Monday, June 27, 2016

I sang in church

May 30th, 2016

So Tuesday was district meetings and I had an Intercambio with Elder Ruiz again in San Jose. So we went up there, got some food and just did a bunch of contacting. Then went to an investigators house and they gave us dinner at about 8:50 and I had 3 plates of this pasta stuff with meatballs. Then at about 9:20 we realized what time it was and took a taxi to the other side of town which only took 5 minutes and it cost 120 pesos which is a lot for us.

Wednesday: I can’t really remember what we did I think we had conselio with our d.o.m which we just meet with him once a week, and we sang count your blessings and he said: wow that sounded really good, let’s sing it Sunday, so we said sure, not thinking we would actually do it, we did...

Thursday was a multi zone conference, so we took a bus to Canelones and then took a shuttle up to the zone above us in Florida. On the way up we had to stop on the road because a bunch of cows were crossing the road, then we got there and listened to Hermana Cook and President Cook talk for a while, had sloppy joes for lunch (I had 4) then ice cream and cake afterwards. Then did a bunch of practices and got home at about 9 

Friday, just a normal day- proselyting and not really doing anything else, but that night we got a call from someone in our ward telling us about a girl that we should visit so we might do that this week.

Saturday was an open chapel in Las Piedras, so we went down there and it’s basically just a tour of the church for members and non members. They had food and stuff too, but the Elders went out trying to find people and tell them about it. And while we were out Pierce really had to go to the bathroom, and we asked a bunch of stores and they all said no, go to the casino, so we finally did, and they asked us to take our name tags off to go through, haha so now I can say I’ve been to a casino in Uruguay

Sunday we sang in church, just us and our d.o.m (ward mission leader), it wasn’t too bad, then we bore our testimonies afterwards. We went to Maria Esperanza’s house and she gave us some cookies, and that’s about it, we didn’t do much that day.

Today we just went to the church and made hot dogs and played soccer pretty much all day. Not too fun but we have a multizone activity next week so we thought we could stay in our own zone for a p-day. 

Thats about it, not too much but hopefully this new lady can turn into a new investigator, which would make us have 2 investigators!! whoop whoop


Elder Grigor

Intercambio with Elder Ruiz 

Sunset Pictures in Uruguay with Elder Grigor 

President & Sister Cook with Elder Grigor 

Goofing around on the bus 

We got this from a lady in our ward. 
It's 40 pesos in some paper which is about$1.30 

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