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For the first time in my mission a guy tried to rob me.....

November 13th, 2017 

Tuesday- well it was a normal p-day, in the night we went and said goodbye to the Cox family, and we watched the best 2 years with them, haha they were laughing soo much. Then for the first time in my mission a guy tried to rob me. So first off he had nothing to threaten me with, second he was a twig, he was probably about 5 foot 7and weighed 120 pounds. So he comes up and says "hey give me your phone!" so I responded and said what!? and he said again "give me your phone. So I didn’t really want to and just said, "No" and walked away, so he screamed to his friend "hey get the phone" and he was even smaller, so I just walked right passed him and he tried to reach out but didn’t do anything.Haha it was pretty funny, 

Wednesday - the day of truth, so I really wanted a gringo, so I could tell a bunch of jokes in English with him, so we had a good conference with both the missions. Bishop Davies talked about preparing ourselves for the battle (studying) it was pretty good, and afterwards we met our oros (that’s what they call them here) and my “son” is Elder YUZURIJA!!!!!! hahaha he’s Peruvian from Lima, but his last name comes from japan, so I’m always going to say his name in a Japanese accent. Anyways we all chilled in the chapel in Malvin while they all did their medical exam, played some games, ate some food, I was a little sad I didn’t get a gringo but he’s awesome, and!!!! it’s exactly “the best 2 years” situation, he’s a convert of almost 2 years and the only member of his family, and I’m finishing my mission training him! But we got to our new area, and got to know it a little bit, it’s a massive area though, it probably takes 3 hours to walk from point to point. And we have a city about 14 km away as well. So this’ll be fun!

Thursday - well first full work day, we had a couple charlas set up already and the members that I’ve met already are awesome, they take us everywhere in their cars, So we had a couple lessons, 1 was with the branch president in Sauce (a city 14km away) luckily he took us in his car, but the family we are teaching is awesome! We have the baptism of the daughter and the father the 9th of December, They have already come to church but the other missionaries never talked to them, so now we’re gonna teach them. Haha we are gonna try to set up lessons right after church so that we don’t have to travel so much. Then the branch president showed us around the city a bit, and then we taught the daughter of a member who wants to be baptized, so we will be working with her as well. 

Friday - well we had a decent day, still getting to know the area, we set up some lessons with old investigators, we had one with a really nice lady, and we found a nice family, but I’m not sure how much they will progress because they don’t understand things very easily. Oh but we had lunch today with the second counsellor, who lives 4k from our house, so we missed the bus and started walking home afterwards, luckily a member saw us and decided to take us into town!! WOOOHOOO it was a miracle because we were late for an appointment, then we played some futbol in the night and I got my butt whooped

Saturday - it is sooo different training than being a zone leader, it’s a little easier that he speaks Spanish, but yea I do everything! Haha it’s pretty funny though, my comp is always super lost, sometimes he just watches me do the dishes for a bit because he doesn’t know what to do. But we were finally able to buy food today, we were a little dry on sustenance, then we had a couple lessons here and there, saw a lot of dead frogs, and yea!

Domingo -  Not a bad day, so the Coacini’s came to church and another investigator that just needs to get married but her husband doesn’t want to. Why? I do not know, they have a 4 year old kid too, but they’re working on it. Then in the afternoon we only had charlas with those 2 families, and then did some contacting here and there, and also!!! walking home we live right next to a military school, and in the massive field were like 5000 fireflies, it was sooo cool to see. 

Monday - we had a zone activity, and the zone is pretty cool, but I am officially the oldest missionary in the zone, along with my MTC comp, haha yep! Me and him are gonna be together in until we die! We started together and we’ll finish together! And then we took buses the rest of the day, pretty fun stuff!!!


Elder Grigor 

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