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Mother's Day Skype with the fam jam!!

May 15th, 2017 

Monday - we had a noche de hogar (family home evening with  3 families). Haha it was really good. We played a game called signs where everyone has a sign and you have to pass it by doing your sign then someone else's, and someone goes in the middle and tries to figure out who has the sign. It takes some time for the gestures to figure it out, but then it gets super fun when the older people start fooling you!

Tuesday - So today was awesome!!!! We had this investigator that we taught like 2 months ago, and I thought he was going to keep saying no to us, (because he said he was always working) but we went by and we taught him (and his mother-in-law who is a member just happened to be there). So we taught him the restoration because he was Catholic, but stopped because he studied about the history of the catholics and knew it wasn't the church of god, so he’s been looking for something. So we taught him and are planning on putting a baptismal date with him tomorrow. It’s great to see when people are looking for God, and THEY begin to study and find out for themselves that no other church can be true, and through prayer find their answer to the questions they’ve always had about life. 

Wednesday - So today was really good because we found a lot of new people and set up lessons with them for other days, we didn't teach too much (which is the goal, and it helps to rest the legs a bit) but that isn't everything in this work! You gotta find to teach, But we taught Alejandro how to baptize in the right way, which will be a great experience to him to learn how important baptism is in our lives, but not on earth, but in heaven. And he’ll be able to feel the connection during that moment, it’ll be awesome!!  

Thursday - Today was really good, so we taught Esteban’s wife. She believes in energy, and really a lot of things that to her sounds different than our beliefs, but are really similar, but she just doesn’t accept that. We started talking about a lot of fairly difficult topics about church views, on marriages and things like that. We explained that everything was made with an intention and men have taken those things and changed how God created them (like drugs for example) but for marriage we explained that it helps unite the family, and that our kids deserve that. She really liked that. Then we left her with a plan of salvation pamphlet, to read and learn about our view on heaven. Then in the night we taught a really cool family, who hadn't realized it, but are looking for a true church of god. Also we knocked a house and both said I doubt anyone’s here, then a 20 year old came out, so we talked and he said he went to church as a little kid, but never got baptized. But recently he thinking it was something he needed to do. So we talked with him and put a date for the 17th, the only thing is he’s only home on weekends cuz he studies in Montevideo, but he’s super cool.

Friday - I did a baptismal interview for the sisters again! Haha they are on fire over there. Then the day dumped on us, (water that is) because a massive storm came through, (which in Uruguay is rain and hail for 20 minutes then it sprinkles all day.) So when it’s like that the Uruguayans don’t really like the rain, and use it as an excuse not to talk to us, like “oh sorry we can’t talk its raining!” OK! sorry we didn't know it was raining, thanks for the update!! haha some people even just look at us and point upwards then close the curtains or the door. But oh well we did have 1 lessons in the night but I cant remember who it was.

Saturday - So in the morning the Lemos` called and canceled the baptism because... it was raining!!! and also because their babies got a little sick, so were gonna try to do it the next week. So we had another lessons with the atheist girl and haha there’s this crazy drunk dude that always follows us, and says random stuff about politics. Haha one time he said he could speak french and he started gibberish obviously but then in Spanish at the end he said: “Va a la escuela” (go to school) but he stood behind us the whole time on the other side of the street. Then we played futbol in the night and found Eduardo (an investigator who we are going to try and baptize and his brother) then we found out that Eduardo lives.. (guess where) in the other area!!!! Wooooo that’s the fourth time I’ve found someone awesome and they don’t live in my area:  but oh well at least he’ll get taught.

Sunday - well I talked with the family! Everything’s good at home, they all miss me like crazy, I could tell. (not really**) But I got super trunky afterwards, but it passed. But yea we didn’t do much else, oh but Alejandro blessed the sacrament for the first time, and was pretty nervous, haha it was so awesome to see him doing that, I felt like a proud parent! 

*** Funny guy...we miss him like crazy, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!!! 

So yea great week, we found a lot of cool people, saw a huge change in Alejandro our convert, haha seeing him bless that sacrament was awesome!! It’ll be even better seeing him baptize him sister, But yea everything is good at home, I started talking about how much time I have left and it’s weird to think I only have 8 months left, now I have to start thinking about university and things like that! But better to leave that until it comes. Anyways have a great week everyone!!!


Elder Grigor

Mother's Day Skype with Elder Grigor 

His companions talked to us as well 

Always posing! 

Elder Grigor banged his head on a door. He is going have more scars now!! 

"the melted (or fallen) states of America" 

Chinese hat, gangster style!!  

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