Monday, June 27, 2016

I'm getting transferred!!!

June 21st, 2016

Dear Family, 

Ok Tuesday-we had a zone intercambio so instead of just the people in your district you go with anyone in the zone (except sisters) and I came back to Santa Lucia with Elder Stewart, my zone leader, so first we had lunch with a member who I had never been to before, so we got lost for a while then we found it, and they have a suuuuper fat dog, like a 70 pound lab. I didn’t get a picture though, then we just did some visits, Elder Stewart is super cool and works super hard, he’s got about 4 months left.

Wednesday-we went back to Alspiedras and I bought 3.5kg of cereal for the next 2 weeks for about $12. I think I got myself a pretty good deal. Then we basically hung out with the ward mission leader all day because we had lunch with him, which usually goes long, then we visited some less actives and went back for a noche de hogar (family home evening) with the ward mission leader and Pierce took pictures with them because we knew he was leaving.

Thursday- was pretty normal we went to the book store thing and talked with the lady there, and a drunk dude came in speaking english to us a little, then spoke english to the lady at the front and starting laughing, then we all started laughing. But then everything else was pretty normal.

(I mixed up the day here,I wrote the Friday as Thursday so at the start it may sound weird because I tried explaining the papeleria thing)

Friday-we went to the papeleria which is like a book store?? I’m really not sure. It’s like Staples but owned by normal people. We talked with her for a while and we’re actually becoming pretty good friends. We gave her the first lesson and gave her a Book of Mormon. She was really excited and told us that she wanted us to come over to her house to hang out more, and to play playstation. Although it was tempting, we said we could come over, but no playstation. She's super funny.

Saturday- was just a normal day. We didn't have too much but we taught Gonzalo about temples and the importance of them and what happens in there. It was good because his member wife was saying that she wants to go do baptisms for family members there but can’t cuz they aren’t married so that’ll be a good push for them so they could get baptized really soon depending on the marriage date.

Sunday- We had stake conference today and it was super late at 4. So we took a bus at about 2 to get there early so we could do some choir thing in front of the doors while people walked in. On the bus we talked to a drunk guy for about half an hour. He was pretty hard to understand but he was drunk and I can barely understand when other people talk to me. When we got there we did the singing thing, and Elder Eduardo a member of the 70 spoke, then we took a bus home that the church rented.

Monday- today was crazy. So we had lunch with Wilson, the first counsellor who's in the wheelchair, and he’s is awesome. He always gives us guiso which is just vegetable soup with some meat. Pierce got pics with him, then we went to Washington a less active member and Pierce got a call half way through saying that he was white wash training in Santa Lucia. Then President cook realized that it was Pierce and said, oh your going to Parque de plata as a district leader, and we still don’t know about your companion yet. So then I started to get pictures with everyone after that, because we knew I was leaving but we just didn't know where. So then we just had some normal visits, I didn’t get a picture with Wilson but the one in the Liahona will do. Then we got home, and I’m going to the zone este (east) so east Montevideo in somewhere called aeroparque (aeropark) ITS RIGHT NEXT TO THE AIRPORT SO I WILL HEAR PLANES GOING BY ALL THE TIME, (whoops didn’t mean for caps but whatever) yea crazy!!! and I’m companions with Elder Solano, he has 2 changes left and he’s in my zone right now. So I’m leaving white wash to go whitewash another area, so hopefully Nancy and Gonzalo will stay good. I can say that I helped to bring about a change in them.  Well maybe not Nancy, the Furtado family did that, but we did find her. 

Tuesday- this morning we started packing and I got everything in my bag except for my cereal. I can stuff that in my backpack because I have barely any money left and there’s still lots of it.  After this were gonna go to Maria Esperanza and say goodbye to all them. I think they are throwing us a goodbye party or something. 

Pretty crazy week, next week will probably be a pretty short email because we’re white washing. That’s when we both go there and don’t know anything about the area, but I’m excited and I have a Peruvian to help improve my Spanish.

les quiero

Elder Grigor

My extra large bag of cereal!!! 

This furniture store was super comfy!!! 

             This lady on our wall looks like Hailey, I never noticed that until now.

  We made a huge asado thing, ooohhhh I forgot about that! We used all of our               dried wood and made a a big fire thing for Pierces 1 year. 
We had to use a nasty old shirt in our backyard to get the fire going!!

"My desk compared to Pierce's haha" 
(Elder Grigor's desk in the one on the right side)

I said: Your desk is so clean!!!! What happened to you???? hahaha
  Then he told me: haha I don't know??? I hate having messes

** good to see he's learning some good habits :) 

Rosanna and Emanuel are recent converts here.  

The Furtado family who visit Nancy with us. 
Their son is super cool too, we always mess with him.

Another family in our ward, the Layes family. 
They are super cool too. 
I hope they will still be there when I come back 

Washington and his wife 

The lady who owns the papleria 

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