Thursday, October 26, 2017

The power of the atonement

Sept 26th, 2017

Monday - Today we had a charla with 2 investigators that we found last week, and haha we finished the lesson and out of nowhere they said, yea this Sunday we’re gonna go to church! what time does it start?? haha so we were pretty shocked because they didn't seem too excited about the visits, but apparently they want to come church!! Then we had a lesson with a person named Karina, an investigator that we have invited her friend to listen to us, and she is super attentive!! and really wants to know more!! It’s awesome! She started crying in the lesson and it’s easy to see that she needs this! 

Tuesday - The only lesson we had today was with Alfredo, getting him ready for his baptism, and we talked with Evelyn about her baptism and she still wasn't sure, so I just started asking her a bunch of questions about her testimony and she admitted that she believes everything and wants to be baptized! haha then they looked at me and said, you must have been a salesman before you came here because she isn't very easy to convince and you did it like nothing! haha and I dabble in the sales!!

Wednesday - so we had another lesson with Karina today, and she said that she was reading and felt a huge feeling of peace come over her, and that it was starting to change her as a person. Apparently she is having problems with her husband and it was making her have more patience and trying to find a better solution for things, WOW! haha power of the atonement right there, but yea we also talked to an old black dude, cleared up some ideas of his about the church, and he said he might go also!

Thursday - well... Alfredo smoked again today so we postponed the baptism to the 7th of October, unfortunately. But yea Alfredo is having troubles with smoking and we don't know if he’s going to make it to the 7th, but he was pretty bummed. he was really looking forward to his baptism this Saturday, mostly because Elder Guerra wouldn't be here, but we’re thinking that he will come back down. Oh we also stopped by a members house and he just bought a bunch of stuff to make home made t-shirts and cups and stuff. So were gonna do a zone t-shirt there, and I’ll probably make some other cool shirts with him.

Friday - yea so this week was actually pretty hard, a ton of people we set up lessons with had something crazy happen in their lives and couldn't talk with us, but that’s ok next week!! But yea we had a couple charlas today, not anything too crazy, but we did have weekly planning this morning and got to stay in and chill, and drink mate, Fridays my mate morning.

Saturday - well, we visited a couple of people from the ward since my comps leaving. We went to Alfredo's in the night with a member to help him out with smoking, and I think were getting there, it might take some time but it’s coming. The stake had a cool activity out in Minas, another department. Evelyn and Bryan (Alfredo’s kids) both went there, and they said that they had a great time!

Sunday - well nobody that said they would come to church came, haha I've noticed that people don't have any problems going to other churches but whenever they try to come to ours things get tough, (sign) but once they join things start getting easier, but yea only Alfredo and Evelyn came! But hey, at least they came!!!! Then we just said bye to people.

Monday - well changes came and my companion is going to Rocha, and my new companion is coming from Rocha! Elder Suxo is his name, and he’s from Bolivia!! I'm not sure what part though! But yea, just saying goodbye to people again today, and we stopped by Flavia’s house to invite her to conference this Sunday! I think she’s gonna come!! Well yea this week was pretty boring and busy, I cant remember any funny things OH!!! hahahaa a guy stopped us in the street and started talking to us about how Jesus isn't the son of god, that he’s the devil and he’s fooling everyone. So we started trying to figure out why and explain to him that he was wrong. Hahahaha so I asked him:  “So who is the son of God then??? then he said: “I am! and I’ll prove it. Once I said to the sun to grow, and it grew! Then another time a 3 meter giant appeared to me” hahaha we asked “what did he tell you??” then he said: "nothing because he was gay"  At this point I was laughing pretty hard, and we asked him more questions and at the end he had some sunglasses in his hands and said how he was the son of god, then (while putting on the sunglasses in slow motion) said: “I’m a Warrior God" (its sounds better in Spanish) and I started dying laughing trying to hold it in because I didn't want to be rude, but I just couldn't hold it in, and yea that was the highlight of my week!! 


Elder Grigor

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