Friday, October 27, 2017

The Lord is always there for us, right as times get tough, he helps us to know that we’re not alone!

October 16, 2017 

Tuesday - well today was cool, we didn't have a ton of things but we did talk with the wife of a contact we did, she’s really nice. We actually set another charla up for Thursday. She sent us a message (which we never told her our number but was on the back of a pamphlet we gave her) telling us she wouldn't be here, on Thursday. Which was awesome because it shows she actually cares about the lesson we’re gonna have. Then we talked about the temple with the Cox`s (since were going to the temple with them on Saturday. And we also played chess and I think I made Alfredo’s head explode, I beat him fairly quickly too. But I’m getting a lot better at playing chess! Me and my comp play a lot.

Wednesday - Finally!! we had another lesson (a legit one) with Rodrick Federrer’s cousin (the tennis player) his name is Javier, and he says that he believes in God but not churches, We explained the restoration and he actually really liked it! He said he was gonna read the Book of Mormon and he was really curious of the existence of it, since no one could translate in that time, and the physical proofs of the Book of Mormon deny the chances of it being made by a normal man. In the afternoon we met up with a less active lady who is reactivating herself, so we’re going over the lessons with her to help her remember because she doesn’t really remember a whole lot, she’s likes 27ish and was inactive for 6 years and went to church for about 6 months. So yea it would be hard to remember a lot.

Thursday - Well we had an intercambio (exchange???) with some elders in our zone, I went with an Oro (a greenie, a newbie) he has 15 days here in Uruguay, but surprisingly he teaches pretty well. He’s from Argentina, well he’s Peruvian but he lived there for a long time. And everything fell through today, absolutely everything! And it was a horrible day, cold and rainy, but at the end of the day we had another lesson with Karina, who wasn't doing too great, but we talked about the plan of salvation, and I think she really liked it, and  understood what she needs to do in her relationship.

Friday - well another day of not too much, pretty much the only lesson we had was with a girl named Flor, she’s 17 and kinda confused about a lot of things, god, churches. She goes to a evangelical one with her boyfriend but she doesn’t like it too much. 

Saturday - Temple day!!!! so yea, since the rule changed we can go to the temple with our converts, and it was awesome being able to be in the temple and being able to see our converts do baptisms again. They are really progressing quite well, they loved the experience that they had in the temple. Then we went to their house after that and found their friend Nehuel there, (he came to the regional conference a while ago) and we invited him to church. So we’re gonna see what we can do there, maybe he’ll want to be baptized as well

Sunday - the miracle day! Well in the morning we went to grab investigators, and we stopped by an old investigator on Tuesday and put a baptismal date with him. So we went by and he rejected us, saying he was gonna find peace by another way, but then in church it finally happened!!!!! haha so last time I thought that someone just walked into the church for the first time and would be a baptism (but she was a member) but today it happened! A dude that looked kinda like Andres Calamaro, he was wearing all black with shades on, haha and he walked in and started taking pictures, so we went out to see what was going on and he said he just saw the doors open and walked in. HIs name is Gonzalo and he was a really cool dude, but he was a little drunk and had a smell like he just smoked, but we can work on that. However we set up a lesson on Tuesday with him, so I’ll keep you updated on that one! Then another investigator came but she’s really shy, so she wants to go really, really slow, which is ok. As long as she gets baptized that’s ok with me! In the afternoon we visited a less active member that was not expecting our visit, but it was basically an answer to his prayers, so he said he wants to start coming again! Then we did some magic with some other people.

Monday - we played pool in the morning, went to the gym, and woohoo!!! I’m getting bigger and losing my fat, I weigh 195 now. Pretty soon I’m gonna hit 200!! I hit 205 before but that was because I was getting kinda fat, but this time it’ll be legit!

Well this week was very interesting, a lot of ups and downs, like life, we all have success and failures, but the Lord always blesses us when difficult times come around! And we definitely saw that in our work this week, we’ve been struggling to find good things from investigators, but we had Gonzalo come to church as well as Nehuel. The Lord is always there for us, right as times get tough, he helps us to know that we’re not alone! Especially in his work!


Elder Grigor

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