Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The retractable roof!!!

July 17, 2017 

Tuesday - well, it started raining today, it’s been pretty rainy here lately. But we had a couple lessons today, 1 was with 2 less active that just at the same time started reactivating. We saw them both together and thought we would get a 2 for 1, so we went and talked to them both, and they are awesome. Both of them want to come back to church and said it hurt not being there. Then we went to a lady named Adrianna, she’s like 50 maybe but looks a lot older because she smokes. So we’re helping her to quit smoking to make it to her baptismal date. But haha she’s super funny every time we go over she orders some snack from the super market and makes us eat it, which is awesome but I dont know how she has so much money just to throw away, but I’m not complaining, free food is free food!

Wednesday - in the morning we went to an investigators house to do service, basically we just help him cut metal and measure it, he’s an iron worker, which is fairly popular here because the people always buy metal fences for their houses and stuff. But he’s cool, suuper immature though, he had a friend come over and I almost repremanded them for some of the stuff they were saying. Sometimes I would just look at them, then they would stop talking. haha then after that we tried teaching the husband of a old member, but that is an impossible task. The wife wants all the attention and doesn’t think that her husband will be interested in what we want to teach him, and then she says just let him believe what he wants to believe, then keeps talking. I try sometimes to talk over her but she just talks louder.. haha the reason her husband doesn’t progress is her basically. After that we went and yelled at an old dude (he’s 3/4 deaf) but we invited him to church, he’s gone 3 times before, once at 6 at night, 1 in the afternoon an 12:30 in the afternoon, (AND CHURCH HERE ENDS AT 12:30) haha so we’re hoping he’ll come at 9:30 this time!

Thursday - so in the morning we had to go buy food for the multi zone conference tomorrow, we went to Subway and bought 2 subs for everyone, hahah the guy we bought from wasn’t to happy, hahaha we went up and said: ok we need a big order for tomorrow, and he asked how much! and we said 108!! haha his smile dropped and he picked up his phone and said yea we need help, the mormons made an order for 108. haha then we bought some drinks and alfajores, then basically everything fell through today, right now were trying to go by some less active families and see if they have family members that aren't baptized. But we had a lesson with an old investigator who can’t come to church because he works Sunday, and his work partner is mormon and already asked for Sunday off, but we’re gonna get him converted first then get him to change jobs! 

Friday - well we had a really god zone conference, and an amazing lunch if I do say so myself, I need to thank whoever made that. But I learned a lot in this zone conference, then after that we had a sweeeeet lesson with Federico, he’s dating a less active member and he’s probably our best investigator, in his prayer he basically thanked for being on the path he is right now, basically confirming what we have taught, which is awesome because he didn't really believe in God when they first taught him. 

Saturday - we did another service project with Gerardo and he said he’s gonna come to church tomorrow!!! which is awesome, I’m glad that we had some success out of our service projects, but other than that nothing! Except a lady we helped take some groceries home told us that she dosent think Joseph Smith existed, and that the mormons just made him up, hahah we kinda started laughing and thinking how could he not have existed, where did the mormons come from then, where did Utah come from? haha funny she actually knew quite a bit about us, but yea thats a first for that one.

Sunday - Fathers day!!! ( In Uruguay ) Happy Fathers Day Dad!!!!! Today we thought it was gonna be a sweet day, we had some sweet futures set up for the day, then it just went horrible. Well Gerardo came to church which was awesome, and we picked up a less active we visited, he’s 19 and has 1 leg, he’s a stud though but he wants to come back to church. But then the rest of the day no one was home or wanted to accept us because it was Fathers Day, then the heavens open up and it started raining hard. I thought I was gonna drown because the streets here fill up like a bath tub. It’s awful, you get home and you feel like you just walked through a pool. 

Monday - well we went to Portone’s then played pool with Elder Merino and Ashman
but yea not a bad week, its definitely different here, the work and the people but I’ll get used to it!

Love you all! 

Elder Grigor

The retractable roof!!! 

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