Tuesday, June 20, 2017

It's great to be here!!!

June 12, 2017 

Tuesday - today was good, we went by a reference that a member from the other elders ward gave us. They are pretty cool, haha it’s a single mother with 3 kids, one 18, one 11 and one 3 and the 18 year old is kinda funny, haha we started teaching about the plan of salvation, and he yelled from his room, how do you know there’s life after death!!??? So we started explaining, and said we can know through god answering our questions, then he said: And how do you know that God responded to your questions!!!??? So we explained that, and told them to pray about it. 

Wednesday - So I did an intercambio with Elder Colson up in Paso De Los Toros, and we had a really good day, taught about five lessons, and I finally got a picture with the bull!!! There’s a massive bull up there, but haha we talked with a Brazilian lady, and I’m glad Colson couldn't understand her that well because she was saying some interesting words! haha but we ended up teaching her, haha she thought all mormons were gays, and a bunch of really weird things like that. And we ordered a really good pizza in the night, it was actually like a normal pizza from home, but with less cheese. 

Thursday - We had a multi-zone conference today, it was really good. President talked about the Book of Mormon and how we need to use it to grow the faith here in Uruguay. Since it talks/testifies of Christ (the words of christ) and faith like it says in Romans, comes from hearing the words of Christ. It is the book that clears up a lot of thoughts about his doctrine, (since he inspired prophets to write it) then we talked about how to help investigators with their doubts about the church, because everyone has doubts. There isn’t 1 person who is a member or who has investigated that hasn’t had doubts. It’s because we don’t have a perfect faith in things, but that doesn’t mean that the church isn’t true. The only way to find out that this is really the restored Church of Jesus Christ, the 1 path the leads to God, (like is says in Ephesians) is by testing it. Reading the Book of Mormon. It was really cool, I learned a lot about how to focus on the investigators, and help THEM.

Friday - not a bad day, so basically all of our lessons fell through, but a while ago a lady came to the church wondering about family history, and we just found her in her house today. We taught her a little about why we do family history, and how it is connected with our church, rather than just a hobby. Then we taught the Lemo’s in the night, it’s always pretty hectic whenever we go over there, and I need to be the adult and settle everyone down when the mother gets going. 

Saturday - so we had a Stake Priesthood meeting, and Gustavo came with us, well actually he got there before us, as usual (he gets to church before us too) but that was mostly because we had a lesson with Ana. We taught her a while ago, and stopped for a bit, and she basically ran us down in the street on her moto to remind us that we had a lesson with her the next day (cuz we set it up like 3 days before). But it was good, we talked about the plan of salvation, which I guess we never explained before. Oh also in the morning, we had a lesson with Gustavo, we talked about the prophecies in the Book of Mormon, and how they were fulfilled.

Sunday - We went to church. It was good, we talked about service in the class and Gustavo was really participating, haha he’s a stronger member than half the ward. Then also we had a lesson with Viviana. We talked about the restoration, because her mother wants her to start taking the catholic classes. So we explained all out when Jesus died, his authority to do everything (baptisms, blessings) left with him, so no one had it except God. Then in 1820 he brought it back through a prophet, just like he did with all the other prophets. Also I was reading a book that talks about how Joseph (who was 14 when he saw God and Jesus christ) is the same as a lot of prophets, like Sam, Saul, Daniel, Moses, who were all called at young ages, (Moses a little older at like 20 something but still young). It was cool, I never thought about that before, but Viviana didn’t really get it. We explained it over and over, and by the end I think she understood but just didn’t want to leave the catholic church. But if it’s a path that doesn’t lead to God, we shouldn't take it. Because if we do we won’t be permitted into heaven. Oh also, a lady went to the other ward, (and she lives in our area) she said she is  looking for guidance in her life, so that’s sweet!!

Monday - P-day!!!!!! not too many exciting things happened today, we played monopoly in the morning, then ate at El Gaucho!!!!!

So yea, everything’s going pretty smoothly here in Durazno. I’m glad to be here, and were seeing a lot of great things happen, a lot of people coming to Christ. It’s great to be a part of.

Love you all!!!

