Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I try to look at things with more optimism a lot more now.

May 29, 2017

Wednesday - so we went to lunch and invited the zone leaders (we ate steak!!!)) and we had to go to the terminal to pick up the other elders! (since it was change day and all the new missionaries are coming). We thought the bus schedules were different so we went with them to the terminal because we thought 1 of them would be alone , but they were what we thought originally and we had no need to go there. So I also ended up paying for the taxi, so I basically paid to take them there, and walk home.... then we had a lesson with Gustavo! It was awesome, he said he received a kind of answer, it was something personal though, but he’s moving along just great, haha it’s really cool, he’s listened to the missionaries for 4 years, and now when he puts in the effort and starts to change!

Thursday - it started raining today, a lot, and I thought I wouldn’t need my boots in the morning, then the heavens opened for 5 minutes and I regretted that! Then we had a lesson with a reference from a member, she got hospitalized a while ago, but we finally found her. She’s really cool and she’s coming to church on Sunday. Then we had a lesson with Luisa the evangelist. She came to the door, with the Book of Mormon in her hand saying that she couldn't listen to us because her pastors said to not listen or read the book. So we talked for a bit, and asked what she would lose reading. We ended up reading a bit with her and she said she’s gonna try it. Her pastors told her that Joseph Smith is our version of god, and random things like that. But we fixed it.

Friday - we had a couple lessons, some fell through though. But that doesn’t get me down. We had a fun lesson with Camila and her cousin, explaining to them the plan of salvation using the curtain leading to the other room as the veil, it was super funny and they understood it really well. Then we had correlation, with our new ward mission leader. We’re trying to start getting things going here in Durazno Centro, the ward is lacking and it needs something to help it get going! So we visited with them, then they gave us a surprise by telling us that we would be singing on Sunday with everyone involved in missionary work... so us 2, the ward mission leader, his bro in law and father in law. So this will be fun!

Saturday - again not a lot of people home, it’s pretty hard to teach someone about the gospel when they’re never in their house. But we did talk to the mother of 1 of our investigators and taught her a little. She told us to go by tomorrow to teach her and her son! Then not much else happened except for we played soccer in the night, and I played good, got 3 goals, 2 with my head, 1 with the foot, and missed like 3 wide open shots with my feet as well!!! 

Sunday - we picked up Viviana in the morning, and Gustavo went to church on his own!!!! We got there and he was in with the priesthood, but it was raining today, but barely, but that’s enough for Uruguayans to say that they aren’t going to church! So not a lot of people came. But we had a member come with her 2 kids that are not baptized so we saw numbers rolling in our eyes balls with that (not actually). Haha we are gonna pass by and try to teach them. Then we tried to have some lesson but as usual they fell through. And worse because it was raining, but we did teach Flia Lemos about reading and praying together at night, then we visited some members  in the night

Monday - we had a zone activity in the morning, my shoes are basically done now. After 15 months my soccer shoes are gone. But I think I got sunburned in the morning, I feel a little burned, my bodies giving off heat!!!  

But yea it was a good week. I learned a lot about trying to turn around bad situations into better ones, which I still need a lot of work on. I try to look at things with optimism a lot more now, but some things still get me, but no one is perfect. I’m almost finished Jesus the Christ now! I’m super close, it’s great book, I wish I would have read it earlier!


Elder Grigor

"Being goofballs on the roof!!!"

"My companion made this with my face- it is some saint that they 
worship in Florida - a department here in Uruguay."  

"All the people in my house - the new one is Elder Estouco, he's dope and form Brazil" 

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