked to a man who said to his family in another ward that he wants to talk to with us, so we went over and we’re gonna teach him, but church was good, Richard and Gerardo came, sadly no one else, but we’ll change that next week. Then it was pretty rainy today (kinda like the whole week) so we didn't get too much done

Monday - we went to a district meeting, then had interviews with the president, then we went back and waited to meet the mission president to go to a lesson with him. So we started talking to a dude and ended up teaching him, and asked his name. Javier Federer, the cousin of Roddick Federer the tennis player, haha who would've known! Then we had a really good lesson with president there, we went to Federico and Augustina and taught about temples and chastity, and Federico gave Augustina a nice backhand. He said that that was the thing that has hit him the hardest. He just didn't understand it, (basically just said he didn’t want to marry her) so she started bawling (which helped because he realized what he just said)) then after asking them some questions I asked if he thought marriage would be good for them in their lives, and he finally said yes. So hopefully within a couple weeks he pops the question!!! Then we visited a couple more people!

So yea it was a good and bad week, we had a lot of progress with our strong investigators, and and a little harder time with the not so strong ones, but that’ll all get fixed later!

Love you all
Les amo a todos!!!

Elder Grigor

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