Elder Grigor

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

God is your loving Heavenly Father, he loves you so much!!!

June 5th, 2017 

Monday - a whole lotta nothing!! Just walking in the streets trying to find people home, there haven’t been a lot of people home lately, it’s like everything is coming together perfectly so they are never there when we try to go by. Or they are avoiding us, one of the 2, but I’m gonna go with the first one. 

Tuesday - had district meeting, which was really good we talked about the Packer conference and how we can better our teachings to improve the percentage of investigators that will eventually get baptized. So this will help us be those tools in the Lords hands to fulfil his work.  But we have started working a lot more with the members, now that we’ve been bringing people to church. We are building the trust and can start working hard with them. Then we had a lesson with Viviana, she just recently got out of the hospital for depression, it was bad and she is on meds so it bundles it up, and sometimes it all comes out at once. So we went to the church for a lesson and I said: “God is your loving Heavenly Father, he loves you soo much¨.  She started bawling, so we sat with her and talked about baptism and she said: “I need that in my life!!!” So we are gonna keep teaching her, but wait until she stops the meds to do baptism with her because it could be the meds talking. I don’t think so but just to be sure!

Wednesday - good day, my comps b-day!!! haha that’s number 4 now, 4 comps that I’ve been with on their b-day. But it was good, we ate at Esteban’s house and his family sent some videos to Esteban, haha they were funny. Then at lunch I ate 2 big milanesas and 2 plates of rice, and Esteban (knowing I eat a lot said: :are you full now???” and I said “No, but I’m good” and he said “oh no no no, you aren’t gonna leave here until you're full”. So I ate 3 more plates and then I got full. But it was good!!! Then we taught his wife a little about charity (she’s not a member, but hopefully she will be one day). Then we had a good lesson with Gustavo, he’s progressing really well. He listened for about 4 years to the missionaries, and I looked at the records and some really good missionaries taught him. But he started putting in the work and also I put a baptismal date for the 17th which is his wife’s birthday (I didn’t know) and they got married on April 19th, his birthday and the agency gave them that date, so he took that as a small answer, along with many other things. But he’s awesome

Thursday -. Well working with some eternal investigators Enrique and Ana. They were having some trouble but we had a great lessons and they are improving a ton!! So they just need to keep it up and keep their commitments. They have an amazing story. They had a bunch of problems in life, fighting as a couple and he didn’t have a job. Then they listened to the missionaries and read the Book of Mormon and they started fixing everything and he got a job. Now they stopped and they got a little worse, but they started reading again and their relationship is improving a lot! Then we visited some members and got a couple references to pass by, so we’ll be reaping those blessings! Haha, but we have an awesome young man in our ward named Joaquin who wants to share the gospel but doesn’t know how to start. It’s simple… just start talking and listen to the spirit. This work is really the most important thing anyone can do- save other people and open the doors to heaven, so anyone that reads this invite people!!!! Just do it, worse thing that will happen is they say no! And also anyone who isn’t a member give the missionaries a shot, listen once, you’ll make the day of the missionaries, saving them from walking in the heat/cold all day!! (trust me I know how it feels) 

Friday - Well basically we did nothing. We had a bunch of meetings, I did a baptismal interview, we did have a good lesson with Viviana and she read the whole pamphlet of the restoration and started doing the practices in the back like it was homework or something, (which no one does). Then we played futbol in the night, it was good. I broke my shoes, but I did do a back scratcher dunk! I’m pretty sure the nets are low here. (but don’t tell anyone!!!)

Saturday - normal day, some charlas, good one with gustavo and his wife made us cake and hot chocolate!!! It was amazing, then we played futbol in the night and I almost had the goal of my life. I ripped one off a pass and it hit the post then went in, but the other team (because it was sooo good) said it didn’t count. But oh well next time!!!

Sunday - well Gustavo and Viviana came to church!! Viviana looked pretty sad though, but Gustavo loved it. We had a charla that day and we said that we need to start doing something where we go visit less actives and members and share messages. So we told him that we do have that! Home teaching!! He was pretty happy about that. He wants to start helping out the ward and bring back less actives and he isn’t even baptized. Also he confirmed the baptism and told us that he already had clothes and everything, so he’s all ready! haha he’s awesome!!!!!! too bad I won't be here to see him get sealed!

