Saturday, June 10, 2017

What would you do if you feel something when you read the Book of Mormon?

May 23rd, 2017 

Tuesday - so I’m not actually sure what I did today.... oh we got a reference from the zone leaders about a less active lady whose family aren't members, but she wants to start coming back and she wants her kid to be baptized. So we went there and talked to them a bit, got to know them, and she gave us some really good bizcochos that she made!

Wednesday - well diddly squat happened today, haha it’s been fairly difficult finding people in their houses, but we had a good lesson with someone named Gustavo! We found him Monday night, and he had been taught by a lot of missionaries but, never got baptized. So we went by and started teaching him and put a baptismal date for the 17th of June, (which is his wife’s birthday, and they got married on his birthday (by coincidence) so he’s taking that as a type of sign. But we helped him with the doubts he has. He is really smart, and analyzes everything you say, and the verses you use, so you have to teach really well. 

Thursday - we had a conference with Elder Packer, it was really good. They talked about using family history as a way to find and teach, something I hadn't really thought of before. But he also talked about faith, and how it’s sooo important in missionary work to have that faith, not that the person will progress, but that God will give you those prepared people, and that God can help them progress. We also talked about our teachings, and if we are teaching to the best we can, we can baptize 7 out of 20 people, which is really high, so I’ve been working on that.

Friday - had an intercambio with Elder Colson again. We walked quite a bit, but we taught Gustavo again, and it was a really good lesson. We figured out the reason, or 1 of them, is that he hasn’t felt different when he reads the Book of Mormon, he feels normal, he says he feels different with us, but with the Book of Mormon not yet. So we are working with him to find that answer he’s looking for. So pray for him if you can, he needs it!!! 

Saturday - we found a super cool evangelist, not much happened in the day and my comp said: “ok lets go to this member’s home,” (who lives in an apartment building) So we were walking up and I thought: “I’ve never knocked on these doors”, so I knocked on one and my comp was looking at me like “what are you doing, we’ve been knocking all day let’s go to this member’s home” So a lady comes to the door and says ¨who is it?” (which is bad news because then we say missionaries and they leave). So I said: “The Missionaries!!!” and she started fiddling with the keys to open the door. So me and my comp looked at each other like “ok, she is either deaf or something magical is happening!!!”  So we started talking with her and she invited us in, and taught her the restoration, and she understood!!!! We asked her:” So what would you do if you feel something when you read the Book of Mormon, or find out that its true?” 
Then she said: “Well I would change churches simple as that!” Haha that never happens!!  We explain that to some people and they barely understand what a prophet is. But she understood and was looking for this message- that the Church of Jesus Christ is again on the earth, and you can know if you just read the Book of Mormon. It’s a simple invitation with huge results!!! So we put a date for the 24th for her.

Sunday - So Gustavo came to church, and we talked about marriage and fasting in the classes, and he came out and said wow! those were good classes!! So we were thinking that that helped him a lot!!! Then we visited Hermana Lemos because she just got back from Montevideo, so we couldn't have the baptism. It’ll be the 3rd of June, so I’ll still be here because I’m not leaving!!!!!!!

Monday - yea we figured out I’m not leaving, so thats awesome! I didn’t want to leave all these awesome people we’ve found!! But today we taught Gustavo again, and visited a couple families.

This week was really good with a couple people, but difficult to find a lot of people in their homes! But that won’t ever stop me!! Well maybe it will actually. it’s like 1 of the few things that will stop me from visiting them that day. But anyways it was a really good week

Elder Grigor

Taking pictures with families because I thought I was leaving 

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