Monday, May 23, 2016

Slow but good. Life in Uruguay

hey everyone

So this week was pretty slow, but still good.

Tuesday we had district meetings in the morning and went back home at 2ish. But after that we found a sheet of paper of future investigators, some people who give their address and name, which they do just to be nice here. We found a bunch of phone numbers with some of them and we needed to check our emails for something from the zone leaders so we went to the church and called about 17 numbers, most were fakes, but we found one lady that kinda sounded interested so we might visit her later.

Wednesday we did a lot of proselyting pretty much all day because we didn't have anything to do. We got a couple of futures, and we talked to this crazy guy, (well he talked to us) for about an hour about basically capitalism, and how 12 year olds here shouldn’t have cell phones. haha and he like  threw up in his mouth while he was talking to us then swallowed it back down and kept going, it was pretty funny.

Thursday not much happened, we did some proselyting and went to Maria Esperanza’s house, and basically just sat there for a while waiting for Lucas because he said he was going to come.

Friday we had lunch with Washington who gave us a lot of food afterwards. It was good food, it’s called gizo, but that fed us for 3 days. After we walked outside of the town for about 40 minutes, and found a random house with a huge driveway. We walked up to it  and talked to the woman there and she said she is ¨catholic¨, which everyone says but they never do anything at their church. I gave her a pamphlet and forgot to write my number on it, so if anything is going to happen there we will have to walk all the way out there again just to see.

Saturday we had a good lesson with Gonzalo, the guy who needs to be married still. I thought that we should read Lehi’s vision with him, and either he was crying at the end or he had sparkles on his eye from his kids, but that’s about it.

Sunday we got a call from Maria Esperanza asking us what time we were coming over, which he didn’t know about but we went over at 6. She made us hot chocolate and bought a bunch of wafers too, so we basically just chilled there for a while then went home. Then we made calzones which were amazing, idk why but they tasted soo good.

Then today we had a zone activity at our church, so we just played soccer all morning, then we made calzones again and now I’m here writing home. 

That was my week, hope ya like it. 

Elder Grigor

                                  "The river got destroyed in the flood" 
                                         "deep fried alfajores"

                                         "the sweet shirt I made" 

                                "We made Calzones! They were so good!!!" 

                                 "Just thought you might want to see my face!" 

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