Monday - we went to Montevideo to sign my comps papers to be in Uruguay.

Well this week felt a lot better then it showed. We are having a lot of success with Gustavo and Viviana, and Kathryne’s baptism got postponed again. So I’m hoping I will be able to see that one before I leave!!! I have a feeling there is gonna be a big change for the better here in Durazno soon!!

Love you all

Elder Grigor

"My companions birthday" 


Playing Spanish Monopoly 

"My companion put a picture of Tyler on a game piece! hahaha"

Elder Grigor in Uruguay 

I try to look at things with more optimism a lot more now.

May 29, 2017

Wednesday - so we went to lunch and invited the zone leaders (we ate steak!!!)) and we had to go to the terminal to pick up the other elders! (since it was change day and all the new missionaries are coming). We thought the bus schedules were different so we went with them to the terminal because we thought 1 of them would be alone , but they were what we thought originally and we had no need to go there. So I also ended up paying for the taxi, so I basically paid to take them there, and walk home.... then we had a lesson with Gustavo! It was awesome, he said he received a kind of answer, it was something personal though, but he’s moving along just great, haha it’s really cool, he’s listened to the missionaries for 4 years, and now when he puts in the effort and starts to change!

Thursday - it started raining today, a lot, and I thought I wouldn’t need my boots in the morning, then the heavens opened for 5 minutes and I regretted that! Then we had a lesson with a reference from a member, she got hospitalized a while ago, but we finally found her. She’s really cool and she’s coming to church on Sunday. Then we had a lesson with Luisa the evangelist. She came to the door, with the Book of Mormon in her hand saying that she couldn't listen to us because her pastors said to not listen or read the book. So we talked for a bit, and asked what she would lose reading. We ended up reading a bit with her and she said she’s gonna try it. Her pastors told her that Joseph Smith is our version of god, and random things like that. But we fixed it.

Friday - we had a couple lessons, some fell through though. But that doesn’t get me down. We had a fun lesson with Camila and her cousin, explaining to them the plan of salvation using the curtain leading to the other room as the veil, it was super funny and they understood it really well. Then we had correlation, with our new ward mission leader. We’re trying to start getting things going here in Durazno Centro, the ward is lacking and it needs something to help it get going! So we visited with them, then they gave us a surprise by telling us that we would be singing on Sunday with everyone involved in missionary work... so us 2, the ward mission leader, his bro in law and father in law. So this will be fun!

Saturday - again not a lot of people home, it’s pretty hard to teach someone about the gospel when they’re never in their house. But we did talk to the mother of 1 of our investigators and taught her a little. She told us to go by tomorrow to teach her and her son! Then not much else happened except for we played soccer in the night, and I played good, got 3 goals, 2 with my head, 1 with the foot, and missed like 3 wide open shots with my feet as well!!! 

Sunday - we picked up Viviana in the morning, and Gustavo went to church on his own!!!! We got there and he was in with the priesthood, but it was raining today, but barely, but that’s enough for Uruguayans to say that they aren’t going to church! So not a lot of people came. But we had a member come with her 2 kids that are not baptized so we saw numbers rolling in our eyes balls with that (not actually). Haha we are gonna pass by and try to teach them. Then we tried to have some lesson but as usual they fell through. And worse because it was raining, but we did teach Flia Lemos about reading and praying together at night, then we visited some members  in the night

Monday - we had a zone activity in the morning, my shoes are basically done now. After 15 months my soccer shoes are gone. But I think I got sunburned in the morning, I feel a little burned, my bodies giving off heat!!!  

But yea it was a good week. I learned a lot about trying to turn around bad situations into better ones, which I still need a lot of work on. I try to look at things with optimism a lot more now, but some things still get me, but no one is perfect. I’m almost finished Jesus the Christ now! I’m super close, it’s great book, I wish I would have read it earlier!


Elder Grigor

"Being goofballs on the roof!!!"

"My companion made this with my face- it is some saint that they 
worship in Florida - a department here in Uruguay."  

