Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I was so sick this week :(

June 26th, 2017

Monday - well we talked to a guy today.... that actually plays basketball!!! We taught him a little lesson and talked about basketball for a while, that was good to finally talk with someone about that. He also said that I could come play on Saturdays if I wanted, I might do that and see if I can talk to some of his friends too. 

Tuesday - well we had an interesting lesson with Viviana, she’s a little too attached to me, she thinks of me like a brother. We told her I would probably be leaving and asked when we should do her baptism. She said she wouldn’t get baptized if I leave, haha we laughed a little about that because she just told us how she believes the church is true. After we went to Sandra, the lady with the busy child. He’s 3 and is nuts! He runs around all the time, yells, spits, and the mom threatens to put him in a time out or something but it doesn’t do anything. So when he spit in my face I lost my patience and took him to the back of the house and put him in a time out. I sat him in front of a big metal door, holding him asking if he would behave; he said yes, then hit me again so I put him back, about 5 minutes went by and the mom came and then stopped him from crying and then he didn’t do anything the rest of the night. It was awesome! 

Wednesday - I had an intercambio with Elder Paulson. We started in my area and found a cool old dude named Juan Carlos. He was super cool and started crying because his daughter died 4 months ago. We taught him and we’re gonna go back on Saturday, then we just contacted houses all day. We found some cool people, and a 17 year old in-active who stopped believing in God but said he’s gonna give it another shot. We were talking for about 40 minutes outside of his house. First about God and then about video games, and the funny thing is, his girlfriend was inside waiting for him haha, but he wanted to talk with us more! WOO!! Priorities!

Thursday - well I threw up like 10 times last night, once for each hour until about 6:30, then I slept a little and missed going to a baptismal interview, but I sent the zone leaders. So we stayed in until 4 and went to the church for a charla then came back home. Then I had to do 4 baptismal interviews for hospital (the area) so we called a taxi and the guy asks where to? We said the church in front of the hospital. Then he replied oh going to do a baptismal interview?? haha I was super confused on how he knew, so we asked how he knew and he said: “ because, you’re doing it to me and my family!!” haha so we got to know him and he also drove us home free of charge!!

Friday - well I did an exchange (intercambio) with Elder Bravo, and we had to go to the hospital for him, so we waited there for 3 hours, and went up to his area at like 6 just in time to do a baptismal interview, but..... he lost the keys to the chapel. So we searched then borrowed some from a member, didn't do the interview until 7. Then I did it, we played futbol for a bit and then went to give the keys back. 

Saturday - well, I woke up not being able to speak, I had always been a little sick throughout the week, and I had a sore throat, so I couldn't really speak. Then heading to a charla I (being kinda of tall, and Uruguayans being midgets) smashed my head on a metal garage door that swings straight out instead of being a normal garage door. So because of that we arrived late to both of our charlas in the morning and missed them. Then in the afternoon not too many people were home except Ana, who we had a really good charla with, and learned that she had been reading and praying about the Book of Mormon, so she has a testimony of it already. She just is really shy and doesn’t want to go to church in jeans. But whatever, also that was an interesting lessons because I talked like 5 times, only to say brief things but I hate not having a voice.

Sunday - well still don’t have my voice, but in the morning we went to church with a merry band of midgets. We picked up Alejandro and Camila, then went for Daniela- a little girl we always take to church and she invited 2 of her friends, so we had 5 youngin’s walking with us to church, and haha we filled up the primary room pretty well! Then I stayed home to try to finally get some rest this week. It was a pretty straining week, and I wanted to try to get my voice back so I didn’t talk the whole day.

So yea, as far as the work it was amazing, my district had 6 baptisms this week, and I was able to 5 interviews, and we also had a decent week with our area as well. The only bad parts were physical things that happened with me, that restricted the work a little. That’s really the only reason I was upset, I just wanted to work but this week was just brutal, anyways that all for me.
Love you guys!!

