Tuesday, June 13, 2017

God is your loving Heavenly Father, he loves you so much!!!

June 5th, 2017 

Monday - a whole lotta nothing!! Just walking in the streets trying to find people home, there haven’t been a lot of people home lately, it’s like everything is coming together perfectly so they are never there when we try to go by. Or they are avoiding us, one of the 2, but I’m gonna go with the first one. 

Tuesday - had district meeting, which was really good we talked about the Packer conference and how we can better our teachings to improve the percentage of investigators that will eventually get baptized. So this will help us be those tools in the Lords hands to fulfil his work.  But we have started working a lot more with the members, now that we’ve been bringing people to church. We are building the trust and can start working hard with them. Then we had a lesson with Viviana, she just recently got out of the hospital for depression, it was bad and she is on meds so it bundles it up, and sometimes it all comes out at once. So we went to the church for a lesson and I said: “God is your loving Heavenly Father, he loves you soo much¨.  She started bawling, so we sat with her and talked about baptism and she said: “I need that in my life!!!” So we are gonna keep teaching her, but wait until she stops the meds to do baptism with her because it could be the meds talking. I don’t think so but just to be sure!

Wednesday - good day, my comps b-day!!! haha that’s number 4 now, 4 comps that I’ve been with on their b-day. But it was good, we ate at Esteban’s house and his family sent some videos to Esteban, haha they were funny. Then at lunch I ate 2 big milanesas and 2 plates of rice, and Esteban (knowing I eat a lot said: :are you full now???” and I said “No, but I’m good” and he said “oh no no no, you aren’t gonna leave here until you're full”. So I ate 3 more plates and then I got full. But it was good!!! Then we taught his wife a little about charity (she’s not a member, but hopefully she will be one day). Then we had a good lesson with Gustavo, he’s progressing really well. He listened for about 4 years to the missionaries, and I looked at the records and some really good missionaries taught him. But he started putting in the work and also I put a baptismal date for the 17th which is his wife’s birthday (I didn’t know) and they got married on April 19th, his birthday and the agency gave them that date, so he took that as a small answer, along with many other things. But he’s awesome

Thursday -. Well working with some eternal investigators Enrique and Ana. They were having some trouble but we had a great lessons and they are improving a ton!! So they just need to keep it up and keep their commitments. They have an amazing story. They had a bunch of problems in life, fighting as a couple and he didn’t have a job. Then they listened to the missionaries and read the Book of Mormon and they started fixing everything and he got a job. Now they stopped and they got a little worse, but they started reading again and their relationship is improving a lot! Then we visited some members and got a couple references to pass by, so we’ll be reaping those blessings! Haha, but we have an awesome young man in our ward named Joaquin who wants to share the gospel but doesn’t know how to start. It’s simple… just start talking and listen to the spirit. This work is really the most important thing anyone can do- save other people and open the doors to heaven, so anyone that reads this invite people!!!! Just do it, worse thing that will happen is they say no! And also anyone who isn’t a member give the missionaries a shot, listen once, you’ll make the day of the missionaries, saving them from walking in the heat/cold all day!! (trust me I know how it feels) 

Friday - Well basically we did nothing. We had a bunch of meetings, I did a baptismal interview, we did have a good lesson with Viviana and she read the whole pamphlet of the restoration and started doing the practices in the back like it was homework or something, (which no one does). Then we played futbol in the night, it was good. I broke my shoes, but I did do a back scratcher dunk! I’m pretty sure the nets are low here. (but don’t tell anyone!!!)

Saturday - normal day, some charlas, good one with gustavo and his wife made us cake and hot chocolate!!! It was amazing, then we played futbol in the night and I almost had the goal of my life. I ripped one off a pass and it hit the post then went in, but the other team (because it was sooo good) said it didn’t count. But oh well next time!!!

Sunday - well Gustavo and Viviana came to church!! Viviana looked pretty sad though, but Gustavo loved it. We had a charla that day and we said that we need to start doing something where we go visit less actives and members and share messages. So we told him that we do have that! Home teaching!! He was pretty happy about that. He wants to start helping out the ward and bring back less actives and he isn’t even baptized. Also he confirmed the baptism and told us that he already had clothes and everything, so he’s all ready! haha he’s awesome!!!!!! too bad I won't be here to see him get sealed!

Monday - we went to Montevideo to sign my comps papers to be in Uruguay.

Well this week felt a lot better then it showed. We are having a lot of success with Gustavo and Viviana, and Kathryne’s baptism got postponed again. So I’m hoping I will be able to see that one before I leave!!! I have a feeling there is gonna be a big change for the better here in Durazno soon!!

Love you all

Elder Grigor

"My companions birthday" 


Playing Spanish Monopoly 

"My companion put a picture of Tyler on a game piece! hahaha"

Elder Grigor in Uruguay 

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