Wednesday, January 17, 2018

I love this work, even the days that everyone rejects me, because little miracles alway happen everyday.

November 20th, 2017 

Monday - We visited a guy named Martin, he’s an investigator with a  baptismal date, the only thing he needs to do is get married and they already want to do that, they just need to get money (since they`re broke and don't have jobs) so right now he’s looking for that, but we went to get to know that and shared 3 Nephi 13:31-33 and how God will help them if they put him first! 

Tuesday - today was really good, our only good day of the week I would say, well really they were all good in their respective fields. But as far as "numbers" today was the best and we also had a lot of good things happen. So we had a lesson with some old investigators that are honestly really hard, he has a religious background but she doesn’t and has made her own thoughts about life, and is pretty firm to those beliefs. But we just talked to them about the Book of Mormon, because it doesn’t matter what you believe, if you believe in the Book of Mormon you’ll know with certainty that the church is lead by Jesus himself. Then we had a lesson with a girl named Melany, she is about 20 and talked in the street with the missionaries before, but we taught her the plan of salvation and she seemed REALLY interested. Haha afterwards she even asked if she could keep the pamphlet to read it over again so she could understand it better. So we invited her to be baptized and she accepted.  Then we left with a member and all of our lessons fell through, so we called a reference (less active) that we received and he invited us over, and his friend was there as well who wasn't a member. So we talked about the restoration and his friend also accepted to be baptized. The only thing is that he smokes but that is easy to give up. 

Wednesday - Today we had a multi-zone conference in Malvin, which was a really good conference, they talked to us about "light the world" and how we’ll be starting that up again this this month. Then they talked a little bit about goals, and how we need to focus on the finish instead of the means of achieving it, because if we focus on the goal, we’ll do what’s necessary to achieve it. Sometimes we get lost in how we do it and we don't achieve the goal. Then I talked with Child’s!! haha I love that kid, he’s going home this change, well he should’ve gone home already but he extended so I get a little more time with him! Then we came home and went straight to a lesson in Sauce, a city north of Toledo. We taught the Coacini family, it was good, we talked about the plan of salvation and eternal families. After he drove us home since he was heading to work at that time.

Thursday - Today we had a decent amount of lessons fall through, we had a couple with some investigators that we have, but yea it wasn't the most effective day ever, Haha and we were supposed to leave with a member but times got mixed up, and we couldn't call him so we missed that experience. But oh well what can you do right!

Friday - well this morning was really good, we had a lesson with someone called Mercedez, and it was the first time we could contact her but she talked a couple times already with the missionaries. It was amazing the lesson we had, haha we covered a lot of topics jumping all over the place, answering a lot of her questions, but at the start she said that she is not the type of person who goes to church, but at the end she said that she wants to join the "mormon church" so we’ll be helping her there, trying to get her to come to church, hopefully we’ll be able to do it. I have faith though, if the times is right, it’ll happen. Then we walked to our lunch from there since the bus drove right past us, it was only about a 20 minutes walk, but we were FLYING since we were already late. Then the rest of the day was a big ol’ nothing! but we did have a new guy come to futbol that someone invited so we’re gonna try and get something going there. 

Saturday/Sunday -Well, the dreaded weekend! haha so it started hailing on us today, not very hard though, but it came out of nowhere, and I thought it was supposed to be summer here, but the miracle that happened, is that Martin was praying and he got a job!!! And he took that as his answer, so we’ll be working more with him in these next days!  But other than that everyone basically hid from us today, the same as Sunday, I guess can wrap up the 2 days in 2 words……nothing happened!!  Haha I don’t know what happened, we had set up lessons, we were knocking houses all day, and just absolutely nothing came out of it! I guess the Lord just wants me to become more humble and test my diligence, and let me tell you! IT’S WORKING! haha but I wont give up, I’ll look for the solutions to these problems to help the work here. 

I love this work, even the days that everyone rejects me, because little miracles always happen everyday! and even if they don’t, I know this sacrifice won’t be in vain! This work is a lot bigger than me, but I’ll try my hardest to be better!

Love you all

Elder Grigor

Me and my Companion 

"Me and Elder Knell" 

"Elder Paulson, Elder Childs and Me" 

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