"All the people in my house - the new one is Elder Estouco, he's dope and form Brazil" 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

What would you do if you feel something when you read the Book of Mormon?

May 23rd, 2017 

Tuesday - so I’m not actually sure what I did today.... oh we got a reference from the zone leaders about a less active lady whose family aren't members, but she wants to start coming back and she wants her kid to be baptized. So we went there and talked to them a bit, got to know them, and she gave us some really good bizcochos that she made!

Wednesday - well diddly squat happened today, haha it’s been fairly difficult finding people in their houses, but we had a good lesson with someone named Gustavo! We found him Monday night, and he had been taught by a lot of missionaries but, never got baptized. So we went by and started teaching him and put a baptismal date for the 17th of June, (which is his wife’s birthday, and they got married on his birthday (by coincidence) so he’s taking that as a type of sign. But we helped him with the doubts he has. He is really smart, and analyzes everything you say, and the verses you use, so you have to teach really well. 

Thursday - we had a conference with Elder Packer, it was really good. They talked about using family history as a way to find and teach, something I hadn't really thought of before. But he also talked about faith, and how it’s sooo important in missionary work to have that faith, not that the person will progress, but that God will give you those prepared people, and that God can help them progress. We also talked about our teachings, and if we are teaching to the best we can, we can baptize 7 out of 20 people, which is really high, so I’ve been working on that.

Friday - had an intercambio with Elder Colson again. We walked quite a bit, but we taught Gustavo again, and it was a really good lesson. We figured out the reason, or 1 of them, is that he hasn’t felt different when he reads the Book of Mormon, he feels normal, he says he feels different with us, but with the Book of Mormon not yet. So we are working with him to find that answer he’s looking for. So pray for him if you can, he needs it!!! 

Saturday - we found a super cool evangelist, not much happened in the day and my comp said: “ok lets go to this member’s home,” (who lives in an apartment building) So we were walking up and I thought: “I’ve never knocked on these doors”, so I knocked on one and my comp was looking at me like “what are you doing, we’ve been knocking all day let’s go to this member’s home” So a lady comes to the door and says ¨who is it?” (which is bad news because then we say missionaries and they leave). So I said: “The Missionaries!!!” and she started fiddling with the keys to open the door. So me and my comp looked at each other like “ok, she is either deaf or something magical is happening!!!”  So we started talking with her and she invited us in, and taught her the restoration, and she understood!!!! We asked her:” So what would you do if you feel something when you read the Book of Mormon, or find out that its true?” 
Then she said: “Well I would change churches simple as that!” Haha that never happens!!  We explain that to some people and they barely understand what a prophet is. But she understood and was looking for this message- that the Church of Jesus Christ is again on the earth, and you can know if you just read the Book of Mormon. It’s a simple invitation with huge results!!! So we put a date for the 24th for her.

Sunday - So Gustavo came to church, and we talked about marriage and fasting in the classes, and he came out and said wow! those were good classes!! So we were thinking that that helped him a lot!!! Then we visited Hermana Lemos because she just got back from Montevideo, so we couldn't have the baptism. It’ll be the 3rd of June, so I’ll still be here because I’m not leaving!!!!!!!

Monday - yea we figured out I’m not leaving, so thats awesome! I didn’t want to leave all these awesome people we’ve found!! But today we taught Gustavo again, and visited a couple families.

This week was really good with a couple people, but difficult to find a lot of people in their homes! But that won’t ever stop me!! Well maybe it will actually. it’s like 1 of the few things that will stop me from visiting them that day. But anyways it was a really good week

Elder Grigor

Taking pictures with families because I thought I was leaving 

Mother's Day Skype with the fam jam!!

May 15th, 2017 

Monday - we had a noche de hogar (family home evening with  3 families). Haha it was really good. We played a game called signs where everyone has a sign and you have to pass it by doing your sign then someone else's, and someone goes in the middle and tries to figure out who has the sign. It takes some time for the gestures to figure it out, but then it gets super fun when the older people start fooling you!

