Monday, January 22, 2018

I love this work and I am so glad to see so much success at the end of my mission

January 15th, 2018 

Monday - so we had to go to Tres Cruces, a big meeting point for the mission so that my comp could sign his papers. So when we left we took the wrong bus and went 30 minutes in the wrong direction. So we had to catch another bus to go back to Tres Cruces, then another to our area, long story short we turned an hour journey into 3, great way to spend a p-day!!! Then in the night we went to Mia’s house to teach her one last thing for her baptism this weekend.

Tuesday- In the morning we taught Nico and Camilo about the gospel, and man Camilo is sooo funny, he was cracking jokes and I couldn’t help but laugh, and he had the funniest story about repentance. So Nico shared one about when we stole something when he was little and felt horrible and returned it. Camilo said oh yea that happened to me once, I was in a store and stole some chips and opened the bag, but when that sweet salty smell hit my nose I couldn’t help it. So then Nico says “then you didn’t repent because you never returned it”, and Camilo said “no i did, because afterwards I crumpled up the bag and threw it in their trash bin!!” and haha I lost i!! Then in the afternoon we visited visited a less active man named Ariel. He’s a cool dude and pretty jacked! And to finish off we talked with a lady named Loren. We have tried to teach her for a while but without success and finally got a lesson with her and we talked a little about the restoration. 

Wednesday - Well the only lesson we had today was with the Coasini’s out in sauce. We taught them about eternal marriage and how that is the next goal! They need to work all this year to be able to go to the temple. 

Thursday - Today we had Mia’s interview and it was pretty late so Elder Rodriguez and  Young had a sleep over!! Also we did a couple visits with the hot dog lady, and some less active people.

Friday - we stopped be Nico’s house to try and teach Camilo but he wasn’t there, so we read Mosiah 2:41 with him. Then in the night we watched the funeral of President Monson (which was great by the way) and then we had ward council.

Saturday - Baptism day!! also known as P-day!!! Only because we have to stay in the church the whole day watching the font fill up and making sure that there are no problems. So from 3 to 9 we were there filling the font and doing the baptism.

Sunday - Well it started raining like crazy here, but in the morning it was good. Mia was confirmed and a recent convert brought his brother to church and told us that he also wants to be baptized! WOO!! thanks for doing our work for us!!! Then in the afternoon we visited one person and during the whole day I was literally walking in a puddle. I had boots and dumped out probably about 1 litre of water out of each one, but I was loving it! It’ll probably be my last one here.

Well I only have 2 weeks left basically. It’ all going by soo fast. I kinda want it to go slower, because I honestly don’t want to go home, but I know it has to end sometime! I love this work and I am glad to see so much success at the end of my mission.


Elder Grigor

Mia's Baptism 

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