Monday, June 27, 2016

I love Canada

Dear Family, 

Wednesday - Went to tres cruces and met my new comp, (who I already knew) and we went to our new house, which I don't like, it's basically a cave, the lights in the front room don't work, it's always cold, and I go last to shower and Solano uses all the hot water. So yea it's awesome. But then me and solano went around getting to know some of the members and got to know each other a little better and yea that's basically it.

Thursday - I started running out of money since I had to buy a pillow becuase they never gave me one when I got here. so I'm cutting into my emergency funds, but we just went around contacting, found a couple good future investigaotrs and got 1 new investigator. He's 17 and has a 2 month old kid with his 16 year old girlfriend. So yea..

Friday - we had a zone meeting and got to know everyone, and Nielsen is in my zone!! He's the new secretary in the offices, probably because his leg is messed up and he can't walk too much. Then I got my package from home!!! I love the shirt and the poncho. I already ripped it, and it got a little burnt when I went too close to the heater. Everyone was jealous of my candy, and that I got 2 packages already. Oh and me and Solano wore our touques out from home, he has one that says Peru on it. But also we walked a ton today. Our area is pretty big and all dirt roads, and we walk back and forth across the area alot for appointments. For some reason it gets super foggy here at night and sometimes you can barely see anything so me and solano when we were walking back to our house on the highway we starting walking like monkeys just to mess with people. Then we went to an investigators house of 10 years now, and during our lesson their roof was dripping on my head, haha kinda hard to focus with that, I had to keep wiping my hair and I tried moving too but it just followed me. Plus his house smells like dog poo, that also made it pretty hard. 

Saturday - we walked a lot again. Theres this huge field in-between the town we live in and a pueblito where some members live. So we cross that all the time and sometimes get pretty dirty. Then we met this family, I think they're investigators and we were just getting to know them. They said they play volleyball at the church on Saturdays, and the dad coaches. I said that I love volleyball and they said I could come help coach. It might be good because we have a future investigaotrs that plays there too. Then coming back we visited some members and he said to not walk through the field at night because it's dangerous. So he took us on a long walk to a road that connected to the highway. We walked about 1 hour out of the way instead of 10 minutes through the field, it wasn't fun.

Sunday - we were all introduced to the ward; except for Child's, he's the only one that stayed in the ward. We had a non member come to the church with his cousin I think, and he asked for a Book of Mormon. We gave him one and I think we're meeting with him this week. We went to Hermano Lopez's home - the member we visit across the field. We walked around with him for 2 hours getting to know the pueblito called bella vista (the town across the field) then we went to that old investigators house. I gave him a blessing because I think he has the flu, and he gave us a package of waffers each. 

Monday - woke up and ate, cleaned the house and now I'm emailing in a mall because I think it's the only one that is in our zone, 

I got really homesick this week, but I'm good now.

Elder Grigor 

***sooooo... I forgot my camera in the shuttle that took me to my new house. umm don't know if I'll ever get that back, so right now I'm just using the pics on my companions camera.

"Me and my new house mates" 

"My new poncho!! Happy Canada Day" 

"This is the landlords cat that chills with us sometimes" 

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