Monday, June 27, 2016

I have been out for almost 4 months !!!!

June 13th, 2016 

Dear Family, 

I wrote you already on Tuesday and not really anything happened then, and next week p-day is Tuesday because it’s changes next week. Also on Friday I have been gone for 4 months already!! Thats crazy, it doesn't feel like that long. 

Wednesday I honestly can’t really remember what we have been doing anymore, we probably just got rejected like usual

Thursday we had another lesson with Nancy, and we taught her the 3rd lesson, The Doctrine of Jesus Christ and invited her to be baptized on July 9th. She said yes and that she had no doubt this is what she wanted. We got pretty excited about that, but something bad happened a little later and I’ll get to that.

Friday was just another normal mission day, we didn’t find any new investigators but we just went around to less actives because we had Gonzalo on Saturday

Saturday. We still visited a lot of less actives, because almost every door in Santa Lucia has been knocked, it’s just the pueblitos (small towns) that we haven't gone to yet. But then Gonzalo cancelled on us and said to go by tomorrow to give his wife a blessing for her operation on Tuesday.

So Sunday we were hoping Nancy would come, but apparently from what it sounded like, she had a stroke but I don’t really know. But the left side of her face she couldn't move, and apparently in our first lesson she said she’s had problems with her health. And the member that visits her with us said she probably doesn’t have very long. So hopefully she will get better. Then we visited some less actives, and we went to a old folks home and did the sacrament for a lady there who can’t come to the church, we basically had a mini sacrament meeting there.

This morning we came down to Las Piedras for p-day and we will stay the night for the zone breakfast thingy tomorrow, then we have intercambios and then i will be back home, probably on Wednesday or something like that. 

Pretty normal yet crazy week, and I only have on more week with Elder Pierce, then by the end of next change I’ll already be out for 6 months. Time is flying here, I really hope it doesn’t slow down too much later on. 

I could just think it’s going fast and it’s really just a little bit faster than what I’m used to, anyways love you talk to you guys next week!

Elder Grigor

* no pictures this week!! Too busy with missionary work 

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