Thursday, January 18, 2018

Everyone is worth something to God!

November 27th, 2017 

Monday - so we went out to a recent converts house, named Martin, we talked to him about going on a mission and how it should be something on his mind. However he’s still a little hesitant to the idea but that took the whole night, because he lives a little ways away.

Tuesday - District meeting!! like always we had district meeting and we talked about LIGHT THE WORLD, and how we were gonna light our areas, it was pretty good, and we need to apply some of those ideas. Then we came home and went to a couple lessons with a young man who leaves for his mission in 3 weeks. So we taught a kid named Agustin, he’s 13 and looks 17, but we talked to him and basically became his friends, so we taught him about the plan of salvation and he was really interested, but were gonna try to bring his mom or his sister, so that he has a support. Then we taught a less active family who got mad because there isn’t love in the church anymore, which I didn’t really understand but oh well! And to finish we had correlation with our ward mission leader.

Wednesday -Well we had interviews with president today, and it was really good. We talked about christlike attributes, and some of the ones I wanted to work on. Then we talked after that about stuff when I finish my mission. Then in the afternoon we only had 1 lesson with the Coasini`s! talking about the Book of Mormon and how he can receive an answer, it was a really good lesson!! We watched the testimony of the Book of Mormon, which I have seen a million times but still love it, and at the end her non member daughter gave us a reference!!!!!. Then he drove us home right before 9 o’clock.

Thursday - Again we only had 1 lesson with a lady who owns a hot dog cart, haha we had the lesson right outside of it and reviewed the restoration, she’s really cool but lacks compromise! Then all of the other people fell through.

Friday- Amazing day!, So we went to our weekly lesson with Mercedez however she wasn’t there, so we went to a guys house we talked to last week. His name is Nicolas, and we ended up teaching him and he invited all of his friends too that were in the house. So we started teaching the plan of salvation, haha we asked him what his purpose on the earth was and he said “I don’t know about them but I’m here to play futbol (soccer)" haha his cousin Romina got annoyed with that answer, but they are really cool. So we invited them all to come play futbol tonight. After that we had a lesson with a family, named Victor and Patricia, he’s not a member, so we had a lesson about how they needed to repent, because they noticed that they needed to start making changes in their lives. It was an amazing lesson and the spirit was really strong. Then they showed me their lizard and it bit me! Afterwards we played some futbol and I realized I am soooo bad at playing futbol, I need to practice more, but Nico didn’t come...

Saturday - well walking to lunch we saw Nico and he said that his moto broke so that’s why he couldn’t come, but I think today we walked about 15 kilometres, it was basically a whole day of walking, and in the night we had another great lesson with Martin and Virginia and they said that they would come to church.

Sunday - well, painfully we waited outside for investigators and no one came!!!!!! only the Coasini’s. We need to work on that, getting people to church. So we had church, then in the night the ward invited us to a mission prep class, apparently we had to prepare something about the Book of Mormon. So I made something up on the spot about how to use it against objections, then we did a lot of practices, and it took about 3 hours. Then they had  pizza and stuff for all of us, then we just talked and mingled. We are gaining the trust of the members here, I think the other elders didn’t have too much, but we are going to start working a lot with them now!

Yea so this week looked like it wasn’t going to be very efficient, but we were able to see a lot of tender mercies, since this area is massive and we are walking all the time instead of teaching a lot, but we have seen a lot of miracles happen, we just need to help people come to church.

This area is really humbling, because we try and do things by our own efforts, and they don’t turn out well, and when we’re on our lowest point God sends a little tender mercy to show us that he’s still in the work, he’s never going to give up and we shouldn’t either! One of my favourite scriptures is 1 Nephi 21:16. We are the cause!, he has everyone of us graven on his palms, and missionary work is the way to make that sacrifice worth something! If we do nothing, his sacrifice was in vain, so just remember, everyone is worth something to God, and he wants all of them to come back to him.

Elder Grigor

We installed carpet !!! 

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