Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Rain....gotta love it !!!

September 12th, 2017 

Tuesday - well we went to the temple, it was really good. I actually went with Coral Chubak, her zone went too so we talked for a bit. Then we went to the Cox family and talked about baptism with Evelyn and Alfredo, they both have a date for the 23rd, but Alfredo’s still smoking so we need some help there.

Wednesday - had an intercambio with Elder Gutierrez from Los Angeles, Chile haha he’s a pretty sunny dude. We just did contacts all day today, and hahaha I saw a door and went to knock on it and saw 2 cables coming out of the doorbell. So I thought well lets see if they’re still live, so I touched them together and haha his doorbell worked! Then a guy named Fabian came to the door and we taught him a little lesson there and are going back next Thursday when he’s free. Also we saw a MASSIVE dog, I’m not sure what breed but it was bigger than Elder Gutierrez. 

Thursday  - Haha today I had the easiest new investigator ever. So I rang the door bell and said, "hey we’re missionaries, we’re new here in the ward and are looking for people who might have spoken to the missionaries before, have you? He said "no, come on in!” Haha so we taught him the restoration and he said that he’s going to read and pray because he was catholic but never felt a "call" to a certain church and stopped going. So he’s gonna try now. But he had 4 bikes in his house, 2 Cannondale Mountain bikes, and 2 Trek road bikes, which are really expansive here in Uruguay, and he’s only 24, so he’s got some dough. After that we had correlation with Hermano Crujeira, and it was probably one of the better ones I've ever had. We made a lot of plans to help out the ward. 

Friday - It rained super hard today, and when it rains in Uruguay no one wants to talk to you, it doesn’t matter what you do, but if you find someone, he’s probably gonna get baptized. And yea everything fell through today, the only thing that happened was we talked with an old investigator in his doorway.

Saturday - So, in the morning we had a couple of charlas set up and they fell through as well, then it was stake conference this week, We took Alfredo to the adult session in the night. It was really good but he had to leave halfway through. So we walked home in the rain. Then we thought to go to Ana, the dog lady. We talked with her a little bit more about the Book of Mormon and made it pretty clear for her what it is and why we have it. 

Sunday - Well in the morning we started walking to the Stake Center and on the way we saw Cecilia, and she said that she was going to go to conference with her boyfriend’s grandma, which was awesome!!! We had no idea that was going to happen. So yea conference was good, we had Elder Fernandez preside. He’s an area seventy here, but he’s cool, he’s a pilot that lives in Argentina and talked a little about landing a plane in the Patagonia desert in Argentina. And in the night we stopped Alfredos house and talked with Evelyn about her baptism. She still has a couple doubts, and Alfredo is good to go, he just needs to stop smoking. So we gave him a blessing and we’re gonna see how he went with that on Tuesday.

Monday - Well we had interviews today. We were supposed to go last out of 12 missionaries. The interviews started at 12 o’clock and we needed to go at 1:40, so we went walking at about 12:45 giving us some time. We got there at 1:20 and only 3 people had gone! Haha so we chilled in the offices with the assistants and the office workers for 3 hours. After that we got home at 5, basically a p-day and started contacting people. We met a person from the weirdest religion I’ve ever heard. It’s called Socialist Scenty Therapy church. She tried use random bible verses against that didn’t even make any sense. So we just testified about the Book of Mormon and left because that wouldn't have gone anywhere. Then we had a family home evening with the De la Fuente family, and it was good. We talked about things going in the world and how faith will help us get through it. 

But yea, this week was all right. It was super rainy and made rivers in the streets, and it was a little harder to find people this week than others. But it was still a really successful week, random miracles come out of random places. It’s great to be apart of!


Elder Grigor

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