Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Alejandro was BAPTIZED!!!

Tuesday - we had a couple lessons today, 1 with a new kid we found named Nicolas, he’s super cool but said he’s just kinda wanting to learn about the church instead of join it, but that’ll soon change! Then we had a lesson with a less active family that I think weight have to drop because they only want things from the church, they don’t go for the right reasons, and it’s been like that for like 10 years or so.

Wednesday - well today I basically ran out of money. When my comp spends money, I want something too so I end up buying something too but I’m going to start saving. Most of our lunches this week are in Santa Bernadina which is 40 mins walking or 20 pesos for the bus. (like a dollar) but today not much happened. A lot of people haven’t been home lately, it’s kinda weird. We are getting prepared for the baptism on Saturday and have been pretty busy.

Thursday - a day full of nothin´! But in the morning we had a good lesson with a girl named Jovanna, the 20 year old living with a 40 year old. Well she’s broke right now, and she has a smoking addiction so she started smoking ashes from her fireplace. Really sad to see, but we’re helping her out pretty well. We shared the hope and light of God with her, and she related to it pretty well. So we’re gonna try to help her to stop smoking really fast, she told us that she was going to stop but it’s hard to do that. 

Friday - The miracle day, haha so like 2 weeks ago we were contacting and I said a prayer to find someone that would talk with us, because nobody was opening up. So a mother and her teenage daughter walked by, and we were talking to them and the daughter looked interested, she was always about to say something and the mom cut her off. Then finally the mom said no for them both. So I kept thinking about that, and saying: “man those were them, what happened”. So today in the night we were contacting and we were talking to a lady, and right before inviting us in said she said:  “hey Paula (her daughter) come over here, you wanted to listen to this before right? Then we walked in and saw them both and had a best 2 years moment when Kyle calls (Haleluyah!!!!) haha so we taught them and we’re going by another day. 

Saturday - the BAPTISM!!!! Alejandro got dunked!!! haha it was awesome!!  The only bad part is I went to grab Elder Rodriguez while he was changing and they started without us. So we didn’t hear Alejandro’s testimony, kinda sad, but we asked them afterwards and he said that it was a great experience and he really felt a change!! Woo, then we had a lesson right after the baptism, and got back in time to play futbol at the church! (I also dunked on some kids playing basketball) but the rims are like 9 and a half feet)

Sunday - well Alejandro got confirmed, and we had a lesson with them in the night about the priesthood, because we are planing on baptizing the sister, and we want Alejandro to do it. It would be super cool if he does it.

So yea my week was really good, had some struggles like always but we had that miracle happen, and we got Alejandro in the water!!!! Finally!!! haha it feels good to see that happen. 

Love you all 

Elder Grigor 

Alejandro and Elder Grigor 

Elder Rodriguez 

Elder Grigor made a shirt with a Canadian flag on it 

Elder Rodriguez in a box :)

Elder Grigor doing some Nacho Libre moves!! What a goof!!! 

Practising for the baptism 

Elder Grigor, Alejandro and Elder Rodriguez 

Such a great day!! 

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