Sunday, April 24, 2016

It has been raining like crazy here

Hola todo,

This week was crazy. So it has been raining like crazy here, over the week it'll rain crazy hard for 20 minutes then let up but it'll rain almost all day, every day.There’s one family that we teach and there houses are a pretty far walk from the city, and them and their cousins all live together. There are four houses, three together then a big ditch thing, it’s like a hill but inverted, I don't know how to say that. But on the other side is another house and it is now completely cut off from the others because this small valley thing flooded, so now they need to take a boat to get to the other houses. I believe I have a picture of it. 

On Monday it was pretty normal, just p-day, taught some lessons I cant really remember what happened. Then Tuesday we had a district meeting then intercambios (exchanges) afterwards and I went with Elder Ruis, I don’t know if I took a picture or not but it was cool to see all the other investigators he had. Then Wednesday we changed back and we had lunch at the second counsellors house which was awesome. He’s the second counsellor and he is in a wheelchair. Some people from the Liahona were there taking pictures of him and us having lunch. So in like a year I think I’ll be in a Liahona!!!! I’m gonna be in a magazine! I hope they don’t cover my head up with a bar code. Oh and before that we were waiting for a bus to go out to his house because it’s in a pueblito (small town thing) and the second counsellor for the stake saw us and gave us a ride! Then I’m not too sure what happened on Thursday. It’s just been raining like crazy here. So we are going to members and less actives houses, but not many of our investigators are letting us in because it’s a bad time or something else. Most of our investigators are not progressing and nobody talks to us in the streets right now because they just want to get out of the rain and don’t care about anything else. Friday and Saturday were pretty much the same, I cant remember too much other than the river is crazy high now. On Sunday they still didn’t introduce me so I don’t know when they will do that, I cant understand most of whats said, but I can pretty much always understand gospel terms because that’s all we did in the MTC.

Today we had a zone activity, we played soccer for a bit, ate, then played circle of death with a volleyball; everyone just volleys until someone messes up then they go in the middle and we get to hit it at them until we hit them. Then we played gringos vs latinos in soccer and we were killing them 4-1, then they caught up and we lost 6-5 but that’s the closest they have ever come. 

This is a long one so I’ll wrap it up, yo amo esta mision, finalmente me dio cuenta yo debo estar aqui! Tambien am otodos de ustedes, 


Elder Grigor

Just a little clip showing how much it's been raining 

The rain keeps coming

Elder Grigor smiling even though he is soaking wet 

Two thumbs up! 

Being goofy in the rain 

Elder Grigor with his companion 

A typical meal in Uruguay. Justin does NOT eat vegetables. So this is a big deal for him!!! 

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