Thursday, October 26, 2017

Seeing miracles come out of nowhere

Sept 18th, 2017 

Tuesday - Well it was p-day today, I think I told you guys what happened, but in the night we went over to our ward mission leaders house and talked to him about the things going on in the ward and the baptism we have on the 23rd. 

Wednesday - not a lot happened today, we had district meeting in the morning and walked like 40 minutes there and back to save money, then we went basically straight to a lesson, haha and she was really nice but said "I only have 5 minutes because I have to grab my son from school. So she invited us in and we just stood by the door while she did some stuff then she came out and said: “alright I need to go”, haha so we were only there for like 1 minute. Then we had to do a baptismal interview in another area, ordered a pizza while we waited for her to get there, and chilled with Elder Mason and Gutierrez. Then in the night we went to Alfredo’s house, and hahaha he’s sooo funny, every time we go over he has me dying laughing.

Thursday - we did an intercambio with the financiers of the mission, which was pretty good. We reactivated a less active convert of about a year ago, and visited a couple other people, gave a blessing to an older lady. That kinda reminded me of another lady in Durazno we gave a blessing to that didn't come to church because of a crazy ulcer she had, and I think cancer too. We gave her a blessing and everything started healing itself and she came to church again!

Friday - I had an intercambio with Elder Ashman and my companion went to Aeroparque to do another baptismal interview, and we had an amazing day, haha we taught a cool old black dude, he really liked the message we shared. Then we stopped by the lady who invited us in for a minute and had a lesson with her and her husband. Then in the night we slept on the roof and both woke up at 3:30am and couldn't go back to sleep because it was super cold, so we went back in and barely slept.

Saturday - some investigators out in Aeroparque invited us all out for an Asado, so we changed comps, and had a nice little Asado! Also I heard that Juan Martin, my convert and his mom said that they wanted to meet me!! So next Friday I’m gonna go out there and see them. Today we stopped by Flavia’s house, she’s doing good but just isn't reading the Book of Mormon. So we need to figure out how to change that. Then we watched the Monson movie with Alfredo and Evelyn and I think that changed her view about the church and prophets. 

Sunday - Alfredo and Evelyn came to church!!!!  I’ve always heard of people being baptized and the way the missionaries found them was they just walked into the church, but it’s never happened to me. So after the first class a lady says “hey elders, this lady is new here, the first time in the church, talk to her”. So I thought no way!!! It’s gonna happen. So we start talking to her and I asked how she knew about the church, and she said that she was already a member and was coming back for the 1st time in 7 years! I thought it would’ve been a baptism, but that is the second best thing! So we’re gonna try to visit her sometime.

Monday - it was Elder Lopez`s birthday today (one of my old comps) so we went to Portone’s and celebrated with them, played some pool and yea. 

Well this week was definitely interesting, we were traveling a lot and just real busy. But this week Alfredo is going to be baptized!!!!!!!!! and his daughter on the 7th of October (since there’s conference, and maybe Alfredo can baptize her!!) It was a great week for us, seeing miracles come out of nowhere, and always having a good time!

Love you guys
Elder Grigor

Intercambio with the financiers

On the roof with Ashman 
A lunch with some super funny members

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