Monday, June 27, 2016

The work is progressing

June 7th, 2016 

Dear Family, 

Tuesday- so I started to run out of giro. I think I officially ran out of money on today, so we had district meetings then came back and went to an old investigators house but they weren’t home so we were walking home and found this cool abandoned house, I got a picture but not much else happened that day. 

Wednesday- giro came gladly and we because we needed to catch a bus to ituzaingo, a little town for our lunch, well we missed the bus that goes there and only one comes around ever 2 hours so we started walking/jogging and then Wilson came ripping down the highway after we got about 2 kilometers in his car. Which is weird because he’s our 2nd counselor in the ward and is paralyzed from the waist down. But he had a tricked out car with almost like motorbike handles as the steering wheel, pretty cool. Then we got bored that night and found a cool park and made some funny videos

Thursday started off slow but got sooo much better. So we had nothing to do all day and only had our ward mission leader with a noche de hogar, which we were looking forward too. But we got a call from these people in our ward about an investigator who wanted to talk with us and the only time to do it was that night at 7. So we were thinking and decided to cancel our noche de hogar(family home evening). We went over and she’s about 50 and lives alone, but she told us there was something different about the furtados (the family we were visiting with) they just had something bright about them. So we began the lesson and said we would read the folletos (pamphlet’s) together one paragraph then switch. Well she read all of it then after basically explained it perfectly back to us saying, oh so it’s like this. And she never talked to missionaries before just because they were missionaries, but now she says I wish I would’ve. It was great!! 

Friday... so this dude came to our door selling this little cart of wood, saying viste!!!! bien seco!!! which means “you see very dry!”, so we bought it thinking we could have a fire or something, about 3 dollars each, so he starts taking it into our house and we helped, well it was not dry wood. It felt like a rotten log that he just pulled out of the river. Come to think of it he probably diid, so now we just have this wood in our house, hopefully it’ll dry out enough to light it.

Saturday was a normal day, just taught a bunch of lessons, can’t really remember what happened.

Sunday we were hoping Nancy would come, the awesome investigator, but she didn’t. Surprisingly Gonzalo did, and he was sitting in the classes with us and we talked about eternal families in Sunday School and after he made us take a picture of his family in front of the church, so maybe he will get married soon.

Monday was our multizone activity, so we stayed the night at Oblisco with Elder Vanderlinden and Elder Montiel on sunday then went to Norte. We messed around in the gym for a while playing basketball and soccer. And guess what, Nielsen is in Norte!! and he’s in the ward up by the temple in Calgary. We played basketball for a while then went back to their house to eat. And Nielsen made costa vida pulled pork and we put that in quesadillas, it was sooo good. Also while those were cooking me and pierce visited one of his converts. A 14 year old who still loves the church which is rare. Then we thought we would go to Ciber, but the only train that went to Santa Lucia was at 4 when we were going to do Ciber. We forgot we had a lesson with Nancy that night, so we got on it, then waited in Progreso for about 1 hour for a bus to Santa Lucia, got back at around 6:30, went to Ciber to print something off for the zone leaders then had another good lesson with Nancy.

Tuesday we had a zone conference today at Las Piedras and then just went to some recent converts and talked about the Book of Mosiah and how it was written because it’s pretty confusing.

yea all in all a good week except for the Ciber part and emailing, but we still did that today so its all goood!!! 


Elder Grigor

Cool House in Uruguay 

The river after all the rain. 
It was about 10 feet lower before all the rain. 

Sone activity with the missionaries 

Our wet pile of wood!!! 

My pillow case smudged all over my pillow :( 

Playing at the park 

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