Tuesday, June 20, 2017

It's great to be here!!!

June 12, 2017 

Tuesday - today was good, we went by a reference that a member from the other elders ward gave us. They are pretty cool, haha it’s a single mother with 3 kids, one 18, one 11 and one 3 and the 18 year old is kinda funny, haha we started teaching about the plan of salvation, and he yelled from his room, how do you know there’s life after death!!??? So we started explaining, and said we can know through god answering our questions, then he said: And how do you know that God responded to your questions!!!??? So we explained that, and told them to pray about it. 

Wednesday - So I did an intercambio with Elder Colson up in Paso De Los Toros, and we had a really good day, taught about five lessons, and I finally got a picture with the bull!!! There’s a massive bull up there, but haha we talked with a Brazilian lady, and I’m glad Colson couldn't understand her that well because she was saying some interesting words! haha but we ended up teaching her, haha she thought all mormons were gays, and a bunch of really weird things like that. And we ordered a really good pizza in the night, it was actually like a normal pizza from home, but with less cheese. 

Thursday - We had a multi-zone conference today, it was really good. President talked about the Book of Mormon and how we need to use it to grow the faith here in Uruguay. Since it talks/testifies of Christ (the words of christ) and faith like it says in Romans, comes from hearing the words of Christ. It is the book that clears up a lot of thoughts about his doctrine, (since he inspired prophets to write it) then we talked about how to help investigators with their doubts about the church, because everyone has doubts. There isn’t 1 person who is a member or who has investigated that hasn’t had doubts. It’s because we don’t have a perfect faith in things, but that doesn’t mean that the church isn’t true. The only way to find out that this is really the restored Church of Jesus Christ, the 1 path the leads to God, (like is says in Ephesians) is by testing it. Reading the Book of Mormon. It was really cool, I learned a lot about how to focus on the investigators, and help THEM.

Friday - not a bad day, so basically all of our lessons fell through, but a while ago a lady came to the church wondering about family history, and we just found her in her house today. We taught her a little about why we do family history, and how it is connected with our church, rather than just a hobby. Then we taught the Lemo’s in the night, it’s always pretty hectic whenever we go over there, and I need to be the adult and settle everyone down when the mother gets going. 

Saturday - so we had a Stake Priesthood meeting, and Gustavo came with us, well actually he got there before us, as usual (he gets to church before us too) but that was mostly because we had a lesson with Ana. We taught her a while ago, and stopped for a bit, and she basically ran us down in the street on her moto to remind us that we had a lesson with her the next day (cuz we set it up like 3 days before). But it was good, we talked about the plan of salvation, which I guess we never explained before. Oh also in the morning, we had a lesson with Gustavo, we talked about the prophecies in the Book of Mormon, and how they were fulfilled.

Sunday - We went to church. It was good, we talked about service in the class and Gustavo was really participating, haha he’s a stronger member than half the ward. Then also we had a lesson with Viviana. We talked about the restoration, because her mother wants her to start taking the catholic classes. So we explained all out when Jesus died, his authority to do everything (baptisms, blessings) left with him, so no one had it except God. Then in 1820 he brought it back through a prophet, just like he did with all the other prophets. Also I was reading a book that talks about how Joseph (who was 14 when he saw God and Jesus christ) is the same as a lot of prophets, like Sam, Saul, Daniel, Moses, who were all called at young ages, (Moses a little older at like 20 something but still young). It was cool, I never thought about that before, but Viviana didn’t really get it. We explained it over and over, and by the end I think she understood but just didn’t want to leave the catholic church. But if it’s a path that doesn’t lead to God, we shouldn't take it. Because if we do we won’t be permitted into heaven. Oh also, a lady went to the other ward, (and she lives in our area) she said she is  looking for guidance in her life, so that’s sweet!!

Monday - P-day!!!!!! not too many exciting things happened today, we played monopoly in the morning, then ate at El Gaucho!!!!!

So yea, everything’s going pretty smoothly here in Durazno. I’m glad to be here, and were seeing a lot of great things happen, a lot of people coming to Christ. It’s great to be a part of.

Love you all!!!

Elder Grigor

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