Thursday, April 28, 2016

This is what I am supposed to be doing

Hola Todos,

This week was pretty normal. Tuesday I’m not really sure what we did, the days are starting to blur together, I’m gonna have to start bringing my journal to these so I can remember. Oh, we got put on red alert that day for a tornado, so we had to stay inside most of the day. We could only be out if we had something or somewhere to be. So we called all of our appointments and no one was available so we couldn’t go outside. Wednesday we had a lot of lessons and one of our investigators came up to us in the street and poured out his heart of how he wanted to be baptized and go to church. So we went by the next day and he said he wasn’t sure if he would go to church. My comp said people do that all the time, tell you how they feel then they don’t do anything afterwards. Thursday was a normal day but we saw a Mexican stand off between three dogs, all looking back and forth at each other then we walked over and they all looked at us, looked back at each other and took off, it was soo weird but pretty funny, Friday we had an interview conference with our mission president. We were taught a bunch of lessons and had interviews with the president about how things are going and got fed lunch, which was rice and rotisserie chicken. It was good to have something from home for once. We are supposed to have another conference thing with the president this Friday too. Then it was a less active members birthday so we went over there and had pizza, which here is just cold bread and sauce and he gave us a whole one for the next day. So Saturday we cooked it up at the church after buying some cheese in the Fereria, which is just little markets that open up every Saturday. We watched Prince of Egypt at the church, ate pizza and drank tap water because we were super thirsty, so hopefully that doesn’t come back to bite me. On Sunday I was introduced in church by giving a talk, so I talked about Alma the Younger and how even the worst people can change and realize the truth behind our church. We went to Elder Anderson’s house Sunday because today is p-day and we have a district meeting tomorrow, so instead of making 2 trips for p-day and the meeting we decided to save money and came down last night. I am having a really fun time down here, I miss home a lot but I wouldn’t go back until my call is up. It finally hit me that this is what I’m supposed to be doing and I had a super calm feeling. And now when I think of home it’s only good  memories that I can share, and I can’t wait to make more throughout my mission and when I come home. Time is going so fast here and I feel like I have only been out for maybe a couple weeks, which is good. I just wish it would stop raining here. 

I love all of you and can’t wait to talk to your faces in two weeks!!!

Elder Grigor 

"A pretty big spider that we saw" 

"So much studying, I always feel like my head is going to explode"

"This ice cream was amazing. It was only 73 pesos,which is like $2.30 US" 

Looks so good!!! 

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