Thursday, October 26, 2017

"I would run up and down the street jumping for joy"

October 9th, 2017 

Tuesday - so today we had consejo (advice) it’s the big meeting where all the leaders of the mission get together and talk about stuff, then eat some food, then talk about more stuff. But haha, so a couple days ago some members (the blind couple) gave us cups to me and Guerra, and I had to bring Guerra’s.  I brought mine too, because instead of Grigor, they put Grifor! haha so all of consejo everyone was calling me Grifor! I was dying laughing the entire time. But I think this will be my last one sadly, I’m pretty sure they’re going to drop me and put me training. After we finished our second p-day we got home and tried to have some charlas, but I don’t know what they put in my food... but I was dying!!! Luckily we were close to the church when I had to go to the bathroom, and luckily no one else was in the church at that time! Then we left at 6:30 for a lesson and it hit me again about 15 minutes after, and I thought no I can hold it!! I’M A MAN!!! So we finished the lesson and went to Alfredos house to teach them in 2 ways (a lesson and how to milk alfajores!). However my stomach was dying, and I didn’t want to use their bathroom because they would hear! 

So we get there and I asked Bryan a question, (about a week ago we heard Alfredo ask Bryan if he wanted to be baptized too, and he said yea! haha we weren’t sure if we heard right and we were leaving at that time so we decided to ask tonight). So I asked him, hey we heard you wanted to be baptized as well. Is that true?? then we said "what would happen if i said yea"  then I said “I would run up and down the street jumping for joy”, but then said “no but really, you could be baptized this Saturday”.  And he said yea I want to be baptized!!!! WOOOHOOOO haha so I asked him why? and he responded “well as you know I was an atheist, and all the other churches contradict what it says in the bible, and they teach so differently about God. You guys on the other hand showed me another face of God! I understand why he exists and why its important!” (at this point I had to go to the bathroom real bad!) So I said “alright my comp is going to go over some points with you for the baptism while I go to the bathroom, hahaha and my comp looked at me all worried and said “I'll make as much noise I can" (luckily I got off clean) 
Then we did a little noche de hogar with a testimony meeting and I almost cried. It was probably the most powerful moment of my mission, it was amazing seeing the change in them, thats’ why I love missionary work!!. Then we taught them how to milk alfajores.

Wednesday - we stayed in because I was on my throne all day

Thursday - we walked around sooo much this morning to find an ATM to take out money to buy food for the zone conference tomorrow, but after 2 hours we got it all! Then in the afternoon we had a couple lessons, one of them with a couple named Maria and Michael, and we taught them the word of wisdom. HOOLLY COW, they spend $450 a month on cigarettes and marijuana, so they were very happy when they figured that out and that they needed to stop! They said they wanted to for a while but just needed a push, haha its funny I was actually a little hesitant to teach that, but it turns out it was just what they needed! Then we had a lesson with a really cool girl named Flor (flower) well it’s a nickname, but she is 17. She was super open to the message, she doesn’t believe too much but we’re gonna try to help her. I think it’s because her boyfriend takes her to an evangelist church and they do a whole bunch of weird stuff, like throw themselves on the floor and "draw out demons" and she doesn’t really like that a lot. But well see how that goes!

Friday - another p-day, haha we had a multi zone conference and learned a good new way to read the Book of Mormon with investigators. Then we had to do an interview for some elders in our zone, then run 30 home (since we ran out of money) to get to our interviews! And... they’re getting baptized!!!!!

Saturday - well this was our 5th p-day this week, because we were in the church all day filling up the font, so we took risk with us, and some cards and played risk for a while. Then we had the baptism!! It was awesome, so Alfredo’s ex-sister in law gave us the reference of them and they came to the baptism and were super happy that they were going be baptized!!! Then I baptized Alfredo and Evelyn. Haha it’s been almost a year since I have baptized anyone. I always have a member,  or my comp does it. But it feels really good, and now next week were going to go to the temple with them!!!

Sunday - haha fast and testimony really was a fast testimony meeting, we had 3 confirmations and 2 baby blessings! So there was about 20 minutes for testimonies, and in the afternoon they did a cool activity that we should do back home. They did "a flight to the past” where someone was the pilot and they did a trip into the old times to learn about family history! but I have a better way to do it! 

Monday - well it’s p-day! and we ate, played some chess, and went to the gym! so yea and in the night we have a noche de hogar with a family so that’ll be fun!

yea this week was really busy for us, we only had 2 days of work in our area, but we had a really nice baptismal service, and brought another family into the fold! 

I love you guys, and I just want to share my testimony about the missionary work and efficiency of references, because without that family passing us the reference, we would never have found them, and now they are giving us references! So do all you can to help the missionaries! and even if it’s 1 person it’ll all start flowing after that!


Elder Grigor

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