Thursday, October 26, 2017

Conference Weekend !!!!

October 2, 2017 

Tuesday - well it was p-day today, and we went to the beach after writing with Elder Bailey and Elder Knell, then we went over to Alfredos house in the night to say goodbye to Elder Guerra, and they made us pancakes!!!! then we picked up our dope zone t-shirts that we made!

Wednesday - well it was change day today, and I had to say goodbye to Elder Guerra! I’m gonna miss that guy! but haha the bus took way too long to get to our house, we were waiting outside for about 2 hours. We called to see what was taking soo long, and they told us that the sisters starting packing their bags when the van got there.. at 9:00, and it was supposed to pick them up at 8:30. The bus was late, then even more late because of the sisters. But they finally left and my new comp came, his name is Elder Suxo, from Cochabamba Bolivia!!! coincidence? I think not!! We visited some people, mainly Maria and Michael, they’re some people that have a date for baptism for December because we don't think they’re married, (like most Uruguayans), but it’s kinda weird, he’s like 30 and she’s like 50, and they have a kid... not the weirdest difference I've seen but its pretty interesting, but hey love is love right!

Thursday - today we found a really cool girl that we ended up teaching, her name is Sofia, and I’m fairly certain she will be baptized this 28th of October. She is a super chill person. We saw her sitting on her step talking with a couple people, so we went and said hi and the other people didn't even say anything to us, but she started talking with us and the other people just kinda awkwardly floated out of the circle. She works a lot so it’ll be hard to find her but she’s home in the mornings! So we’re gonna try to take advantage of that. We set up a charla for Sunday right before conference, (unfortunately she works in the afternoon, but she can come to normal Sundays!!!

Friday - pretty good day, my comp is super funny. I feel kinda bad though, he always says something but he says it really quiet, and I don't know if he’s just saying random in the moment things, so I just don't say anything back because I don’t know what to say. I don’t want to ask him what he said every 10 minutes, but today in the night we stopped by Alfredo’s house, and hahaah they are always cracking jokes with us and having fun. Haha especially when I brought up chastity. reviewing if they knew what it was, basically everyone looked at Evelyn, his 15 year old daughter (not that she does anything like that though).But something crazy happened, haha Alfredo asked if Bryan (who was fairly atheist when we met him) was gonna be baptized, and he said yes!  Haha I was a little taken back, haha it came out of nowhere! We didn't even really focus on teaching him because we wanted to prepare Alfredo and Evelyn well without having crazy discussions about everything. So Bryan might be getting baptized as well!! And we prepared Alfredo and Evelyn for their baptism this Saturday!

Saturday - CONFERENCE WEEKEND!!!! haha my last one in the mission , it almost doesn’t seem real! But I loved the 2 sessions from today, they had some really great talks, like Holland, Stevenson, Christofferson, and Uchtdorf’s was really good too. Sadly no investigators came to the Saturday session, but Alfredo came to the priesthood one. We did it in our ward, the bishop brought some chips, cheese, salami, and bread and we had a little party while watching conference.

Sunday - well we tried to go to Sofia with some members, but she had to go to the doctors office, so we talked with those members for a bit, and then walked to conference. To our surprise Alfredo, Evelyn and Bryan came to the first session (but they didn't stay, he wanted to sleep because we works night shifts). But it was really good for them, I think he’s gone about a week without smoking, so were going good for now!! Then we tried to go grab some investigators during the break, but it started raining and everyone canceled on us. So we went back and chilled with everybody until the next conference started. Then we had the next session which was great as well. Then we had the weirdest way to get a reference I’ve ever heard. I'm not gonna say too much because there’s some pretty personal stuff, but yea, not a bad day!

Monday - well we did a zone activity today and now I’m writing all of you guys!,
Well this week was really good, I'm liking my new companion and we’re working hard which is good. Oh he also does this super cool thing with glow sticks, he cuts them in half and whips the inside stuff everywhere, and it looks like a galaxy with the lights off, and it goes away in about 10 minutes and doesn’t stain!! (home friendly!!)

Yep well I hope your week was good, and that you all enjoyed conference this weekend, I know I did!!

Love you all,

Elder Grigor

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