Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My Spanish is getting better


So this week went by really fast, like it felt like I just wrote you guys. But it was a good week! Monday we went to "noche de hogar" (family home evening) at the ward mission leaders house and had some "tortas fritas", which is just like a scone thing, or a beavertail just without the toppings, so just the dough fried in fat. And now I really want some beaver tails. Then Tuesday was pretty funny. We were teaching a lesson at Maria's house, where all the kids hang out. We heard this weird noise, it went on for about thirty seconds. We were all looking around trying to see what it was and then we all see this cat sneezing, and the sneezes were within 1/4 of a second of each other for like 30 seconds. Haha it  was pretty funny. 

The next day we saw a lady on a moto get hit by a car, well we heard it, then walked by it. They weren't going very fast, but she got pretty banged up. There were a lot of people there to help her out and an ambulance. 

We had another district meeting on Wednesday and I understood almost everything that the Americans were saying in Spanish. I just can't understand the latinos, but I'm getting better. 
On Saturday not much happened, I can't really remember it too much, just that we walked a lot. On Sunday I was supposed to get introduced to the ward but they didn't do it, and it was also Fast Sunday. Today we went to the river and messed around for a bit, did some hiking. The rain here made the river super wide now, so there's only a little bit of beach now. I'll try to send pictures. 

Well everything is good here, food is great but I wish there was more meat, meat here is expensive suprisingly even though there's more cows here than people. But it's mostly noodles, or rice meals. I'm sure after a while that will get old. In the MTC we got sooo much meat, but here meat is more expensive than in Argentina.  

We have lunch with the members because they eat dinner here at like 9pm, so we do breakfast and dinner on our own. This week we have a lunch everyday, but next week I don't think we have any, so we will have to see if anyone will have us over. 

Thanks for sharing about Erik's experience about whether to accept a scholarship at school or serve a mission. It just shows how the Lord knows what we want and what comes from faith.

I'm starting to get used to everything now, except writing home for only an hour. I can never fit everything in.

Thanks for all the pictures this week. I loved them. Haha Adelaide is so funny. Hey dad- we all need to wear our onesies when I get home.

Anyways that was my week, it's been fun here teaching but our investigators are not really progressing too much, I hope that changes. 

Elder Grigor

Elder Grigor taking a selfie :) 

We call this horse Bruno Mars 

It rained so much! 

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