Tuesday - So today was awesome!!!! We had this investigator that we taught like 2 months ago, and I thought he was going to keep saying no to us, (because he said he was always working) but we went by and we taught him (and his mother-in-law who is a member just happened to be there). So we taught him the restoration because he was Catholic, but stopped because he studied about the history of the catholics and knew it wasn't the church of god, so he’s been looking for something. So we taught him and are planning on putting a baptismal date with him tomorrow. It’s great to see when people are looking for God, and THEY begin to study and find out for themselves that no other church can be true, and through prayer find their answer to the questions they’ve always had about life. 

Wednesday - So today was really good because we found a lot of new people and set up lessons with them for other days, we didn't teach too much (which is the goal, and it helps to rest the legs a bit) but that isn't everything in this work! You gotta find to teach, But we taught Alejandro how to baptize in the right way, which will be a great experience to him to learn how important baptism is in our lives, but not on earth, but in heaven. And he’ll be able to feel the connection during that moment, it’ll be awesome!!  

Thursday - Today was really good, so we taught Esteban’s wife. She believes in energy, and really a lot of things that to her sounds different than our beliefs, but are really similar, but she just doesn’t accept that. We started talking about a lot of fairly difficult topics about church views, on marriages and things like that. We explained that everything was made with an intention and men have taken those things and changed how God created them (like drugs for example) but for marriage we explained that it helps unite the family, and that our kids deserve that. She really liked that. Then we left her with a plan of salvation pamphlet, to read and learn about our view on heaven. Then in the night we taught a really cool family, who hadn't realized it, but are looking for a true church of god. Also we knocked a house and both said I doubt anyone’s here, then a 20 year old came out, so we talked and he said he went to church as a little kid, but never got baptized. But recently he thinking it was something he needed to do. So we talked with him and put a date for the 17th, the only thing is he’s only home on weekends cuz he studies in Montevideo, but he’s super cool.

Friday - I did a baptismal interview for the sisters again! Haha they are on fire over there. Then the day dumped on us, (water that is) because a massive storm came through, (which in Uruguay is rain and hail for 20 minutes then it sprinkles all day.) So when it’s like that the Uruguayans don’t really like the rain, and use it as an excuse not to talk to us, like “oh sorry we can’t talk its raining!” OK! sorry we didn't know it was raining, thanks for the update!! haha some people even just look at us and point upwards then close the curtains or the door. But oh well we did have 1 lessons in the night but I cant remember who it was.

Saturday - So in the morning the Lemos` called and canceled the baptism because... it was raining!!! and also because their babies got a little sick, so were gonna try to do it the next week. So we had another lessons with the atheist girl and haha there’s this crazy drunk dude that always follows us, and says random stuff about politics. Haha one time he said he could speak french and he started gibberish obviously but then in Spanish at the end he said: “Va a la escuela” (go to school) but he stood behind us the whole time on the other side of the street. Then we played futbol in the night and found Eduardo (an investigator who we are going to try and baptize and his brother) then we found out that Eduardo lives.. (guess where) in the other area!!!! Wooooo that’s the fourth time I’ve found someone awesome and they don’t live in my area:  but oh well at least he’ll get taught.

Sunday - well I talked with the family! Everything’s good at home, they all miss me like crazy, I could tell. (not really**) But I got super trunky afterwards, but it passed. But yea we didn’t do much else, oh but Alejandro blessed the sacrament for the first time, and was pretty nervous, haha it was so awesome to see him doing that, I felt like a proud parent! 

*** Funny guy...we miss him like crazy, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!!! 

So yea great week, we found a lot of cool people, saw a huge change in Alejandro our convert, haha seeing him bless that sacrament was awesome!! It’ll be even better seeing him baptize him sister, But yea everything is good at home, I started talking about how much time I have left and it’s weird to think I only have 8 months left, now I have to start thinking about university and things like that! But better to leave that until it comes. Anyways have a great week everyone!!!


Elder Grigor

Mother's Day Skype with Elder Grigor 

His companions talked to us as well 

Always posing! 

Elder Grigor banged his head on a door. He is going have more scars now!! 

"the melted (or fallen) states of America" 

Chinese hat, gangster style!!