Thursday, May 12, 2016

Homemade Beavertails!

Que Pasa Wachins, 

Alrighty this week we had a lot go on. Monday we went on divisions with the zone leaders since we were staying in the oblisco house. Then we had our district meeting Tuesday, came home and put on our sweaters because it started getting cold here. The buildings aren't insulated here, it’s just concrete so it gets cold in the buildings too. I really need to get some gloves and a toque. Then we made beavertails for the first time that night. It was really quick and we put powdered sugar on them, they were pretty good. Then Wednesday we taught some lessons to our investigators, a lot weren't home, or just ignored us. Then Wednesday night we made the better version of beavertails. Thursday was more lessons and again not many were home, mostly because I think they all work until 7 at night then don’t get home until like 8. Friday was the Oro conference so we woke up at 4:30 to catch a cold bus to Montevideo. 

We got a sweet breakfast, it was a scrambled egg burger, the eggs were cut into square patty things. Then the conference started, it was a lot of role playing things, and talking about health, then we had stroganoff for lunch.  We had more of the conference, then we finished and went to tres cruces (3 crosses) a huge mall with a bus depot kinda thing attached to it. So we got a bus ticket and went and got McDonalds, which was amazing to have. But the fries weren't salted, because for some reason down here if you serve anything with salt it’s illegal. If you ask for it that’s ok, but they don’t serve it. Then we got home at 10:30 and went to bed. 

We went to go buy cereal for the week, and found an old investigator who we don't know his name, but we call him Michael jackson. He had been taught by Pierces comp before Pierce came here like 2 times. So we had been trying to find his house and almost gave up, then he found us and told us that he’s only around on weekends now and to come by on weekends and gave us his address. Pretty sweet, the Lord helped us by me craving Nesquik cereal, and we now have a new investigator. Then we had our fireplace on in our house because it’s getting pretty cold, so we heated up the house for a bit, we’ll probably do that again.  Then Sunday we had lunch with some members and they gave us a reference for their friends who they gave a Book of Mormon too. So we checked in on them and they said we can come by during the week. So we got a new investigator and a future investigator in 2 days. I’m so glad to see this happening because not much has happened in Santa Lucia for the past little while, so we’ve been working a lot with the ward to get them to find references, because street contacts don't really work here. Well yea, pretty fun week, and can’t wait to see you guys this Sunday!!!!!!


Elder Grigor

Homemade Beavertails 

Beavertails !! 
"We made them. The first attempts were not great, 
but the next ones we made were so good" 

Elder Grigor enjoying his hard work! 

McDonald's - a big treat for him in Uruguay 

Elder Grigor enjoying food at McDonald's 

Making a fire because it is getting cold there now

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