Elder Grigor

"Being a goof after district meeting" 

"On the roof of the church at Sunset" 

"All 3 of my Canadian things in one picture!!!" 

It's hard work being a missionary !! 

My head...I would have smiled but my glasses fell and go scratched a little 

Our merry band of midgets going to church !! 

All it needs is some hard work and positive attitude.

June12th, 2017 

Monday - so we finally had a sweet charla with a family who owns a really nice bakery, and they give us some dope schochos. It was awesome, we watched the restoration and they all said they were gonna read the Book of Mormon that night. They are super cool, she was baptized awhile ago, but her son and husband aren’t members so that’s cool. 

Tuesday - district meeting!!!!! it was good, we talked about personal revelation and how we need it, but more importantly- how to teach it to the investigators. Then we had a decent day for the rest of the day, haha we visited Sandra and her kid is busy! He’s sooo hyper and doesn’t care about anything, he’s 3 I think and always calls me mateo. Then he runs around hits people and spits, I think he spit in my mouth one time, hahahaha.... I almost threw up.... (not really)

Wednesday -  So I was sick today, I had a little fever and I was super stuffed up and tired, but that ain’t stopping me!!! We went to Enrique and Ana, and he was also sick, but we talked about the atonement and how he can change. But they aren’t progressing at all, they’re slowly leaving all the things they need to do. It’s kinda sad but we can’t do much about them keeping commitment, just teach better I guess. Then we had a couple lessons in the night, oh haha also we talked with a lady who came to church last week, and she hasn’t been able to find work for 4 months, and now she found a job... buuutt now she has no time to talk. Haha funny how that worked. Maybe we should be a little less literal when we promise blessings so they get a job but can still talk to us. 

Thursday - We went to Gustavos house for lunch today!!! It was really good, we had milanesas and mashed potatoes, sadly I didn’t eat a lot because I was a little sick, but I was feeling lot better than before! Then we visited Camila in the night and we talked about temples and she got super excited and said she wanted to come back to church, which is awesome because it’s been awhile since she came, it’s hard because we don’t have a lot of youth so she gets bored. Also we visited the Lemos and they’re struggling a lot, having a lot of testimony problems, so were gonna be there helping.

Friday - did a whole lotta nothing! planned in the morning, and then we went to the interview for Gustavo! and he passed with flying colors! It was awesome, he looked really happy afterwards, he was super prepared for this. Then we had a charla with Viviana in the church, and Benito an old dude in our ward was walking by and we grabbed him for the lesson, so we talked a lot. She thinks that our church and the catholic are true so we explained that and how there can only be one. It was dificult for her, and she felt really confused but I think God will fix all that. Then we had correlation with out mission leader, then I did some interviews for the sisters , they’re baptizing soo much over there, and that was my day

Saturday - the baptism!!! so we were going to have a lesson with a girl that some members brought to church, but she didn't go over there, so next week. Then we had lunch with Gladys! SHE ALWAYS MAKES STEAKS AND THEY’RE GOOD. So we went with the other elders then went to fill up the font for the baptism. Then we had the baptism with the other elders and Elder holland came up to see the baptism because he worked a lot with Gustavo. It was sweet, his brother in law baptized him! There’s such a good feeling at a baptism, like God opens that door to enter his path. Then they invited us over for a little party, because it’s Gustavo’s wife’s birthday. So we ate cake, pizza then played football afterwards and a guy we contacted came too!

Sunday - pretty interesting day, again, finding people home is very hard here, I don’t know why. We will teach them once then we can’t ever find them, but Gustavo got confirmed today which was awesome! After the confirmation he looked like ¨not bad, not bad¨ nodding his head.

So yea, it was a good week with a couple of the people we’ve been working with, but I know we can do a lot more here. All it needs it some hard work and positive attitude!


Elder Grigor

Sister Cameron from our Stake back home sent little packages out to a lot of missionaries. 

Gustavo's baptism !!!