Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sometimes we forget to see the miracles happening right around us

April 24th, 2017

Tuesday - pretty much the worst day of the week, so with every great kingdom there has to be a fall, so this week was ours. Well not even ours but the people’s. So we set up quite a few good lessons today, but no body was home, no one. Even people who are always home weren’t home. But we did do a lot of contacting and found a lot of people to teach later on in the week or the next week. But we did something sooo funny, so we kept passing by a house with a person who wanted to listen to us, who rented behind, and the landlord would never let us pass by. So I thought to try 1 more time. Then it was raining and we had our coats on, so my comps says go hide behind something and he’ll only see me, then he’ll let us talk to her, so he did it, And it worked!!!! haha he was insanely friendly and she came out. So I was fixing my shoe and my comps yells Elder Grigor! because he was standing there alone for like 20 seconds, so we went by and she said she would wait outside at 3 on Thursday for us!!!! 

Wednesday - Today was better, we had a lesson with Carlos, the man who Camila invited to church, and he’s progressing soo much, the only thing is that he hasn’t gotten a job so he’ll be heading back to Artigas, another department, and the missionaries might loose contact with him. Also we went to Lemos, and were helping Alejandro get prepared for his baptism next Saturday. Also we taught a new investigator named Jovanna, she’s in a really tough situation in life, and has had a lot of trials, but we’re helping her out. Also she always rejected the missionaries before, but now she’s more open and sees that we really want to help her!

Thursday - another tough day, not many people were home, basically none. And the one lady named Malena that said she would wait outside for us, and.... they’re moving to the sisters area... haha that’s like 4 amazing investigators that I’ve sent over to them! Other than that we didn’t have anything because people weren’t home!

Friday - Well the week continues... we had district meeting and we all introduced ourselves with something funny from our childhood, haha it was pretty funny. Then the day went decent, so I had to do 2 interviews for baptisms for the sisters, and 1 had fallen because some members smelled alcohol on him (but after drinking a lot you smell like it for a while afterwards (like a month) so they told me we only had 1, but I brought 2 baptismal forms just in case. I had a little feeling, and we left for a charla and they called me saying the president said we could do the interview! Woohoo… thanks holy ghost!!! So we did them and they both got baptized this Saturday. Then we had a good lesson before with Sofia, a 15 year old with a baptismal date, but here they accept anything then just don’t commit, but she’s really cool.

Saturday - We had another lesson with Jovanna, and she’s doing a lot better, but we figured out she’s living with a 45 year old man, which is weird because she’s 22. But she said he’s not the man that she wants to be with forever but at the time he was a great man but he changed. She also needed someone in that time, so we told her to ask god to give her the means to get out of this situation and move forward! Then we had a charla with Alejandro in the night and he said that he hasn’t read the Book of Mormon, and he had a cup of coffee last week. So I was thinking his date was gonna fall because he wants to be really sure this is what he wants and that it’s true. So we invited him to futbol and told him to pray if he wanted the 29 or the 6th. So he came and there were like 30 people there!! A NEW RECORD! (personal best!!!) and Alejandro said he wants to be baptized this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooohooooo!!!!!!! 

Sunday -  Today was good, I gave a talk in church about tithing and encouraged the members to pay their tithing! Then we had a couple lessons throughout the day, we finally had another lesson with a less active family who’s daughter hasn’t been baptized and her daughter wants to be baptized and said she would come to church!

So all said and done, it felt a lot worse than it was, at times it feels like everything is going so wrong and we don’t know why. We have our own goals and are trying to meet the goals of other people, but we forget to see the miracles that are happening all around us. But yea this week was a little worse than the other weeks, but it was still really good.

Elder Grigor 

Elder Grigor on the crazy bridge!! 

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